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Apple Power Mac G4 733Mhz (Digital Audio) Memory

Maximum Memory 1.5GB
Memory Slots 3 (Install memory one at a time.)
non-removable base memory 0MB
This G4's model numbers are M7627LL/A, M7681LL/A, M7688LL/A, M7945LL/A. This model accepts PC133 Memory.
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64MB Apple G4 PC133 168-pin SDRAM DIMM64MB Apple G4 PC133 168-pin SDRAM DIMM (p/n APPLE-64MB-PC133-D)
128MB Apple G4/eMac PC133 SDRAM DIMM128MB Apple G4/eMac PC133 SDRAM DIMM (p/n APPLE-128MB-PC133-D)
256MB Apple G4 168-pin PC133 SDRAM DIMM256MB Apple G4 168-pin PC133 SDRAM DIMM (p/n MT-M8330G/B)
512MB Apple PowerMac/iMac PC133 SDRAM DIMM512MB Apple PowerMac/iMac PC133 SDRAM DIMM (p/n MT-M8630G/A)
500GB Apple HDD 7200RPM IDE/ATA100500GB Apple HDD 7200RPM IDE/ATA100 (p/n APP-500GBATA10035)
320GB Apple 7200RPM 3.5in IDE/ATA100 HDD320GB Apple 7200RPM 3.5in IDE/ATA100 HDD (p/n APP-320GBATA10035)
APP-250GBATA10035., 250GB Apple HDD 7200RPM IDE/ATA100250GB Apple HDD 7200RPM IDE/ATA100 (p/n APP-250GBATA10035)
APP-160GBATA10035, 160GB Apple HDD 7200RPM IDE/ATA100160GB Apple HDD 7200RPM IDE/ATA100 (p/n APP-160GBATA10035)
APP-80GBATA10035, 80GB Apple Power Mac HDD 7200RPM IDE/ATA80GB Apple Power Mac HDD 7200RPM IDE/ATA (p/n APP-80GBATA10035)
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