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1GB IBM Original ThinkCentre PC3200 DDR400 nonECC DIMM (p/n 22P9272)

1GB IBM Original ThinkCentre PC3200 DDR400 nonECC DIMM (p/n 22P9272)

  • Brand:
  • Product Code:22P9272
  • Availability:In Stock

Price: $119.98

1GB IBM Original ThinkCentre PC3200 DDR400 nonECC DIMM
  • Compatible with KTM-M50/1G, 22P9272, 22P9274.
  • This module is manufactured by IBM. This memory may require 2-3 days to ship.
  • Specifications:
    Size - 1GB
    Pins - 184 pins
    ECC - no
    Registered - no
    Form Factor - DIMM
  • The 22P9272 carries a MemoryTen lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Manufactured by IBM.
  • Compatible with IBM-Lenovo 3000 H100 8789-xxx, H100 8823-xxx, H100 8824-xxx, 3000 J100 8253, 3000 J100 825325U, J100 825326U, J100 825327U, J100 825328U, J100 82533FU, J100 82533GU, J100 82533HU, J100 8253D4U, J100 8253D5U, J100 8253D6U, J100 8253E1U, J100 8253E2U, J100 8253F1U, J100 8254-xxx, J100 8454-xxx, J100 8455-xxx, 3000 J105 8258, J105 8258J4U, J105 8258J6U, J105 8258J5U, J105 8258H1U, J105 8258H7U, J105 8258H8U, J105 8258H9U, J105 8258HAU, J105 8258HBU, J105 8258J9U, J105 8258J9U, J105 8259-xxx, J105 8459-xxx, ThinkCentre A35 8139-xxx (DDR-400MHz), A50 8084-xxx (800MHz FSB), 8085-xxx (800MHz FSB), 8089-xxx (800MHz FSB), 8090-xxx (800MHz FSB), 8126-xxx (800MHz FSB), 8147-xxx (800MHz FSB), 8148-12U (800MHz FSB), 13U (800MHz FSB), 14G (800MHz FSB), 15G (800MHz FSB), 15U (800MHz FSB), 16U (800MHz FSB), 21U (800MHz FSB), 22U (800MHz FSB), 23U (800MHz FSB), 24G (800MHz FSB), 25U (800MHz FSB), 26U (800MHz FSB), 31U (800MHz FSB), 32U (800MHz FSB), 33U (800MHz FSB), 34G (800MHz FSB), 35U (800MHz FSB), 41U (800MHz FSB), 42U (800MHz FSB), 51G (800MHz FSB), 7BG (800MHz FSB), 7EG (800MHz FSB), 7FG (800MHz FSB), 7KG (800MHz FSB), 81G (800MHz FSB), 82G (800MHz FSB), A1U (800MHz FSB), A2U (800MHz FSB), A3G (800MHz FSB), A4G (800MHz FSB), A4U (800MHz FSB), AGA (800MHz FSB), B1G (800MHz FSB), B2U (800MHz FSB), CAU (800MHz FSB), CBU (800MHz FSB), CCU (800MHz FSB), CDU (800MHz FSB), CEU (800MHz FSB), CFU (800MHz FSB), CGU (800MHz FSB), CHU (800MHz FSB), CIU (800MHz FSB), CJU (800MHz FSB), CKU (800MHz FSB), CLU (800MHz FSB), CMU (800MHz FSB), CNU (800MHz FSB), CQU (800MHz FSB), CTO (800MHz FSB), D1U (800MHz FSB), D2G (800MHz FSB), D3U (800MHz FSB), E1U (800MHz FSB), E2G (800MHz FSB), E3G (800MHz FSB), KGA (800MHz FSB), KGB (800MHz FSB), KGC (800MHz FSB), KGD (800MHz FSB), KGE (800MHz FSB), KGF (800MHz FSB), KGG (800MHz FSB), KGH (800MHz FSB), KGJ (800MHz FSB), KGK (800MHz FSB), KGL (800MHz FSB), XX1 (800MHz FSB), XX2 (800MHz FSB), XX3 (800MHz FSB), XX4 (800MHz FSB), XX5 (800MHz FSB), XX6 (800MHz FSB), XX7 (800MHz FSB), XX8 (800MHz FSB), XX9 (800MHz FSB), XXA (800MHz FSB), XXB (800MHz FSB), 8149-xxx (800MHz FSB), 8174-xxx (800MHz FSB), 8175-xxx (800MHz FSB), 8176-xxx (800MHz FSB), 8177-xxx (800MHz FSB), 8178-xxx (800MHz FSB), 8179-xxx (800MHz FSB), 8320-xxx (800MHz FSB), 8416-xxx (DDR-400MHz), 8419-xxx (800MHz FSB), N320-xxx (800MHz FSB), A50p 8192-xxx (DDR-400MHz), 8193-xxx (DDR-400MHz), 8194-xxx (DDR-400MHz), 8195-xxx (DDR-400MHz), 8196-xxx (DDR-400MHz), 8197-xxx (DDR-400MHz), 8432-xxx (DDR-400MHz), 8433-xxx (DDR-400MHz), N195-xxx (DDR-400MHz)), A51 8424, 8424-xxx (800MHz FSB), 8425, 8425-xxx (800MHz FSB), E50 8472, E50 8719, E50 8817, E50 8818, E50 8819, E50 8771, E50 8772, E50 8773, E50 8774-xxx, E50 8776, E50 8777, E50 9214, E50 9215, E50 9216-xxx, E50 9217, E50 9218, E50 9219, E51 8463, E51 8464, E51 8465, E51 8467, E51 8468, E51 8712, E51 8713, E51 8714, E51 8715, M50 8185-xxx (DDR-400MHz), 8186-xxx (DDR-400MHz), 8187-xxx (DDR-400MHz), 8188-xxx (DDR-400MHz), 8189-xxx (DDR-400MHz), 8190-xxx (DDR-400MHz), 8413-xxx (DDR-400MHz), 8414-xxx (DDR-400MHz), 8415-xxx (DDR-400MHz), M51 8095, M51 8096, M51 8097, M51 8141-31U, 8142-xxx (800MHz FSB), M51 8143-xxx (M51 8143-2FU, M51 8143-A6U, M51 8143-MNU, M51 8143-2EU, M51 8143-MWU, M51 8143-BEU, M51 8143-2JU.), 8144-xxx (800MHz FSB), ThinkCentre S50 8086 (DDR-400MHz), 8087 (DDR-400MHz), 8088 (DDR-400MHz), 8092 (DDR-400MHz), 8094-xxx (DDR-400MHz), 8127 (DDR-400MHz), 8183-xxx (DDR-400MHz), 8184-xxx (DDR-400MHz), 8145-xxx, 8146-xxx, 8416-xxx (800MHz FSB), 8417-xxx (DDR-400MHz), 8418-xxx (DDR-400MHz), 8429-xxx (DDR-400MHz), N183-xxx (DDR-400MHz), S51 8098, 8171-xxx (800MHz FSB), 8172-xxx (800MHz FSB), 8173-xxx (800MHz FSB).
  • 032608 , 111808, 112008, 102809, 122211, 032112, 041112, 041812
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