512MB Sony  or SanDisk High Speed Memory Stick Pro (p/n MSX-512N)
512MB Sony or SanDisk High Speed Memory Stick Pro (p/n MSX-512N)
Buy part number sku-MSX-512N, a high quality OEM Memory upgrade option. MemoryTen specializes in providing 100% compatible memory upgrades for all desktops, laptops, servers and printers.
Item #: MSX-512N_BRX


512MB Sony or SanDisk High Speed Memory Stick Pro
  • MSX-512N, SDMSV-512-A10, SDMSG-512-A10.
  • This module is manufactured by Sony or Sandisk. This Memory Stick Pro is in stock and can ship today.
  • 512MB Memory Stick Pro (MSP), 80x Speed Rating
    - Speed of 15MB sec for DVD-quality video in real time
    - PSP compatible
    - Advanced security with Access Control Function and MagicGate technology.
  • Memory Stick Pro media is perfect for any Sony digital camera or camcorder, though Samsung uses Memory Stick (MS) as its media as well. 
    Ironically, the Memory Stick format is used by the fewest digital camera and camcorder manufacturers, yet there is a surprising array of variations. The original Memory Stick, which is the only format many older devices can work with, hit a capacity ceiling at 128MB; adding a mechanical switch allowed manufacturers to boost that to 256MB, a model known as Memory Stick Select. 

    The Select card functions like two completely separate 128MB cards rather than a continuous 256MB partition, however. 

    Newer devices uses either,
    1. The full-size Memory Stick Pro, or 
    2. The miniature Memory Stick Duo Pro (this comes with an adapter that allows it to function like a full-size stick - if unsure which devices you'll be plugging into, a Duo is the better choice. 

    SanDisk's new Memory Stick PRO is the perfect for capture and play back DVD-quality video in real time, or store CD-quality music, high-resolution digital images, and any other application that requires high performance, fast data transfer, large capacities and advanced security.
  • The MSX-512N carries a MemoryTen 1 year exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects through MemoryTen. It may also be returned if unused in unopened packaging within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatibility:-
    Digital Camera: Sony Camcorder DCR-HC36 (DCR HC36), Camcorder DCR-HC46 (DCR HC46), Camcorder DCR-HC96 (DCR HC96), DCR-TRV280 (DCR TRV280), DCR-SR100 (DCR SR100), DCR-TRV480 (DCR TRV480), DCR-TRV900 (DCR TRV900), CLIE PEG-TH55, CLIE PEG-TJ27, CLIE PEG-TJ37, CLIE PEG-UX40, CLIE PEG-UX50, DSC-F88 (DSC F88), DSC-F717 (DSC F717), DSC-F828 Digital Camera (DSC F828), DSC-F848 (DSC F848), DSC-H1 (DSC H1), DSC-H2 (DSC H2), DSC-H5 (DSC H5), DSC-H5/B (DSC H5/B), DSC-P8 (DSC P8), DSC-P10 (DSC P10), DSC-P12 (DSC P12), DSC-P32 (DSC P32), DSC-P41 (DSC P41), DSC-P52 (DSC P52), DSC-P72 (DSC P72), DSC-P73 (DSC P73), DSC-P92 (DSC P92), DSC-P93 (DSC P93), DSC-P100 (DSC P100), DSC-P100/LJ (DSC P100/LJ), DSC-P100/R (DSC P100/R), DSC-P150/LJ (DSC P150/LJ), DSC-P200 (DSC P200), DSC-P200/B (DSC P200/B), DSC-P200/R (DSC P200/R), DSC-P200/S (DSC P200/S), DSC-S40 (DSC S40), DSC-S60 (DSC S60), DSC-S80 (DSC S80), DSC-S90 (DSC S90), DSC-T7/B (DSC T7/B), DSC-U30 (DSC U30), DSC-U40 (DSC U40), DSC-U40/B (DSC U40/B), DSC-U40/LJ (DSC U40/LJ), DSC-U40/R (DSC U40/R), DSC-U60 (DSC U60), DSC-W1 (DSC W1), DSC-W1/B (DSC W1/B), DSC-W5 (DSC W5), DSC-W7 (DSC W7), DSC-W15 (DSC W15), Cyber-shot DSC-W30, DSC-D700 (DSC D700), DSC-N2 (DSC N2), DSC-R1 (DSC R1), DSC-V1 (DSC V1), DSC-V3 (DSC V3).
  • 030510, 062110, 080510, 082710, 030411, 090611

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