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Vobis Highscreen Series Memory

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Highscreen 12H-2C HPA 12.1
Highscreen Advanced III (266MHz)
Highscreen Advanced III (366MHz)
Highscreen Advanced III (450MHz)
Highscreen Advanced S1
Highscreen Advanced X 12.1 HSXA-Series
Highscreen Basic 12.1 TFT 433C
Highscreen Blue Note I
Highscreen Blue Note II
Highscreen Budget Note
Highscreen Budget Note II
Highscreen Green 732
Highscreen HS Advanced II (266MHz)
Highscreen HS XB Advanced X300C
Highscreen LeBook
Highscreen LeBook Advance
Highscreen LeBook Advance 12.1 TFT
Highscreen LeBook Premium
Highscreen Modell 200 Type 218
Highscreen NB 12T
Highscreen NB 13T
Highscreen XD 14-C1200
Highscreen XD 14-C1700
Highscreen XD 2400-M9
Highscreen XD NB 12D-1
Highscreen XI 1GHz
Highscreen XI 14-C1000
Highscreen XI 14-C1200
Highscreen XI 1100
Highscreen XI 1200
Highscreen XI 1300
Highscreen XI 1400
Highscreen XI 1500
Highscreen XI 2000-Combo
Highscreen XI Basic1 12
Highscreen XI NB 12D-1
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