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1GB Compaq PC2100 DDR266 184-pin SDRAM DIMM (p/n 282436-B21)

1GB Compaq PC2100 DDR266 184-pin SDRAM DIMM (p/n 282436-B21)

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  • Product Code:282436-B21_ASQACIARK
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Price: $14.98

1GB Compaq PC2100 DDR266 184-pin SDRAM DIMM
  • 282436-B21, 286403-001, DC166A, KTC-PR266/1G
  • This module may be manufactured by Infineon, Micron, Hynix, TwinMOS, Adata, or Gigaram depending on availability. This item is in stock.
  • 1GB PC2100 DDR266 CL2.5 32c 64x4 184p SDRAM DIMM
  • The 282436-B21 carries a MemoryTen lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item..
  • Compatible with Compaq/HP Business PC D510, BUSINESS DESKTOP D311V, Business PC D325, Desktop d200, d210, D310, D310 MT, D310V, D310v MT, D311, D380MX, Evo Desktop D31VM, D300 (1.5G - 1.8G P4) (DDR), D300 CMT P4 (1.5GHz-1.7GHz) (DDR), D300 DT P4 (1.5GHz-2.2GHz) (DDR), D300s (1.5 - 2.0G) Series (DDR), D300s CMT P4 (1.5GHz-2.2GHz) (DDR), D300v Series Celeron (DDR), D300v Series P4 (DDR), D310VM, D320DT, D381 DESKTOP, D381 MICROTOWER, D510, D510 e-pc, D512 CONVERTIBLE MINITOWER, Evo Workstation W4000 (DDR), Presario 8SDPE1, 8SDPEG, 8SDXE1, 8SDXEC, 8SDXEG, 3306AP, 3310AP, 3311AP, 3325AP, 3326AP, 3327AP, 3353AP, 3355AP, 3356AP, 3360AP, 3770AP, 3730AP, 3756AP, 3907HK, 3908HK, 4010OM, 4400xx Series 4420LA, 4720LA, 5720AK, 5720AP, 5720AU, 5720GC, 5720TC, 5720TH, 5722AP, 5723AP, 5725AK, 5725AP, 5726AK, 5730AK, 5730AP, 5730AS, 5730GC, 5730NZ, 5730TC, 5730TH, 5735AP, 5735GC, 5740AK, 5740AP, 5740AS, 5740AU, 5760GC, 6000 Series (Athlon), 6000 (Pentium 4), 6031CL, 6031EA, 6032EA, 6035CL, 6035GC, 6036HK, 6037CA, 6048EA, 6050AU, 6050EA, 6050GC, 6085EA, 6086EA, 6087EA, 6110TC, 6111AK, 6112EA, 6115TC, 6116EA, 6118EA, 6120EA, 6121AK, 6122AP, 6122TH, 6143EA, 6145EA, 6145TH, 6146TC, 6146TH, 6147EA , 6148AP, 6149AP, 6150EA, 6150HK, 6152EA, 6154EA, 6155HK, 6159EA, 6163EA, 6164EA, 6165EA, 6166EA, 6171EA, 6180EA, 6182EA, 6184EA, 6185EA, 6188EA, 6189EA, 6190EA, 6191EA, 6193SE, 6196EA, 6197EA, 6197NL, 6198EA, 6199EA, 6202EA, 6203EA, 6205AP, 6205EA, 6205KR, 6206AP, 6207EA, 6208AP, 6210KR, 6211EA, 6211IL, 6212EA, 6213EA, 6230AP, 6233EA, 6250AP, 6265EA, 6268EA, 6277EA, 6280AP, 6282AP, 6285AP, 6301rsh, 6310US, 6320US, 6324SE (DDR), 6330US, 6350US, 6370US, 6412US, 6470CA, 6473US, 6475NX,,, 6520AU, 6520NZ, 6521AU, 6522AU, 6522NZ, 6525, 6525AK, 6525AP, 6525HK, 6525NZ, 6527AP, 6527AU, 6527NZ,,,, 6610TW, 6646GC, 7114 MT, 7602, 8130EA, 8140EA, 8141EA, 8142EA, 8143EA, 8144EA, 8145EA, 8153EA, 8154EA, S3000NZ, S3000T CTO, S3000AP, S3000NZ, S3010CL, S3030AP, S3200AP, S3210AP, S4050US, S4080AP, S6010V CTO, S6000, S6000 P8656U, S6000NX, S6000V, S6000V CTO, S6010V, S6010V CTO, S6010V P8657E, S6100SF, S6100UK, S6104NX, S6289UK, SR1000V (CTO), SR1010NX, SR1168AN, SR1200IL, SR1208AL, SR1212NX, SR1215IL, SR1215LA, SR1230IL, SR1235IL, HP Business Desktop D325.
  • 100107, 053116
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