HP JetDirect 610N EIO Print Server (p/n J4169A)
HP JetDirect 610N EIO Print Server (p/n J4169A)
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Item #: J4169A_008366


HP JetDirect 610N EIO Print Server
  • J4169A.
  • Developed especially for Novell NetWare or Microsoft Windows NT environments, the HP JetDirect Print Servers provide a better way for smaller businesses to share printers. The HP JetDirect 610N family of internal print servers are network interface cards for HP Enhanced I/O (EIO) printers, MFPs (multifunction peripherals), and other peripherals. With an HP JetDirect print server, you can connect and share your printer anywhere on your network and print at network speeds.
  • One RJ-45 Ethernet Connector for interface with your network. Software and drivers are not included.
  • Features:
    - Multiple NOS/multi protocol support for any network
    - Automatic protocol switching for sharing printer in mixed network environments, such as TCP/IP and IPX/SPX
    - Dynamic IP addressing via DHCP/WINS/DDNS support
    - Embedded web server for status and configuration via a common web browser
    - Up to 2 MB per second throughput for high-performance printing
    - Designed as integral part of HP printers for industry leading network solutions
    - Data transmits to the printer at maximum network speed.
  • The J4169A carries a MemoryTen Lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with Hewlett Packard Business Inkjet 2200, 2250, Color LaserJet 4500 (C4084A), 4500DN (C4094A), 4500N (C4089A), 4550 (C7085A), 4550DN (C7087A), 4550HDN (HPC7088A), 4550N (C7086A), 8500 (C3983A), 8500DN (C3985A), 8500N (C3984A), 8550 (7096A), 8550DN (7098A), 8550GN (7099A), 8550N (7097A), Designjet 500, 800, 5000, LaserJet 2100 (C4170A), 2100M (C4171A), 2100se (C4138A), 2100TN (C4172A), 2100XI (C4139A), 2200 (C7064A), 2200d (C7058A), 2200dn (C7063A), 2200dse (C7062A), 2200dt (C7059A), 2200dtn (C7061A), 4000, 4050 (C4251A), 4050N (C4253A), 4050T (C4252A), 4050TN (C4254A), 4100 (C8049A), 4100DTN (C8052A), 4100N (C8050A), 4100TN (C8051A), 5000 (C4110A), 5000GN (C4112A), 5000N (C4111A), 8000 (C4085A), 8000DN (C4087A), 8000MFP (C8064A), 8000N (C4086A), 8100 (C4214A), 8100DN (C4216A), 8100MFP (C8065A), 8100N (C4215A), 8150 (C4265A), 8150DN (C4267A), 8150HN (C4269A), 8150MFP (C4268A), 9000 (C8519A), 9000dn (C8521A), 9000hns (C8522A), 9000n (C8520A), Mopier 240, 320.
  • 120110, 072017

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