320GB Compaq 5400RPM 2.5in SATA HDD (p/n CMPAQ-320GBSATA15025)
320GB Compaq 5400RPM 2.5in SATA HDD (p/n CMPAQ-320GBSATA15025)
Buy part number sku-CMPAQ-320GBSATA15025, a high quality OEM Memory upgrade option. MemoryTen specializes in providing 100% compatible memory upgrades for all desktops, laptops, servers and printers.
Item #: CMPAQ-320GBSATA15025_HFG
$41.98, 10/$410.00, 100/$4,000.00


320GB Compaq 5400RPM 2.5in SATA HDD
  • Equivalent OEM part numbers: CMPAQ-320GBSATA15025.
  • This hard disk drive is manufactured by Western Digital. This HDD is in stock and can ship today.
  • Specifications:
    Size: 320GB
    Type: SATAII
    Rotation speed: 5400RPM
    Dimensions: 2.5in x 1in
    Connector: 15pin
    Transfer rate: 3.0Gb/s
    Condition: Refurbished
    3LC: HFG
  • This drive carries a manufacturer exchange or repair warranty against defects. Visit manufacturer's website for details.
  • The CMPAQ-320GBSATA15025 carries a Memory(x) 3 month exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible With Compaq Point of Sale (POS) System ap5000, Compaq 435 (DDR3-1066MHz), 435d (DDR3-1333MHz), Mini 110-1212NR, Mini 110-3031nr, Mini 110-3042nr, Mini 110-3099nr, Mini 110-3521tu, Mini 110-3700ca, Mini 110-3710ca, Mini 110-3720ca, Mini 210-2000ev, Mini 311-1xxx, Mini 700, Mini 700ED, Mini 700EE, Mini 700EF, Mini 700EI, Mini 700EK, Mini 700EL, Mini 700EM, Mini 700EN, Mini 700EP, Mini 700ER, Mini 700ES, Mini 700ET, Mini 700EW, Mini 701ED, Mini 701EG, Mini 701EI, Mini 701EM, Mini 701EN, Mini 701ER, Mini 701ES, Mini 701ET, 702EA, 702EG, 702NR, 703EA, 705EL, 730EB, 731NR, 733NR, 735EO, Mini C700, CQ10-100EB, CQ10-100SS, CQ10-102SO, CQ10-105SO, CQ10-110ES, CQ10-110SB, CQ10-112NR, CQ10-115ES, Mini CQ10-120CA, CQ10-120SD, Mini CQ10-120SE, Mini CQ10-130EF, CQ10-130SF, CQ10-150EV, CQ10-400CA, CQ10-402EZ, Mini CQ10-405DX, CQ10-420LA, Mini CQ10-450CA, CQ10-510CA, CQ10-514CA, CQ10-521LA, CQ10-525DX, CQ10-550CA, CQ10-600, CQ10-601LA, CQ10-610CA, CQ10-688NR, CQ10-689NR, Presario Notebook All-in-One CQ1-1011AN, All-in-One CQ1-1011D, All-in-One CQ1-1020, All-in-One CQ1-1020IX, All-in-One CQ1-1028HK, All-in-One CQ1-1030IN, All-in-One CQ1-1403LA (DDR3-1066MHz), All-in-One CQ1-1403LA (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ1-1001LA, CQ40-515TU, CQ42-103TU (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ42-103TU (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ42-105TU (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ42-105TU (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ42-109TU0 (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ42-109TU (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ42-111TU (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ42-111TU (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ42-119TU (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ42-119TU (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ42-125TU (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ42-125TU (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ42-126TU (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ42-126TU (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ42-135TU (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ42-135TU (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ42-151TX (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ42-151TX (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ42-152TU (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ42-152TU (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ42-152TX (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ42-152TX (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ42-153TX (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ42-153TX (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ42-154TX (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ42-154TX (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ42-158TX (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ42-158TX (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ42-160TU (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ42-160TU (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ42-160TX (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ42-160TX (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ42-163TX (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ42-163TX (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ42-165TX (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ42-165TX (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ42-167TU (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ42-167TU (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ42-168TU (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ42-168TU (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ42-169TU (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ42-169TU (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ42-173TU (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ42-173TU (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ42-173TX (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ42-173TX (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ42-189TX (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ42-189TX (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ42-215TU (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ42-215TU (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ42-216TU (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ42-216TU (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ42-254TU (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ42-254TU (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ42-254TX (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ42-254TX (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ42-255TX (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ42-255TX (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ42-256TX (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ42-256TX (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ42-257TU (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ42-257TU (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ42-257TX (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ42-257TX (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ42-263TU (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ42-263TU (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ42-269TX (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ42-269TX (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ42-275TX (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ42-275TX (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ42-276TU (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ42-276TU (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ42-320CA (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ42-320CA (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ42-357TU Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ42-357TU Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ56-103TU, CQ56-108SL Notebook, CQ56-115DX, CQ56-200SV (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ56-200SV (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ56-202SO (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ56-202SO (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ56-203LA Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ56-203LA Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ56-204LA Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ56-204LA Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ56-219WM Notebook, CQ57-250SV, CQ60-105EG Notebook (DDR2-667MHz), CQ60-105EG Notebook (DDR2-800MHz), CQ60-105EM Notebook (DDR2-667MHz), CQ60-105EM Notebook (DDR2-800MHz), CQ60-110EF Notebook (DDR2-667MHz), CQ60-110EF Notebook (DDR2-800MHz), CQ60-117EL Notebook (DDR2-667MHz), CQ60-150EG Notebook (DDR2-667MHz), CQ60-150EG Notebook (DDR2-800MHz), CQ60-155EP Notebook (DDR2-667MHz), CQ60-155EP Notebook (DDR2-800MHz), CQ60-200EP Notebook (DDR2-667MHz), CQ60-200EP Notebook (DDR2-800MHz), CQ60-210EP Notebook (DDR2-800MHz), CQ60-210EP Notebook (DDR2-667MHz), CQ60-215EP Notebook (DDR2-667MHz), CQ60-215EP Notebook (DDR2-800MHz), CQ60-216DX Notebook (DDR2-800MHz), CQ60-216DX Notebook (DDR2-667MHz), CQ61-217TU, CQ62-219WM, CQ62-203SZ (DDR3-667MHz), CQ62-203SZ (DDR3-800MHz), CQ62-211HE (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ62-211HE (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ62-213AX (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ62-213AX (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ62-418NR (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ62-418NR (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ62-a22EO Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ62-a22EO Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ62-a36SF (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ62-a36SF (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ62-a40SB Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), CQ62-a40SB Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ2013 Desktop (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ2013 Desktop (DDR3-1600MHz), CQ2701 Desktop (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ2701 Desktop (DDR3-1600MHz), CQ2722LA Desktop (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ2722LA Desktop (DDR3-1600MHz), CQ2732LA Desktop (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ2732LA Desktop (DDR3-1600MHz), CQ2900EF (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ2900EG (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ2900EG (DDR3-1600MHz), CQ2900EL Desktop (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ2900EL Desktop (DDR3-1600MHz), CQ2900EP (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ2900EP (DDR3-1600MHz), CQ2900EQ (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ2900EQ (DDR3-1600MHz), CQ2900ES (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ2900ES (DDR3-1600MHz), CQ2900EU (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ2900EU (DDR3-1600MHz), CQ2900EV (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ2900EV (DDR3-1600MHz), CQ2902LA (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ2902LA (DDR3-1600MHz), CQ2906ES Desktop (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ2906ES Desktop (DDR3-1600MHz), CQ1000CS (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ1020FR (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ1050DE (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ1050FR (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ1050FR (DDR3-1600MHz), CQ1050SC (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ1058HK (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ1070L (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ1080D (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ1090L (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ1110LA (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ1110LA (DDR3-1600MHz), CQ1150AN (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ1150AN (DDR3-1600MHz), CQ1151AN (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ1151AN (DDR3-1600MHz), CQ2010 (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ2010 (DDR3-1600MHz), CQ2014 (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ2014 (DDR3-1600MHz), CQ2024 (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ2024 (DDR3-1600MHz), CQ2025 (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ2025 (DDR3-1600MHz), CQ2713W (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ2713W (DDR3-1600MHz), CQ2723W (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ2723W (DDR3-1600MHz), CQ2730LA (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ2900EC (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ5806LA (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ5810 (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ5810 (DDR3-1600MHz), CQ5810 (DDR3-1866MHz), CQ5814 (DDR3-1333MHz), CQ5814 (DDR3-1600MHz), CQ5814 (DDR3-1866MHz), G42-212BR (DDR3-1066MHz), G42-212BR (DDR3-1333MHz), G42-214BR (DDR3-1066MHz), G42-214BR (DDR3-1333MHz), G42-215BR (DDR3-1066MHz), G42-215BR (DDR3-1333MHz), G42-220BR (DDR3-1066MHz), G42-220BR (DDR3-1333MHz), G42-224CA (DDR3-1066MHz), G42-224CA (DDR3-1333MHz), G42-358TX (DDR3-1066MHz), G42-358TX (DDR3-1333MHz), G42-463LA (DDR3-1066MHz), G42-463LA (DDR3-1333MHz), V3918LA.
  • 102210, 072814

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