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64MB IBM Compatible Memory Aptiva/Netvista/PC 300GL 168-pin PC133 SDRAM DIMM (p/n 33L3071-MT)

64MB IBM Compatible Memory Aptiva/Netvista/PC 300GL 168-pin PC133 SDRAM DIMM (p/n 33L3071-MT)

  • Brand:
  • Product Code:33L3071-MT_AQUAODAQA
  • Availability:In Stock

Price: $6.09

64MB IBM Compatible Memory Aptiva/Netvista/PC 300GL 168-pin PC133 SDRAM DIMM
  • Compatible with 19K3293, 33L3071, 33L3072, 33L3136, 33L3291, 33L3292, 16P6351, KTM3071/64
  • This module may be manufactured by Micron, Samsung, Infineon, Hynix or Gigaram.
  • Specifications:
    Size - 64MB
    Pins - 168 pins
    ECC - no
    Registered - no
    Form Factor - DIMM
  • The 33L3071 carries a MemoryTen lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech 
    support for this item.
  • Compatible with IBM 4694, Aptiva 2154, 2178 Series, 2179 Series, 2193 Series, 2194 Series, 2196 Series, 2197 Series, 2198 Series, 2255, 2270 Series, 2274 Series, 2284 Series, 2407 Series, 2407 NF1, 2407 NF2, 2407 NWD, 2407 RR1, 2407 RW2, 2407 RYD, a20i 2194, a40i 2284, NetVista 2251, 2271, 2276, 6018, 6058, 6059, 6266, 6269, 6270, 6276, 6280, 6568, 6569, 6578, 6579, 6599, 6643, 6644, 6645, 6647, 6648, 6649, 6650, 6830, 6831, 6840, 6841, 6842, 6843, 6844, 6862, 6881, 8363, 8364, A20 6266-DTS, A20 6269-DT, A20i 2276 Micro tower, A20i 6280 Micro tower, A40i 2284 Series, Aptiva E 2198-80U, E 2198-82U, E 2198-88U, E 2270-34U, E 2270-35U, E 2270-36U, E 30U1-5MN, E 30U1-7MN, E 31U1-5MN, E 31U1-7MN, E 32U1-5MN, E 32U1-7MN, E 962, E 964, E 972, E 990, 2284 Series, S 2178, NetVista 2179, 2194, 2196, 2197, 2254, 2255, 2256, 2257, 2275, 2284, 6029, 6242, 6279, 6286, 6336, 6337, 6339, 6341, 6342, 6345, 6346, 6347, 6348, 6646, NetVista 6830 Series, 6837, A20 2276-xxx, A20 6018-xxx, A20 6266-DDU, A20 6266-EAU, A20 6266-EBU, A20 6266-EEU, A20 6266-F2U, A20 6266-F3U, A20 6266-FFU, A20 6266-GGU, A20 6266-GHU, A20 6266-H4U, A20 6266-M6U, A20 6266-M8U, A20 6266-M9U, A20 6266-N3U, A20 6266-P2U, A20 6266-P8U, A20 6266-PKU, A20 6266-QAU, A20 6266-xxx, A20 6269-A6U, A20 6269-xxx, A20 6270-E2U, A20 6270-E4U, A20 6270-F2U, A20 6270-F5U, A20 6270-H2U, A20 6270-H7U, A20 6270-HHU, A20 6270-M2U, A20 6270-N2U, A20 6270-N3U, A20 6270-N4U, A20 6270-P2U, A20 6270-P7U, A20 6270-PHU, A20 6270-Q9U, A20 6270-S4U, A20 6270-T3U, A20 6270-T4U, A20 6270-xxx, A20 6279-xxx, A20 6280-xxx, A20 6286-xxx, A20 6345, A20i, A20i 2194, A20i 2196, A20i 2197, A20i 2255-xxx, A20i 2275-xxx, A20i 2276-10U, A20i 2276-70U, A20i 2276-72U, A20i 2276-xxx, A20i 6276, A20i 6280-11U, A20i 6280-15U, A20i 6280-17U, A20i 6280-19U, A20i 6280-22U, A20i 6280-25U, A20i 6280-26U, A20i 6280-28U, A20i 6280-31U, A20i 6280-35U, A20i 6280-36U, A20i 6280-xxx, A20m 2276-00U, A20m 2276-01U, A20m 2276-02U, A20m 6280-xxx, A21 6336-xxx, A21 6337-xxx, A21 