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128MB IBM Compatible Memory 168pin PC133 ECC SDRAM DIMM (p/n 33L3081-MT)

128MB IBM Compatible Memory 168pin PC133 ECC SDRAM DIMM (p/n 33L3081-MT)

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  • Product Code:33L3081-MT_ADP
  • Availability:In Stock

Price: $9.98, 10/$90.00, 100/$730.00

128MB IBM Compatible Memory 168pin PC133 ECC SDRAM DIMM
  • Compatible with KTM3079/128, 33L3081, FRU 33L3082.
  • This module may be manufactured by Micron, Samsung, Infineon, Hynix or Gigaram.
  • Specifications:
    Size - 128MB
    Pins - 168 pins
    ECC - yes
    Registered - no
    Form Factor - DIMM
  • The 33L3081-MT carries a MemoryTen lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with IBM IntelliStation E Pro Pentium III 6836-xxx, 6836-2xx, 6836-3xx, 6836-4xx, 6846-1xx, 6846-2xx, 6846-3xx, 6846-4xx, xSeries 130 (8672), 200 8474-4xx/5xx, 8478-XXX, 10X, 11X, 12X, 20X, 21X, 22X, 40X, 41X, 50X, 51X, 60X, 61X, 70X, 71X, eServer xSeries 200 74G, 200 (8479-xxx), xSeries 200 (8481-xxx), eServer xSeries 200VL 8481-xxx, 300 (8472-2xx), 300 (8472-8xx), xSeries 300 8672-xxx, 300 (8672-5xx), 300 (8672-6xx), 300 (8672-8xx), eServer xSeries Hosting Appliance (Type 8672) Server, IBM PC 300PL Series 85U1 (ECC), 85U1-7MN (ECC), 6563-8AU, 6563-8BU, 6563-8CU, 6563-8DU, 6563-9CU, 6563-9DU, 6563-9EU, 6563-9FU, 6563-9GG, 6563-20U, 6563-22G, 6563-22S, 6563-22U, 6563-23U, 6563-40U, 6563-42P, 6563-42U, 6563-43A, 6563-43M, 6563-43G, 6563-43S, 6563-43U, 6563-44U, 6563-45G, 6563-45U, 6563-47U, 6563-62U, 6563-63U, 6563-64U, 6563-65U, 6563-68U, 6563-69U, 6563-71U, 6563-82U, 6563-83G, 6563-83U, 6563-84U, 6563-85U, 6563-86U, 6563-87U, 6563-88U, 6563-90U, 6563-93U, 6563-95D, 6563-95U, 6563-96U, 6563-91G, 6563-94U, 6563-A1U, 6563-A2U, 6563-A5U, 6563-A6U, 6563-B1U, 6563-B2U, 6563-C1U, 6563-C2U, 6563-CWU, 6563-DRR, 6563-HJM, 6563-T1G, 6563-W3G, 6563-W4G, 6564-P1U, 6564-P2U, 6564-P3U, 6564-R2U, 6564-R3U, 6564-S1U, 6564-S2U, 6564-S3U, 6564-S4U, 6564-S5U, 6564-S6U, 6564-S7U, 6564-S8U, 6564-SAU, 6564-SBU, 6564-SCU, 6564-SDU, 6564-SEU, 6564-SHU, 6564-SJU, 6564-SLU, 6564-SMU, 6564-SNU, 6564-SQU, 6564-SRU, 6564-STU, 6564-SUU, 6564-SXU, 6564-SYU, 6564-T3U, 6564-T4U, 6566-E1U, 6574-20U, 6574-23U, 6574-28U, 6574-40U, 6574-45U, 6574-47U, 6574-61U, 6574-62U, 6574-80U, 6574-82U, 6574-83U, 6574-90U, 6574-91U, 6574-92U, 6574-99U, 6574-A1U, 6574-A2U, 6574-A3U, 6574-A4U, 6574-D7G, 6574-HHA, 6574-M1U, 6574-M3U, 6574-W2G, PC 300GL PIII (6563) (ECC), PC 300GL Pentium III (6563-2xx, 4xx) (ECC), PC 300GL Pentium III (6563-6xx, 7xx) (ECC), PC 300GL Pentium III (6563-8xx, 9xx) (ECC), PC 300GL Pentium III (6563-Axx,Bxx,Cxx) (ECC), PC 300GL PIII (6564) (ECC), PC 300GL Pentium III (6564-Rxx, Pxx) (ECC), PC 300GL Pentium III (6564-Sxx, Txx) (ECC), PC 300GL PIII (6574) (ECC), PC 300GL Pentium III (6574-2xx, 4xx) (ECC), PC 300GL Pentium III (6574-6xx,8xx,9xx) (ECC), R3U1 (ECC), PC 300PL Series IBM Lenovo PC 300PL 6565-xxx (ECC), IBM Lenovo PC 300PL 6566-xxx (ECC), 6565-9CU (ECC), 6565-9DU, 6565-40U, 6565-43U, 6565-44U, 6565-60U, 6565-63G, 6565-63U, 6565-64G, 6565-64U, 6565-65U, 6565-66U, 6565-67G, 6565-67U, 6565-70U, 6565-80U, 6565-82G, 6565-84U, 6565-85U, 6565-86U, 6565-86G, 6565-87U, 6565-88U, 6565-89U, 6565-90U, 6565-92G, 6565-96F, 6565-96U, 6565-97A, 6565-97U, 6565-99G, 6565-ABU, 6565-CSU, 6565-E1U, 6565-E2U, 6565-E5U, 6565-E6U, 6565-F1U, 6565-F2U, 6565-G1U, 6565-G2U, Netfinity A100 8653.
  • 121407, 080514
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