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1GB HP/Compaq Pavilion Notebook PC2-4200 DDR2-533 200pin Memory (p/n PE832A)

1GB HP/Compaq Pavilion Notebook PC2-4200 DDR2-533 200pin Memory (p/n PE832A)

  • Brand:
  • Product Code:PE832A_BZOAGCACCAYL
  • Availability:In Stock

Price: $9.98

1GB HP/Compaq Pavilion Notebook PC2-4200 DDR2-533 200pin Memory.
  • 373121-001, 385822-001, PE832A, PR663A, 374726-001, KTH-ZD8000/1G, KTH-ZD8000A/1G
  • These modules may be manufactured by Infineon, Micron, TwinMOS, Adata, Kingston, Transcend, or Swissbit depending on availability. This item is in stock and can ship today.
  • 1GB PC2-4200 DDR2-533 200pin SODIMM.
  • The PE832A carries a MemoryTen lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with HP/Compaq - 510 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), 520 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), 530 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), C500T (CTO) (DDR2-533MHz), Compaq Thin Client T5730, T5730W, T5735, G3000 CTO Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), G5002EA Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), G5003EA Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), G5009EA Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), G5040EA Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), G5042EA Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), G5050EA Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), G5050EI Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), G5050ET Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), G5051EA Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), G5052EA Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), G5055EA Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), G5056EA Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), G5060EF Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), G5060EG Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), G5060EP Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), G5060EV (DDR2-533MHz), G6050EM Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), G7000 CTO Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), G7001TU Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), G7010EG Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), G7018EP Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), Business Notebook 6520s (DDR2-533MHz), nc2400, nc4200 (DDR2-533MHz), nc4400, nc6140, nc6200 Series (DDR2-533MHz), nc6220, nc6230, nc6320, nc6320 (DDR2-533MHz), NC6400 (DDR2-533MHz), nc8200 (CTO) (ddr2-533MHz), nc8220, nc8230, nw8240, nc8430 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), NW8440 (DDR2-533MHz), NW9440 (DDR2-533MHz), nx4300, nx6130, nx6310, NX6315 (DDR2-533MHz), NX6320 (DDR2-533MHz), NX6325 (DDR2-533MHz), nx6330 (DDR2-533MHz), nx7300 (DDR2-533MHz), NX8420 (DDR2-533MHz), NX7400 (DDR2-533MHz), nx8220, nx8230 (DDR2-533MHz), nx9420 (DDR2-533MHz), nx9600, Notebook 500, Media Center PC zd8210ca, zd8215us, zd8220us, zd8225ca, zd8230us, Mini 102, Mini 110 XP, Mini 110-1010EC, Mini 110-1100SL, Mini 110-1115SA, Mini 110-1140LA, Mini 110-1150SA, Mini 110-1160SB, Mini 110-1165SB, Mini 110-1178TU, Mini 110-1197TU, 110-1199EA, Mini 110c-1010EA, Mini 110c-1010SA, Mini 110c-1010SD, Mini 110c-1011SO, Mini 110c-1020SO, Mini 110c-1100SO, Mini 110c-1110SA, Mini 110c-1110SG, Mini 110c-1115SS, Mini 110c-1120SA, Mini 110c-1120SO, Mini 110c-1130SA, Mini 110c-1130SF, Mini 110c-1130SS, Mini 1110LA, 1000 Mi Edition, Mini 1001TU, Mini 1002TU, Mini 1003TU, Mini 1004TU, Mini 1005TU, 1006TU, 1008TU, 1009TU, 1010LA, 1010NR, 1010TU, 1011TU, 1012TU, 1013TU, 1014TU, 1015TU, 1016TU, 1018TU, 1019TU, 1020LA, 1020TU, 1021TU, 1030NR, 1033CL, 1035NR, Mini 1100CM, Mini 1101, Mini 1109TU, Mini 1110NR, Mini 1110TU, Mini 1115NR, Mini 1116NR, Mini 1120BR, Mini 1120LA, Mini 1120NR, Mini 1125NR, Mini 1126NR, Mini 1128TU, Mini 1130CM, Mini 1133CA, Mini 1135CA, Mini 1137NR, Mini 1139NR, Mini 1140NR, Mini 1141NR, Mini 1150BR, Mini 1150CM, Mini 1150LA, Mini 1150NR, Mini 1151NR, Mini 1152NR, Mini 1153NR, Mini 1160CM, Mini 1170CM, Mini 1180CM, Mini 1190BR, Mini 1198EO, Mini 1199EB, Mini 1199EC, Mini 1199EH, Mini 1199EJ, Mini 1199EO, Mini 1199EP, Mini 1199EQ, Mini 1199ER, Mini 