6337, A21 6339-xxx, A21 6341, A21 6342-xxx, A21 6346, A21 6347, A21 6348-xxx, A21i 2254, A21i 2256-KBM, A21i 2256-xxx, A21i 2257-xxx, A22 2257-31U, A22 2257-32U, A22 2257-33U, A22 2257-xxx, A22 6029, A22 6341-xxx, A22 6341-D3U, A22 6341-E1U, A22 6341-E3U, A22 6342, , A40 6058-xxx (non-ECC), A40 6059-xxx, A40 6568-xxx (non-ECC), A40 6578-xxx (non-ECC), A40 6578 (LAU, LBU, LCU, LDU, N70 8366, NAU, NBU, NCU, NDU, PAU, PBU, PCU, PDU, RAU, RBU, RCU, RDU, REU, RFU, TFU), A40 6579-xxx (non-ECC), A40 6648-xxx (non-ECC), A40 6648 (LAU, LBU, NAU, NBU, PAU, PBU, RAU, RBU), A40 6649-xxx, A40 6830-xxx (non-ECC), A40 6830 (CAU, CBU, EAU, EBU, GBU), A40 6831-xxx (non-ECC), A40 6831 (EAU, GAU, GBU, VAU, VBU), A40 6840-xxx (non-ECC), A40 6840 (CAU, EAU, GAU, TFU), A40 6841-xxx, A40 6842-xxx, A40 6862-P1A, A40 6881-xxx, A40i 2251-xxx (non-ECC), A40i 2255-xxx, A40i 2271-xxx (non-ECC), A40i 2284-xxx, A40i K4ECGxx, A40i K4GCGxx, A40i K712Gxx, A40i 770Gxx, A40i K772Gxx, A40p 6059-xxx (non-ECC), A40p 6569-xxx (non-ECC), A40p 6579-xxx (non-ECC), A40p 6579 (LAU, LBU, NAU, NBU, NCU, NDU, PCU, PDU, RAU, RBU), A40p 6599-xxx (non-ECC), A40p 6647-xxx (non-ECC), A40p 6649-xxx (non-ECC), A40p 6650-xxx (non-ECC), A40p 6841-EAU, A40p 6841-xxx (non-ECC), A40p 6847, S40 6644-xxx, S40 6644-D1x, S40 6645-xxx, S40 6645-N3U, S40 6645-P1U, S40 6646-xxx, S40 N3U1-7BM, S40p 6645-xxx, S40p 6646, X40 2179, X40 6643-xxx, X40 6643 (11U, 12U, 13U, 14U, 21U, 22U, 23U, 24U), X40 6646-xxx, X40i 2179-xxx, X40i 2179 (77U, 81U, 86U, 88U), PC 300 6344-xxx, 300 6345-xxx, 300 (6345-7xx), 300 Series Model (2169-xxx), 85U1 (non-ECC), 300 GL 85U1-7MN (non ECC), 6563-8AU, 6563-8BU, 6563-8CU, 6563-8DU, 6563-9CU, 6563-9DU, 6563-9EU, 6563-9FU, 6563-9GG, 6563-20U, 6563-22G, 6563-22S, 6563-22U, 6563-23U, 6563-40U, 6563-42P, 6563-42U, 6563-43A, 6563-43M, 6563-43G, 6563-43S, 6563-43U, 6563-44U, 6563-45G, 6563-45U, 6563-47U, 6563-62U (non-ECC), 6563-63U (non-ECC), 6563-64U (non-ECC), 6563-65U (non-ECC), 6563-68U (non-ECC), 6563-69U (non-ECC), 6563-71U (non-ECC), 6563-82U (non-ECC), 6563-83G (non-ECC), 6563-83U (non-ECC), 6563-84U (non-ECC), 6563-85U (non-ECC), 6563-86U (non-ECC), 6563-87U (non-ECC), 6563-88U (non-ECC), 6563-90U (non-ECC), 6563-93U (non-ECC), 6563-95D (non-ECC), 6563-95U (non-ECC), 6563-96U (non-ECC), 6563-91G (non-ECC), 6563-94U (non-ECC), 6563-A1U (non-ECC), 6563-A2U (non-ECC), 6563-A5U (non-ECC), 6563-A6U (non-ECC), 6563-B1U (non-ECC), 6563-B2U (non-ECC), 6563-C1U (non-ECC), 6563-C2U (non-ECC), 6563-CWU (non-ECC), 6563-DRR (non-ECC), 6563-HJM (non-ECC), 6563-T1G (non-ECC), 6563-W3G (non-ECC), 6563-W4G (non-ECC), 6564-P1U (non-ECC), 6564-P2U (non-ECC), 6564-P3U (non-ECC), 6564-R2U (non-ECC), 6564-R3U (non-ECC), 6564-S1U (non-ECC), 6564-S2U (non-ECC), 6564-S3U (non-ECC), 6564-S4U (non-ECC), 6564-S5U (non-ECC), 6564-S6U (non-ECC), 6564-S7U (non-ECC), 6564-S8U (non-ECC), 6564-SAU (non-ECC), 6564-SBU (non-ECC), 6564-SCU (non-ECC), 6564-SDU (non-ECC), 6564-SEU (non-ECC), 6564-SHU (non-ECC), 6564-SJU (non-ECC), 6564-SLU (non-ECC), 6564-SMU (non-ECC), 6564-SNU (non-ECC), 6564-SNU (non-ECC), 6564-SRU (non-ECC), 6564-STU (non-ECC), 6564-SUU (non-ECC), 6564-SXU (non-ECC), 6564-SYU (non-ECC), 6564-T3U (non-ECC), 6564-T4U (non-ECC), 6574-20U (non-ECC), 6574-23U (non-ECC), 6574-28U (non-ECC), 6574-40U (non-ECC), 6574-45U (non-ECC), 6574-47U (non-ECC), 6574-61U (non-ECC), 6574-62U (non-ECC), 6574-80U (non-ECC), 6574-82U (non-ECC), 6574-83U (non-ECC), 6574-90U (non-ECC), 6574-91U (non-ECC), 6574-92U (non-ECC), 6574-99U (non-ECC), 6574-A1U (non-ECC), 6574-A2U (non-ECC), 6574-A3U (non-ECC), 6574-A4U (non-ECC), 6574-D7G (non-ECC), 6574-HHA (non-ECC), 6574-M1U (non-ECC), 6574-M3U (non-ECC), 6574-W2G (non-ECC), 6591-xxx, 6865-44U, 6892-Nxx, R3U R3U1-7MN (SBS), PC 300GL 6593 Series, PC 300GL PIII (6563) (non-ECC), PC 300GL PIII (6564) (non-ECC), PC 300GL Pentium III (6563-2xx, 4xx) (non-ECC), PC 300GL Pentium III (6563-6xx, 7xx) (non-ECC), PC 300GL Pentium III (6563-8xx, 9xx) (non-ECC), PC 300GL Pentium III (6563-Axx,Bxx,Cxx) (non-ECC), PC 300GL Pentium III (6564-Rxx, Pxx) (non-ECC), PC 300GL Pentium III (6564-Sxx, Txx) (non-ECC), PC 300GL PIII (6574) (non-ECC), PC 300GL Pentium III (6574-2xx, 4xx) (non-ECC), PC 300GL Pentium III (6574-6xx,8xx,9xx) (non-ECC), PC 300GL Small Business Series (6564-Sxx), R3U1 (non-ECC), PC 300GL Small Business Series (P1U, R2U, R3U, SYU), PC 300PL IBM Lenovo 300 (6344-1xx), 300 (6344-2xx), 300 (6344-3xx), 300 (6344-4xx), 300 (6344-5xx), 300 (6344-6xx), 300 (6344-7xx), 300 (6344-8xx), 300 (6345-1xx), 300 (6345-2xx), 300 (6345-3xx), 300 (6345-4xx), 300 (6345-5xx), 300 (6345-6xx), 300 (6345-8xx), PC 300PL 6565-xxx (non-ECC), 6565-9CU (non-ECC), 6565-9DU (non-ECC), 6565-40U (non-ECC), 6565-43U (non-ECC), 6565-44U (non-ECC), 6565-60U (non-ECC), 6565-63G (non-ECC), 6565-63U (non-ECC), 6565-64G (non-ECC), 6565-64U (non-ECC), 6565-65U (non-ECC), 6565-66U (non-ECC), 6565-67G (non-ECC), 6565-67U (non-ECC), 6565-70U (non-ECC), 6565-80U (non-ECC), 6565-82G (non-ECC), 6565-84U (non-ECC), 6565-85U (non-ECC), 6565-86U (non-ECC), 6565-86G (non-ECC), 6565-87U (non-ECC), 6565-88U (non-ECC), 6565-89U (non-ECC), 6565-90U (non-ECC), 6565-92G (non-ECC), 6565-96F (non-ECC), 6565-96U, 6565-97A (non-ECC), 6565-97U (non-ECC), 6565-99G (non-ECC), 6565-ABU (non-ECC), 6565-CSU (non-ECC), 6565-E1U (non-ECC), 6565-E2U (non-ECC), 6565-E5U (non-ECC), 6565-E6U (non-ECC), 6565-F1U (non-ECC), 6565-F2U (non-ECC), 6565-G1U (non-ECC), 6565-G2U (non-ECC), IBM Lenovo PC 300PL 6566-xxx (non-ECC), 6566-E1U (non-ECC), 6566-DCU, 6566-DEU, 6566-E1U (non-ECC), SurePOS 622, 642, 652.
  • 121407, 062414
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