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DDR Memory

DDR Memory


(double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory) is a class of memory integrated circuit used in computers. It achieves nearly twice the bandwidth of the preceding [single data rate] SDRAM by double pumping (transferring data on the rising and falling edges of the clock signal) without increasing the clock frequency. With data being transferred 64 bits at a time, DDR SDRAM gives a transfer rate of (memory bus clock rate) 2 (for dual rate) 64 (number of bits transferred) / 8 (number of bits/byte). Thus with a bus frequency of 100 MHz, DDR SDRAM gives a maximum transfer rate of 1600 MB/s. JEDEC has set standards for speeds of DDR SDRAM, divided into two parts: The first specification is for memory chips and the second is for memory modules. As DDR-SDRAM is superseded by the newer DDR2 SDRAM, the older version is sometimes referred to as DDR1-SDRAM.
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PC1600 DDR200 CL2 184pin ECC Registered DIMM
PC2100 DDR266 100-pin SODIMM Memory
(100 Pin DDR 266MHz SODIMM for Printers)
PC2100 DDR266 184-Pin UDIMM Memory
(184 Pin DDR 266MHz Non ECC for Desktops)
PC2100 DDR266 184-Pin ECC UDIMM Memory
(184 Pin DDR 266MHz ECC DIMM for Desktops)
PC2100 DDR266 CL2 184-Pin ECC Registered DIMM Memory
(184 Pin CL2 DDR 266MHz Registered for Servers)
PC2100 DDR266 CL2.5 184-Pin ECC Registered DIMM Memory
PC2100 DDR266 200-Pin SODIMM Memory
(DDR 266MHz 200 Pin Laptop Memory)
PC2700 DDR333 172-Pin MicroDIMM Memory
(PC2700 DDR-333 172-pin microDIMM Laptop Memory)
PC2700 DDR333 184-Pin UDIMM Memory
(184 Pin DDR 333MHz Non ECC for Desktops)
PC2700 DDR333 184-Pin ECC UDIMM Memory
(184 Pin DDR 333MHz ECC for Desktops)
PC2700 DDR333 184-Pin ECC Registered DIMM
(184 Pin DDR 333MHz Registered for Servers)
PC2700 DDR333 200-Pin SODIMM Memory
(DDR 333MHz 200-Pin Laptop Memory)
PC3200 DDR400 184-Pin non-ECC UDIMM
(184-Pin DDR-400MHz Non-ECC for Desktops)
PC3200 DDR400 184-Pin ECC UDIMM
(184-Pin DDR-400MHz ECC non-registered for workstations)
PC3200 DDR400 184-Pin ECC Registered DIMM
(184 Pin DDR 400MHz Registered for Servers)
PC3200 DDR400 200-pin SODIMM
(PC3200 Memory DDR400 200-Pin SODIMM)
(184 pin, DDR433 non-registered Over-clocked DIMM)
(184 pin, DDR466 non-registered DIMM)
(184 pin, DDR500 non-registered DIMM)
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