IKlear LCD /Monitor Cleaner (p/n IK1)
Clean your LCD/Monitor safely with Apple approved 2 step cleaner
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Item #: IK1
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  • iKlear is the Apple Approved LCD/Monitor Cleaning product
    • iKlear Apple Wet/Dry singles were developed exclusively for Apple users and will safely clean and preserve your Apple Computer products.
    • Convenient, easy to use "Wet/Dry Singles" are the most recommended wet/dry pouch cleaner you can buy.
    • Wet/Dry Singles are perfect for cleaning all laptop, iPod, pen-based, hand-held, LCD desktop, panel & projection displays, desktop, touch screen and High Resolution Graphics Displays, CD's, CD-ROMS, laser discs, precision & multi-coated optics.
    • "Singles" are significantly more economical than ordinary wet/dry pouch-type cleaners. Each Klear Screen "Single" can clean 5 to 10 desk-top monitors or laptop screens, CD's or laser discs.
    • These are great for the business man on the go where fingerprints on your screen are inevitable
    • Apple Technicians recommends that you clean your monitor/Laptop LCD at least 3 times a month to prevent any damage to your screen.
    • Klear Screen uses:
    • iPod: LCD display / Front Panel and Controls / chrome back
    • iBook: LCD display / lacquer-finish acrylic cabinet / keyboard / DVD's
    • Titanium G4 PowerBook: LCD display / Titanium case / keyboard / DVD's
    • Cinema Display: LCD display / clear acrylic front screen surround and case
    • Flat Panel Studio Display: LCD display / clear acrylic front screen surround and case
    • Original iMac, G4 Tower and Cube: Translucent acrylic cabinets / keyboard / optical mouse / DVD's
    • Apple/Harmon Kardon: Pro Sound/SoundSticks / iSub clear acrylic speaker cabinets
    • Flat Panel iMac: Flat Panel display, clear acrylic display surround / chrome pivot tube / low-luster cabinet / optical mouse / keyboard / DVD's
    • Also great for your home audio equipment
    • A full kit is available at http://www.memoryx.net/ikapkit.html

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