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Olympus xD-Picture Card Memory

xD-Picture Card xD Memory Cards Olympus Fuji 512MB 256MB 128MB

xD-Picture Card stands for Extreme Digital Picture Card. Olympus and Fujifilm released the xD-Picture card in July 2002. Kodak, SanDisk, and Lexar, also sell xD cards. xD cards are used in Olympus and Fujifilm digital cameras and Olympus digital voice recorders. Fujifilm also made an MP3 player that used the cards. As of 2006, xD cards are available in these capacities: 16 MB, 32 MB, 64 MB, 128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB, and 2 GB. An xD card is 20 mm 25 mm 1.78 mm and weighs 2.8 grams. Fuji cards will not work with the Olympus autostitch panarama camera function.

There are three types of xD-Picture cards: Type S (original or standard); Type M (Multi Level Cell - MLC); and Type H (High Speed)

Type S also known as "Original xD" or "Standard xD" are available in capacities up to 512MB. Type S can be identified by the absence of a letter on the front of the card.

Type M is made with Multi Level Cell technology and has a theoretical maximum size of 8GB. Currently the maximum size available is 2GB. Type M suffers from a slower speed. Type-M xD picture cards display an "M" on the front of the card.

Type H operates at a write speed of 4MB/s and a read speed of 5MB/s. Currently the maximum size available is 2GB. Type H xD cards support special "picture effects" when used in some Olympus cameras, though these software features are not intrinsically hardware-dependent. Type H cards are also required in newer models to capture video at high rate (640x480x30)." Type-H xD picture cards display an "H" on the front of the card.

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XD-Type-HXD-Type-SXD-Type-M+XD-Type-MOlympus xD-Picture Card Accessories
XD-Type-HTop of Page
BrandSizeDescriptionPart #Price
2GB Type-H (High Speed) xD-Picture CardOlympus XD-Type-H2GB Type-H (High Speed) xD-Picture Card (p/n XD-H-2GB), more XD-H-2GB_BXA$39.98
AF1GXD, DPC-H1GB, TS1GXDPC., 1GB Olympus or Fuji Type-H xD-Picture CardOlympus XD-Type-H1GB Olympus or Fuji Type-H xD-Picture Card (p/n XD-H-1GB), more XD-H-1GB_BSP$29.98
512MB Type H High-Speed xD-Picture CardFuji XD-Type-H512MB Type H High-Speed xD-Picture Card (p/n XD-H-512MB), more XD-H-512MB_BWZ$25.98
256MB Type-H High Speed xD-Picture CardFuji XD-Type-H256MB Type-H High Speed xD-Picture Card (p/n XD-H-256MB), more XD-H-256MB_BWY$19.98
XD-Type-STop of Page
BrandSizeDescriptionPart #Price
512MB Type S (Standard) xD-Picture CardFUJIXD-Type-S512MB Type S (Standard) xD-Picture Card (p/n XD-S-512MB), more XD-S-512MB_BQF$39.98
256MB Type S (Standard) xD-Picture CardFujiXD-Type-S256MB Type S (Standard) xD-Picture Card (p/n XD-S-256MB), more XD-S-256MB_BQE$33.98
128MB  Olympus Type-S (Standard) xD-Picture CardFujiXD-Type-S128MB Olympus Type-S (Standard) xD-Picture Card (p/n XD-S-128MB), more XD-S-128MB_BQD$25.98
64MB Olympus Type S (Standard) xD-Picture CardOlympusXD-Type-S64MB Olympus Type S (Standard) xD-Picture Card (p/n MXD64P3), more MXD64P3_BQC$19.98
32MB Type S (Standard) xD-Picture CardLexar XD-Type-S32MB Type S (Standard) xD-Picture Card (p/n DPC-32), more DPC-32_BQB$9.98
XD-Type-M+Top of Page
BrandSizeDescriptionPart #Price
2GB Olympus Type M+ xD-Picture CardOlympus XD-Type-M+2GB Olympus Type M+ xD-Picture Card (p/n M-XD2GMP), more M-XD2GMP_024404$35.98
1GB Olympus Type M+ xD-Picture CardOlympus XD-Type-M+1GB Olympus Type M+ xD-Picture Card (p/n XD-MPLUS-1GB), more XD-MPLUS-1GB_CHN$24.98
XD-Type-MTop of Page
BrandSizeDescriptionPart #Price
2GB Type-M xD-Picture Card FUJI or Olympus BrandOlympus XD-Type-M2GB Type-M xD-Picture Card FUJI or Olympus Brand (p/n XD-M-2GB), more XD-M-2GB_BWI$34.98
2GB Olympus Type-M xD-Picture Card with Panorama FunctionOlympus XD-Type-M2GB Olympus Type-M xD-Picture Card with Panorama Function (p/n XD-M-2GB-PANORAMA), more XD-M-2GB-PANORAMA_000655$49.98
1GB Olympus Type M xD-Picture CardOlympus XD-Type-M1GB Olympus Type M xD-Picture Card (p/n MXD1GM3), more MXD1GM3_012676$29.98
1GB Type M xD-Picture CardFuji XD-Type-M1GB Type M xD-Picture Card (p/n XD-M-1GB), more XD-M-1GB_BWX$24.98
512MB Type M xD-Picture CardOlympus XD-Type-M512MB Type M xD-Picture Card (p/n XD-M-512MB), more XD-M-512MB_BWW$19.98
DPC-M256, 200844, 202050., 256MB Type-M xD-Picture CardOlympus XD-Type-M256MB Type-M xD-Picture Card (p/n SDXDM-256), more SDXDM-256_BWV$16.98
Olympus xD-Picture Card AccessoriesTop of Page
BrandSizeDescriptionPart #Price
AXDSM-00001-4, XD Picture Card to Smartmedia Card AdapterSmartMedia Olympus xD-Picture Card AccessoriesXD Picture Card to Smartmedia Card Adapter (p/n ADAPTER-XD-SM), more ADAPTER-XD-SM_BYL$5.98
USB 2.0 XD/SDC/MMC Flash Reader/WriterCard ReaderOlympus xD-Picture Card AccessoriesUSB 2.0 XD/SDC/MMC Flash Reader/Writer (p/n XD-READER), more XD-READER_029031$7.98
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