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Memory installation guide for Wallstreet and Lombard G3

Installing RAM in the Powerbook G3 Wallstreet or the Lombard models 233/266/292/300/333/ 400 MHz

Assembly illustration is shown flipping the keyboard and removing the top heat shield.

Note: Before installing memory or disk drive in the system; please remove the expansion bay battery, the AC adaptor or any other cables or devices connected to the computer.

These computers have two memory slots; one on top of the processor board and one under the card.

The daughterboard carring the two memory slots is connected or mounted via two connectors to the logic board. The processor is enclosed in a metallic heat shield, this must come off to upgrade.

To install the memory module in the top slot, you should not need to remove the processor daughter card from the logic board.

1) How the processor Card appears in the computer.

To install the memory module in the bottom slot the processor daughter card needs to be removed. These illustrations below show the steps needed to remove and attach the card to the logic board.

After removing the heat shield or the top cover; insert a flat head screw driver or a similar device between the space of the processor board and the metallic fence; gently apply the force in the direction shown.

The board should pop out of the two bottom connectors shown in the diagram.

Remove the board from the assembly and install the memory module in the bottom slot.

After the memory is installed reseat the Daughter board as shown above.

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