1199ET, Mini 1199EV, Mini 1199EZ, Mini-Note 2133 (DDR2-533MHz), Neoware e90 Thin Client, e140 Thin Client, e370 Thin Client, Omnibook G3050EA Media Center (DDR2-533MHz), Mobile Workstation nw8440 (DDR2-533MHz), Mobile Workstation nw9440 (DDR2-533MHz), Pavilion Notebook 110-1109NR, DV1000T, DV1363AP, DV1600 (CTO) (DDR2-533MHz), DV1610TN, DV1618TN (DDR2-533MHz), DV1624TN (DDR2-533MHz), DV1625la (DDR2-533MHz), DV1635ca (DDR2-533MHz), DV1635la (DDR2-533MHz), DV1648us (DDR2-533MHz), DV1650ca (DDR2-533MHz), DV1658US, DV1659us (DDR2-533MHz), DV1660ca (DDR2-533MHz), DV1665ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV1665eu (DDR2-533MHz), DV1670ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV1674ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV1680ca (DDR2-533MHz), DV1680ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV1680US, DV1688us (DDR2-533MHz), DV1708NR, DV1710ca (DDR2-533MHz), DV1712us (DDR2-533MHz), DV1720LA (DDR2-533MHz), dv1721la (DDR2-533MHz), DV1729TU (DDR2-533MHz), DV1738od (DDR2-533MHz), DV1740BR (DDR2-533MHz), dv1740TU (DDR2-533MHz), dv1749TU (DDR2-533MHz), DV1750BR (DDR2-533MHz), DV1760BR (DDR2-533MHz), DV2000T (DDR2-533), DV2000Z (DDR2-533MHz), DV2001TU (DDR2-533MHz), DV2002TU (DDR2-533MHz), DV2003ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2004ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2005ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2006ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2006tu (DDR2-533MHz), DV2007ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2008ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2009TU, DV2009ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2010ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2010TU, DV2011ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2011TU, DV2012ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2012TU, DV2013ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2013TU (DDR2-533MHz), DV2014ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2015ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2015nr (DDR2-533MHz), DV2016ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2017ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2018ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2018tx (DDR2-533MHz), DV2019ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2020ca (DDR2-533MHz), DV2020ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2020us (DDR2-533MHz), DV2023TU (DDR2-533MHz), DV2025LA (DDR2-533MHz), DV2025NR, DV2025TU (DDR2-533MHz), DV2028ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2029ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2030ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2031ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2032ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2033ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2034ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2035LA (DDR2-533MHz), DV2035us (DDR2-533MHz), DV2036ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2037us (DDR2-533MHz), DV2040ca (DDR2-533MHz), DV2040us, DV2040TX, DV2045ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2047cl (DDR2-533MHz), DV2050US (DDR2-533MHz), DV2053ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2054ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2055ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2056ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2057ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2058ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2064ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2065ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2081ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2082ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2083ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2084ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2085ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2095ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2097ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2098ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2099ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2102TU (DDR2-533MHz), DV2108tx (DDR2-533MHz), DV2109TX (DDR2-533MHz), DV2113TU (DDR2-533MHz), DV2124TU, DV2125NR, DV2143tx (DDR2-533MHz), dv2202TU (DDR2-533MHz), dv2212TX (DDR2-533MHz), DV2910US, DV4000 (CTO) (DDR2), dv4201TX (DDR2-533MHz), dv4207EA (DDR2-533MHz), DV4223CL, dv4226EA (DDR2-533MHz), dv4231EA (DDR2-533MHz), dv4257us, dv4272us, dv4275nr, DV4291EA, DV4307CA, DV4307CL, DV4310us, DV4320us, DV4330CA, DV4330us, DV4340US, DV4335nr, DV4354EA, DV4385EA, DV4386EA, DV4405NR, DV4410US, DV5000T, DV5102TX, DV5142EA, DV5157EA, DV5166EA, DV5177EA, dv5179ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV5190EA, DV5191EA, DV5197EA, DV5198EA, DV5218nr, DV5220us, DV5230US (DDR2-533MHz), DV5240us, DV5250US (DDR2-533MHz), DV5251EA, DV6920US, DV8000T (DDR2-533MHz), DV8209TX, DV8210TX (DDR2-533MHz), DV8212tx (DDR2-533MHz), DV8216TX (DDR2-533MHz), DV8218ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV8219ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV8220ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV8221EA, DV8225ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV8226EA (DDR2-533MHz), DV8226EA (DDR2-533MHz), DV8227EA (DDR2-533MHz), DV8228EA (DDR2-533MHz), DV8228EA (DDR2-533MHz), DV8228EA (DDR2-533MHz), DV8228EA (DDR2-533MHz), DV8231EA (DDR2-533MHz), DV8232EA (DDR2-533MHz), DV8233EA (DDR2-533MHz), DV8235EA, DV8263EA, DV8275LA, DV8284EA (DDR2-533MHz), DV8285EA, DV8286EA, DV8287EA, DV8288EA, DV8290EA (DDR2-533MHz), DV8292EA (DDR2-533MHz), DV8293EA, DV8294EA (DDR2-533MHz), DV8295EA, DV8296EA, DV8298EA, DV8300 (CTO) (DDR2-533MHz), DV8302TX (DDR2-533MHz), DV8320US (DDR2-533MHz), DV8330us, dv8333cl Media Center (DDR2-533MHz), dv8335ea (DDR2-533MHz), dv8339us Media Center (DDR2-533MHz), dv8372ea (DDR2-533MHz), dv8373ea (DDR2-533MHz), dv8375ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV8380US (DDR2-533MHz), dv8395ea (DDR2-533MHz), dv8395ea (DDR2-533MHz), Pavilion Entertainment Notebook DV2-1000EO (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1000EP (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1001AU (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1001AX (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1001EG (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1001ET (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1003AX (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1004AU (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1005AX (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1005EE (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1005EI (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1006AX (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1007AX (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1008AX (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1009AU (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1009AX (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1010AX (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1010EO (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1010EA (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1010ED (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1010EL (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1010ET (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1010EZ (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1010LA (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1015EI (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1015EE (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1012AX (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1020CA (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1020EB (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1020ED (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1020EF (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1020EL (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1020EP (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1020ER (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1020ES (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1020ET (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1020LA (DDR2-533MHz), dv2-1022ax (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1024CA (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1025EE (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1027CA (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1028CA (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1030EA (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1030ED (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1030EL (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1030EN (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1030EO (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1030ES (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1030EW (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1030US (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1032AX (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1033CL (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1035EA (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1035ER (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1039WM (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1040EB (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1040EO (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1040ET (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1040EW (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1043CA (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1044CA (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1050EG (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1050EN (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1050ES (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1050EW (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1070EG (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1080EN (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1090EG (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1120EF (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1090EO (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1100EO (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1105EE (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1110EC (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1110EO (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1110es (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1110US (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1115EE (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1116AX (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1117AX (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1120BR (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1120EG (DDR2-533MHz), dv2-1125ea (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1125EE (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1130EB (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1130EO (DDR2-533MHz), dv2-1130es (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1134NR (DDR2-533MHz), dv2-1140eo (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1144CA (DDR2-533MHz), DV2-1199US (DDR2-533MHz), G3051EA, (DDR2-533MHz), (DDR2-533MHz), (DDR2-533MHz), (DDR2-533MHz), (DDR2-533MHz), (DDR2-533MHz), s7630nl (DDR2-533MHz), (DDR2-533MHz), (DDR2-533MHz), (DDR2-533MHz), (DDR2-533MHz), (DDR2-533MHz), s7712n (DDR2-533MHz), (DDR2-533MHz), (DDR2-533MHz), (DDR2-533MHz), (DDR2-533MHz), (DDR2-533MHz), (DDR2-533MHz), (DDR2-533MHz), (DDR2-533MHz), TouchSmart IQ770UK, IQ771UK, IQ772UK (DDR2-533MHz), IQ775 (DDR2-533MHz), IQ780A (DDR2-533MHz), tx1000us Entertainment PC, tx1000z Series (CTO) (DDR2-533MHz), tx1000z Series (CTO) (DDR2-533MHz), tx1002au (DDR2-533MHz), tx1003au (DDR2-533MHz), tx1004au (DDR2-533MHz), tx1004au (DDR2-533MHz), tx1006au (DDR2-533MHz), tx1007au (DDR2-533MHz), tx1008au (DDR2-533MHz), tx1009au (DDR2-533MHz), tx1010au (DDR2-533MHz), tx1011au (DDR2-533MHz), tx1011au (DDR2-533MHz), tx1013au (DDR2-533MHz), tx1013au (DDR2-533MHz), tx1020ea Media Center (DDR2-533MHz), tx1030ea Media Center (DDR2-533MHz), tx1013au (DDR2-533MHz), tx1040ea (DDR2-533MHz), tx1080ea Media Center (DDR2-533MHz), tx1110us (DDR2-533MHz), tx1110us (DDR2-533MHz), tx2510us, V3000Z, V4310NR, V5000 (DDR2), zd8000 