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Digital HiNote Notebook Series Memory

Digital HiNote Notebook Series Memory

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HiNote 486DX/50
HiNote 486DX2/50 (CS450, CT450)
HiNote 486DX4/75 (CT475)
HiNote 486SX/33 (CS433)
HiNote Ultra 433
HiNote Ultra 2000 GTX 5166M
HiNote Ultra 2000 GTX 5233M
HiNote Ultra 2000 GTX 5266M
HiNote Ultra 2000 VTX 5166M
HiNote Ultra DSTN Color DX2/50
HiNote Ultra DSTN Color SX/33
HiNote Ultra II CTE 5100
HiNote Ultra II CTS 5120
HiNote Ultra II CTS 5133
HiNote Ultra II LTS 5133
HiNote Ultra II LTS 5150
HiNote Ultra SX/33
HiNote Ultra TFT Color Dx2/50
HiNote Ultra TFT Color Dx4/75
HiNote Ultra VP CFS5100
HiNote VP 520
HiNote VP 525
HiNote VP 535
HiNote VP 545
HiNote VP 560
HiNote VP 562
HiNote VP 565
HiNote VP 567
HiNote VP 575
HiNote VP 703
HiNote VP 710
HiNote VP 715
HiNote VP 717
HiNote VP 725
HiNote VP725 Pentium 200 MMX (FR-PJ3WJ-AA)
HiNote VP 735
HiNote VP735 Pentium 233 MMX (FR-PK4WK-AA)
HiNote VP 745
HiNote VP 765
HiNote VP CSS 575
HiNote VP CSS 5100
HiNote VP CTS 5100
HiNote VP LTS 5120
HiNote VP LSS 5100
HiNote VP LSS 5120
HiNote Ultra 2000 5166 (GTX5166M) w/MMX
HiNote Ultra 2000 5166 (VTX5166M) w/MMX
HiNote Ultra 2000 (GTX5233M) 5233 w/MMX
HiNote Ultra 2000 (GTX5266M) 5266 w/MMX
HiNote Ultra 2000 GTX 5366M
HiNote VP 746-TS30H
HiNote VP 700-TS30H
HiNote VP 500
HiNote VP 510/100
HiNote VP 520/120
HiNote VP 525/120
HiNote VP 535/133
HiNote VP 545/150MMX
HiNote VP 550/120
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