128MB PC Chips PC133 SDRAM DIMM (p/n PCCHIPS-128-PC133-D)
128MB PC Chips PC133 SDRAM DIMM (p/n PCCHIPS-128-PC133-D)
Buy part number sku-PCCHIPS-128-PC133-D, a high quality OEM Memory upgrade option. MemoryTen specializes in providing 100% compatible memory upgrades for all desktops, laptops, servers and printers.
$39.98, 10/$370.00, 100/$3,400.00


128MB PC Chips DeskNote A907 Notebook PC133 SDRAM DIMM
  • PCCHIPS-128-PC133-D
  • This module is manufactured by MemoryTen. This module is in stock and can ship today. We guaranty this module to work in your machine.
  • 128MB 168pin PC133 Gold-Lead 3.3v SDRAM DIMM.
  • The PCCHIPS-128-PC133-D carries a MemoryTen lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with PC Chips DeskNote A907 Notebook, M700MR (SDRAM), M728LMR, M743MR, M744LMR, M754LMR, M754LMRT+, M755, M755LMR, M756LMRT, M756LMRT+, M756MRT, M756RT V5.X, M756T+, M757LT, M757LRT, M758 V7.0, M758L V7.0, M758LMR, M758LMR+, M758LMT, M758LMT V7.0, M758LRT V5.1, M758LRT+, M758LT, M758LT V7.0, M758LT+, M758MR+, M758RT+, M758T V7.0, M759MRT, M760, M761, M767, M768MR, M773MR, M779MR, M780, M786, M786 V5.2, M786C V1.2, M786C V1.X, M786MR, M786MRT, M787CL, M787CL V1.2A, M787CL+, M787CL+V3.0, M787CLM+ V3.0A, M787CLR, M790MR, M791G V1.0A (SDRAM), M792LR (SDRAM), M800, M800LMR, M805L, M805LR, M807, M810CDLU V5.2C (SDRAM), M810CLR V7.1, M810D (SDRAM), M810D V8.0A (SDRAM), M810DG V8.0 (SDRAM), M810DLU (SDRAM), M810DLU V5.2A (SDRAM), M810L V7.1A, M810L V7.1C, M810L V9.0M, M810L, M810LR, M810LR V8.X, M810MR, M812L, M812LR, M812LMR, M816LMR, M817L (SDRAM), M817LMR (SDRAM), M817LR (SDRAM), M821, M821LR, M825 (SDRAM), M825CLU V5.2 (SDRAM), M825G V8.0A (SDRAM), M825L (SDRAM), M825LR (SDRAM), M825LMR (SDRAM), M830LU (SDRAM), M830LU V5.X (SDRAM), M831 (SDRAM), M831LR (SDRAM), M841ALU (SDRAM), M841AULR (SDRAM), M841L (SDRAM), M841LR (SDRAM), M841LU (SDRAM), M841LU V5.X (SDRAM), M825LU V1.X (SDRAM), M825LU V3.1 (SDRAM), M825LU V3.X (SDRAM), M825ULR (SDRAM), M830 (SDRAM), M830L V3.X (SDRAM), M830L (SDRAM), M830LR (SDRAM), M902L (SDRAM), M902LR (SDRAM), M902LU v3.0 (SDRAM), M902LU V3.X (SDRAM), M902ULR (SDRAM), M902ULR V1.1A SDRAM, M903ALU (SDRAM), M903LR (SDRAM), M903ULR (SDRAM), M903LU (SDRAM), M903LU V3.X (SDRAM), M903U (SDRAM), M920 (SDRAM), M920L (SDRAM), M920LR (SDRAM), M920LR V1.3 (SDRAM), M920LMR (SDRAM), M921, M921L, M921LR, M922 V5.0 (SDRAM), M922L (SDRAM), M922LR (SDRAM), M922LU (SDRAM), M922LU V5.0 (SDRAM), M925 (SDRAM), M925ALU V5.0A (SDRAM), M925G V8.0 (SDRAM), M925L (SDRAM), M925LR (SDRAM), M925LMR (SDRAM), M925LU (SDRAM), M925LU V3.X (SDRAM), M927 (SDRAM), M927L (SDRAM), M927LR (SDRAM), M927LMR (SDRAM), M930 (SDRAM), M930AFLU (SDRAM), M930DAFULR (SDRAM), M930ALU (SDRAM), M930ALU V5.5A (SDRAM), M930ALU V5.X (SDRAM), M930L (SDRAM), M930DLR (SDRAM), M930LR (SDRAM), M930LR V1.X (SDRAM), M931LR (SDRAM), M935 (SDRAM), M935ALU V5.1B (SDRAM), M935ALU (SDRAM), M935DAULR (SDRAM), M935EL (SDRAM), M935DELR (SDRAM), M935L (SDRAM), M935DLR (SDRAM), M935LR (SDRAM), M935LU (SDRAM), M935LU V5.1B (SDRAM), M935LU5 V7.0 (SDRAM), M935U (SDRAM), Slim PC M825LMR (SDRAM), Slim PC M925LMR (SDRAM), U-Buddie EM25+.
  • 042307, 060514

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