Series, zd8001ap, zd8002ap, zd8004AP, zd8005AP, zd8007EA, zd8008EA, zd8009EA, zd8010EA, zd8017EA, zd8019EA, zd8020EA, zd8043EA, zd8044EA, zd8045EA, zd8047EA, zd8050la, zd8051EA, zd8052EA, zd8053EA, zd8055us, zd8060ca, zd8060us, zd8070EA, zd8072EA, zd8075EA, zd8076EA, zd8078EA, zd8079EA, zd8080EA, zd8080us, zd8100, zd8001XX, zd8002XX, zd8003AP, zd8003XX, zd8004XX, zd8010XX, zd8011XX, zd8054EA, zd8015EA, zd8030EA, zd8050XX, zd8077EA, zd8105CA, zd8105EA, zd8110EA, zd8110us, zd8112EA, zd8115EA, zd8115US, zd8120CL, zd8120EA, zd8122EA, zd8123EA, zd8124EA, zd8125CL, zd8125EA, zd8126EA, zd8127EA, zd8129EA, zd8130EA, zd8135EA, zd8139EA, zd8147EA, zd8148EA, zd8150EA, zd8151EA, zd8155EA, zd8156EA, zd8157EA, zd8158EA, zd8159EA, zd8160EA, zd8162EA, zd8179EA, zd8180EA, zd8181EA, zd8182EA, zd8183EA, zd8184EA, zd8185EA, zd8201AP, zd8202AP, zd8203AP, zd8204AP, zd8205US, zd8210CA, zd8214EA, zd8215US, zd8217EA, zd8218EA, zd8219EA, zd8220US, zd8224EA, zd8225ca, zd8225EA, zd8226EA, zd8227EA, zd8228EA, zd8229EA, zd8230EA (ddr2-533MHz), zd8230us, zd8231EA, zd8234EA, zd8235EA, zd8237EA, zd8238EA, zd8250LA, zd8253EA, zd8254EA, zd8255EA, zd8256EA, zd8270EA, zd8280EA, zd8289EA, zd8290EA, zd8291EA, zd82xxus, zd8302EA (DDR2-533MHz), zd8306EA (DDR2-533MHz), ZD8316EA, ZD8333CL, zd8368EA (DDR2-533MHz), ZD8398EA, zd8430ca Media Center (DDR2-533MHz), zd8401EA (DDR2-533MHz), ZD8480EA, zd8490EA (DDR2-533MHz), Special Edition G3000EA Notebook, Presario B1801TU, B1802TU, B1803TU, B1805TU, B1809TU, B1810TU, B1811TU, B1812TU, B1813TU, B1817TU, B1818TU, B1819TU, B1820TU, B1821TU, B1822TU (DDR2-533MHz), B1900 (CTO) (DDR2-533MHz), B1901JP (DDR2-533MHz), B1902JP (DDR2-533MHz), B1903JP (DDR2-533MHz), B1906TU (DDR2-533MHz), B1907TU (DDR2-533MHz), B1911TU, B1912TU, B1913TU (DDR2-533MHz), B1915TU (DDR2-533MHz), B1916TU (DDR2-533MHz), B1917TU (DDR2-533MHz), B1918TU (DDR2-533MHz), B1919TU (DDR2-533MHz), B1922TU (DDR2-533MHz), B1926TU (DDR2-533MHz), B1927TU (DDR2-533MHz), B1928TU (DDR2-533MHz), B1931TU (DDR2-533MHz), B1933TU (DDR2-533MHz), B1950TU (DDR2-533MHz), B1951TU (DDR2-533MHz), B1952TU (DDR2-533MHz), B1953TU (DDR2-533MHz), B1954TU (DDR2-533MHz), B1955TU (DDR2-533MHz), B1956TU (DDR2-533MHz), B1957TU (DDR2-533MHz), B1958TU (DDR2-533MHz), B1959TU (DDR2-533MHz), B1960TU (DDR2-533MHz), B1961TU (DDR2-533MHz), B1962TU (DDR2-533MHz), B1963TU (DDR2-533MHz), B1964TU (DDR2-533MHz), B1965TU (DDR2-533MHz), B2823TX, C301TU, C302TU, C303TU, C304NR, C306US Media Center, C307NR, C315LA, C318LA, C502EA (DDR2-533MHz) Media Center, C502EU (DDR2-533MHz) Media Center, C502TU (DDR2-533MHz) Media Center, C555EA (DDR2-533MHz) Media Center, C555EM (DDR2-533MHz) Media Center, C555EU (DDR2-533MHz) Media Center, C556EM (DDR2-533MHz) Media Center, C559EF (DDR2-533MHz) Media Center, C571EA (DDR2-533MHz) Media Center, C571NR Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), F502EA (DDR2-533MHz) Media Center, F502EU (DDR2-533MHz) Media Center, F504EM (DDR2-533MHz) Media Center, F504EU (DDR2-533MHz) Media Center, F506EA (DDR2-533MHz) Media Center, F545EA (DDR2-533MHz) Media Center, F545EU (DDR2-533MHz) Media Center, F557US Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), F560EA (DDR2-533MHz) Media Center, F560EM (DDR2-533MHz) Media Center, F572US (DDR2-533MHz), V2000T, V2618TN, V2620TN, V2625TN, V3000T (DDR2-533MHZ), V3000Z CTO, V3001TU, V3004TU, V3005AU (DDR2-533MHz), V3007TU, V3010AU, V3010CA, V3010US, V3011AU, V3012AU (DDR2-533MHz), V3012TU, V3013TU, V3015NR, V3016TU, V3016US, V3018US, V3020US, V3020CA, V3022AU (DDR2-533MHz), V3023TU, V3024TU, V3025TU, V3026TU, V3030US, V3032AU (DDR2-533MHz), V3104TU (DDR2-533MHz), V3105TU (DDR2-533MHz), V3113AU (DDR2-533MHz), V3119AU (DDR2-533MHz), V4203TU, V4204TU, V4205TU, V4206TU, V4207TU, V4209TU, V4214TU, V4217EA, V4220EA, V4221TU, V4240US, V4245US (DDR2-533MHz), V4260EA, V4263EA, V4265EA, V4274EA, V4276EA, V4278EA, V4285EA, V4308EA, V4310NR (DDR2-533MHz), V4322EA, V4325CA DDR2-533MHz), V4332US (DDR2-533MHz), V4335EA, V4336EA, V4338EA, V4347EA, V4376EA, V4377EA, V4382EA, V4440US (DDR2-533MHz), V5000 (DDR2), V5155EA, V5160EA, V5204NR, V5205NR, V5207NR, V6105NR, V6310US, V6314EA (DDR2-533MHz) Media Center, V6314EM (DDR2-533MHz) Media Center, V6325EA (DDR2-533MHz) Media Center, V6325EM (DDR2-533MHz) Media Center, V6807TU, V6900, V6902TU, x6000 Series, X6000 CTO (DDR2-533MHz), X6001XX, X6002XX, X6003XX, x6050CA, x6050US, x6070US, X6110US, Special Edition G3050EA (DDR2-533MHz), Tablet PC TC4200.
  • 012208, 083016
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