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PowerBook G3 Pismo bottom slot installation

Play it safe! Before you begin be sure you are properly grounded, if you don't have a grounding strap you can order one from our website for only $ 1.89 Click here to order Antistatic wristband

Please view the ESD movie

For your convenience this tutorial has both diagrams and quicktime movies of each step of your installation. Feel free to play, pause or rewind them as many time as you need to. Click on the still pictures to enlarge them for detail.

Find a soft surface to work on your power book so as not to scratch it.

Step 1.To release the keyboard locking screw, turn the screw one half turn in either direction so that the screw slot is oriented horizontally. Your PowerBook comes from Apple with the keyboard unlocked. The locking screw is located above the 5 and 6 keys.

Step 2. Using your fingers pull the tabs down toward your body to release the keyboard.The tabs are located between the esc key and the bright key on the left and between the F8 key and the F9 key on the right side.When both tabs are pulled at the same time the keyboard will pop up from the top of the keyboard.

Step 3. After you have flipped over the keyboard look for the heat shield and remove the two screws shown above.

If you are upgrading the stock memory in your powerbook then continue with step 5.

Instructions For upgrading your stock Memory In Your G3 Pismo Notebook

Step 4. With your powerbook still opened and your heat shield off, remove the screw shown in the picture. This is a very long screw so be patient. When it is out put it aside.

Step 5. After you have removed the long screw holding in the CPU mother board find the clear plastic pull tab on the CPU mother board, and gently give it a tug until the board gives way. This will allow you to take out the board for further upgrading.

Once the CPU board is out, turn it over and you will find the stock memory. See movie below for further details.

Step67. Putting in the memory and taking it out is the same procedure as above. Lets go over it again. When you pull outward on the two metal tabs on each side of the memory slot the memory will pop up automatically. Remove the memory and replace it with the new memory upgrade. Put the memory in at a 30 degree angle making sure you align the memory as shown below, then snap the memory in place making sure to push on each corner at the same time.

Align the notches both on the memory and the memory slot.

Instructions for putting back your CPU motherboard

See pictures below for more detail.

The pins on both the motherboard and the CPU socket must match up. Once on make sure it is snapped into place.

Align the tabs with the metal bracket and slide it in first before you push on the board. Making sure the tabs are in the holes. When this is done the board will fall into place making it ready for you to push on the socket underneath.

Instructions for putting back the keyboard

First align the bottom tabs on the keyboard while holding the keyboard at a 45 degree angle. Once the keyboard slots are in begin putting down the keyboard until it clicks into place. Give a good push on each of the tabs at the top of the keyboard to make sure it has locked itself in place. If you want you can follow step one and lock your keyboard into place.

Pat yourself on the back for a job well done! Enjoy your new speed when accessing files and running applications.

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