64MB MMC MultiMedia Flash Card (p/n MMC-64MB)
64MB MMC MultiMedia Flash Card (p/n MMC-64MB)
Buy part number sku-MMC-64MB, a high quality OEM Flash memory option. MemoryTen provides solutions for consumer electronics and communications products that take flash memory.
Item #: MMC-64MB_029025
$8.98, 10/$80.00, 100/$750.00


64MB MMC MultiMedia Flash Card
  • Equivalent OEM part numbers: MMC64MB.
  • 64MB MMC MultiMedia Card is in stock and can ship today. This is a regular MMC card, not MMC Plus.
  • 64MB MultiMedia Card (MMC)
    - Speed: READ at 2.2MB/sec and WRITE at 2.1MB/sec.
    - Voltage: 3.3v.
  • Features:
    - All Solemon MultiMedia cards are tested to assure stability.
    - Solid-state design makes Solemon MultiMedia Cards a safe.
    - Durable and shock-resistant. 
    - For mobile applications.
    - This MMC is able to operate not only in devices that have a MultiMedia Card slot, but devices that are designed for SD format cards as well.
  • Warranty:
    - The MMC-64MB carries a Memory(x) 1 years exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. 
    - It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. 
    - We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Works in all applications requiring multimedia memory including mobile phones and PDAs. A number of consumer portable device companies manufacture their products with slot(s) supporting both MMC and SD formats. Price is the biggest advantage of the MultiMediaCard standard.
    -Siemens, SL42 SL45 SL45i SX45 U10
    -Mitac, Mio 8380 8390
    -BenQ, P30
    -Nokia, 3300 3650 6600 9110 9210 9210c
  • 020108, 090108, 011411, 011811, 012711, 051311, 072111, 072213

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