16GB SanDisk Class 4 MicroSDHC Flash Card (p/n SDSDQ-016G-C4)
16GB SanDisk Class 4 MicroSDHC Flash Card (p/n SDSDQ-016G-C4)
Buy part number sku-SDSDQ-016G-C4, a high quality OEM Flash memory option. MemoryTen provides solutions for consumer electronics and communications products that take flash memory.
Item #: SDSDQ-016G-C4_034056


16GB SanDisk Class 4 MicroSDHC Flash Card
  • Equivalent OEM part numbers: SDSDQ-016G-C4, SDSDQM-016G, SDSDQAB-016G.
  • This memory is manufactured by SanDisk. This 16GB Micro SDHC is in stock and can ship out today.
  • Specifications:
    - Capacity: 16GB
    - Product Type: microSDHC
    - Form Factor: TransFlash - micro
    - Size (LWT): 15.0 × 11.0 × 1.0 mm
    - Connection: 8 pins
    - Speed Rating: 150x Class 4
    - Transfer rate: 17MB/sec, write speed lower
    - Operating temperature: -25ēC to 85 ēC
    - Storage temperature: -40ēC to 85ēC
    - file system exFAT
    - microSDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity)
    - Bulk Packaged
    - No Adapter included
  • Warranty:
    - 1 year defective return policy.
    - 14-day (unopened) refund, minus shipping cost.
    - Lifetime tech support.
  • Manufactured by SanDisk.
  • Compatible with all phones requiring microSDTM flash cards. Also with an adapter, compatible with digital music players, PDAs, and other devices featuring SD/MMC slots. microSDHCTM flash cards require microSDHC or SDHC compatible devices.
  • 061511, 063014

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