128MB MDOM 44-pin IDE Flash Module PATA DOM (p/n MDOM-128MB-44V-TS)
128MB MDOM 44-pin IDE Flash Module PATA DOM (p/n MDOM-128MB-44V-TS)
Buy part number sku-MDOM-128MB-44V-TS, a high quality OEM Memory upgrade option. MemoryTen specializes in providing 100% compatible memory upgrades for all desktops, laptops, servers and printers.
Item #: MDOM-128MB-44V-TS_003617


128MB MDOM 44-pin IDE Flash Module Vertical PATA DOM
  • TS128MDOM44V, 4P, MDOM-128MB-44V-TS
  • The MDOM Flash Disk On Module is manufactured by Transcend and is perfect for use in harsh industrial environments. This module is in stock and can ship today.
  • 128MB IDE Flash Disk on Module (44-Pin Vertical)
    - Size : 53.0mm x 33.4mm x 7.5mm (with housing)
    - Voltage : 3.3V / 5V
    - Temperature : 0 ?C(-32 ?F) to 85 ?C(185 ?F)
    - Durability : 10,000 insertion/removal cycles
    - Higher Shock Tolerance than HDD
    - VCC Power Supply at 20th Pin for 40pin Model
    - Non-volatile Flash Memory The DOM is implemented by using NAND type flash memory, which is a high density, non-volatile read/write device.
  • Features:
    - Flash memory connected by IDE ribbon (40 pin or 44 pin)
    - Available sizes: 32MB, 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 1.5GB, 2GB, 4GB, 6GB
    - Built-in ECC function assures high reliability of data transfer
    - Auto Sleep and Power-Down mode supported
    - Write-Protect function supported
    - LED indicates status of usage
    - Data Retention: 10 years minimum
    - Extremely Low Seek Time
    - No Latency Delay
    - Broad Operating System and Processors Supports
    - Low Power Consumption
    - Robust Error Correction
    - The DOM is free from extra and special algorithm or firmware driver...just plug into the IDE slot and play it.
  • The MDOM-128MB-44V-TS carries MemoryTen a Transcend 2 years exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatibility:
    - 100% Compatible with Standard IDE ATA interface (this unit works exactly like a standard hard drive but without any moving part, strongly increasing reliability and improving data access s peed performance, without any noise). 

    - RoHS Compliant 
    - Standard ATA Interface Compliance 
    - 100% True Mode IDE HDD Compatible 
    - Fully Compatible with IDE Interface (40pin / 44pin) and any OS that support IDE standard (pitch=2.00mm) 

    * Embedded System 
    * POS System 
    * Security System 
    * Vending Machine 
    * Casino Machine
    * GPS
    * Industrial Use (Harsh Environments where industrial PCs, Set-Top Boxes, etc. are used)

    IDE Flash Module (An IDE storage device using flash memory technology) is suitable for use in portable and embedded systems which have limited space and power consumption.
  • 032607, 020916

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