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Memory Stick Micro M2 (MS Micro) Memory
Memory Stick is a removable flash memory card format, launched by Sony in October 1998, and is also used in general to describe the whole family of Memory Sticks. This family includes the Memory Stick Pro, a revision that allows greater maximum storage capacity and faster file transfer speeds; Memory Stick Duo, a small-form-factor version of the Memory Stick (including the Pro Duo); and the even smaller Memory Stick Micro (M2). In December 2006 Sony added the Memory Stick Pro-HG, a high speed variant of the Pro, to be used for high definition still and video cameras.

The original memory stick was available in sizes up to 128 MB, and a sub-version, Memory Stick Select allows two banks of 128 MB to be on the same card. An 8 GB card was unveiled at the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but according to Sony the Memory Stick Pro has a maximum potential size of 32 GB. *quoted from Wikipedia.
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16GBTop of Page
BrandSizeDescriptionPart #Price
SDMSM2016GA11M, 16GB Sandisk Memory Stick Micro (M2)SanDisk16GB16GB Sandisk Memory Stick Micro (M2) (p/n SDMSM2-016G), more SDMSM2-016G_021388$59.98
8GBTop of Page
BrandSizeDescriptionPart #Price
8GB Sandisk Memory Stick Micro (M2) (p/n SDMSM2-008G)SanDisk8GB8GB Sandisk Memory Stick Micro (M2) (p/n SDMSM2-008G), more SDMSM2-008G_CCI$15.98
4GBTop of Page
BrandSizeDescriptionPart #Price
4GB Sandisk Memory Stick Micro (M2)SanDisk4GB4GB Sandisk Memory Stick Micro (M2) (p/n SDMSM2-4096), more SDMSM2-4096_019535$11.98
2GBTop of Page
BrandSizeDescriptionPart #Price
2GB Sandisk 40x Memory Stick Micro (M2)SanDisk2GB2GB Sandisk 40x Memory Stick Micro (M2) (p/n SDMS2-2048), more SDMS2-2048_019070$8.98
1GBTop of Page
BrandSizeDescriptionPart #Price
1GB Sandisk 40x Memory Stick Micro (M2)Sandisk 1GB1GB Sandisk 40x Memory Stick Micro (M2) (p/n SDMSM2-001G-A11M), more SDMSM2-001G-A11M_014768$9.98
512MBTop of Page
BrandSizeDescriptionPart #Price
256MBTop of Page
BrandSizeDescriptionPart #Price
256MB Sony Memory Stick Micro (M2) (p/n MS-A256D)Sandisk 256MB256MB Sony Memory Stick Micro (M2) (p/n MS-A256D), more MS-A256D_CCO$5.98
AccessoriesTop of Page
BrandSizeDescriptionPart #Price
M2ADAPTER, Memory Stick M2 to Memory Stick Pro Duo AdapterSanDiskAccessoriesMemory Stick M2 to Memory Stick Pro Duo Adapter (p/n ADAPTER-M2-PRO-DUO), more ADAPTER-M2-PRO-DUO_018592$1.49
Mico SD (Transflash) to Memory Stick Micro M2 AdapterSanDiskAccessoriesMico SD (Transflash) to Memory Stick Micro M2 Adapter (p/n ADAPTER-TF-M2), more ADAPTER-TF-M2_011688$2.99
M2ADAPTER, Memory Stick M2 AdapterSanDiskAccessoriesMemory Stick M2 Adapter (p/n ADAPTER-M2), more ADAPTER-M2_CFD$1.49
14-in-1 USB 2.0 to CF, MD,MMC, SDC, xD, MS, MS Pro, MS Pro Duo, miniSD Flash Reader/WriterTranscendAccessories14-in-1 USB 2.0 to CF, MD,MMC, SDC, xD, MS, MS Pro, MS Pro Duo, miniSD Flash Reader/Writer (p/n FLASH-READER), more TS-RDP8K_015416$12.98
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