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SuperMicro SuperServer 1016T-M3FB (SYS-1016T-M3FB) (DDR3-1333MHz) (ECC) Memory

Maximum Memory 24GB
Memory Slots 6 (6 banks of 1)
non-removable base memory 0MB
Machine name: SuperMicro SuperServer 1016T-M3FB
CPU options:
- Intel Core i7
- Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition
Chipset: Intel X58 Chipset
Front Side Bus options:
Memory Speed options: PC3-10666 DDR3-1333 240pin ECC SDRAM DIMM
Special notes:
- Mfgr's System p/n's: SYS-1016T-M3FB
- Modules must be ordered and installed in groups of three for Triple Channel mode. Please refer to the system manual for proper installation of DIMMs for Single Channel and Dual Channel configurations. Not all Intel Core i7 CPU's support ECC. Please consult CPU documentation to verify ECC support. This system supports ECC and non-ECC. When mixing ECC and non-ECC modules, the system will not perform the ECC function. For the non-ECC version please see "SuperMicro SuperServer 1016T-M3FB (SYS-1016T-M3FB) (DDR3-1333MHz) (non-ECC) Memory".

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