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256MB IBM-Lenovo Compatible Memory DDR2-667 Notebook Upgrade (p/n 40Y7732-MT)

256MB IBM-Lenovo Compatible Memory DDR2-667 Notebook Upgrade (p/n 40Y7732-MT)

  • Brand:
  • Product Code:40Y7732-MT_BOL
  • Availability:In Stock

Price: $4.98

256MB IBM-Lenovo Compatible Memory DDR2-667 Notebook Upgrade
  • Compatible with 40Y7732, KVR667D2S5/256.
  • This module may be manufactured by Micron, Samsung, Infineon, Hynix or Gigaram.
  • Specifications:
    Size - 256MB
    Pins - 200 pins
    ECC - no
    Registered - no
    Form Factor - SODIMM
  • The 40Y7732-MT carries a MemoryTen lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with IBM-Lenovo 3000 C200 8922, 3000 C200 8922-xxx, 3000 C300 (3012-xxx), 3000 G230 4107-xxx (32-bit), 3000 G230 4107-xxx (64-bit), 3000 G400 2048-xxx, 3000 G410 2049-xxx, 3000 G430 4152 (32-bit), 3000 G430 4152 (64-bit), 3000 G430 4153-xxx (32-bit), 3000 G430 4153-xxx (64-bit), 3000 G430a 4153-xxx (32-bit), 3000 G430a 4153-xxx (64-bit), 3000 G530 4151 (32-bit), 3000 G530 4151 (64-bit), 3000 G530 4446-xxx (32-bit), 3000 G530 4446-xxx (64-bit), 3000 N100 0689, C200-40253JU, C200-40253KU, N100 0689-3GU, N100 0689-3KU, N100 0689-38U, N100 0689-28U, N100 0689-29U, N100 0689-2BU, N100 0768, N100 0768-3VU, N100 0768-33U, N100 0768-35U, N100 0768-4JU, N100 0768-25U, N100 0768-2CU, 3000 N200, N200 (0769EUG), N500 (4233), N500 (4233-39G), N500 (NS75SUK), N500 (NS767UK), N500 (NS774UK), N500 (NS776UK), N500 (NS779UK), 3000 S200 9684-xxx (DDR2-667MHz), 3000 S200 9685-xxx (DDR2-667MHz), 3000 V200 0764-xxx, 3000 Y200 6469-xxx, 3000 Y300 7759 (DDR2-667MHz), 3000 Y300 9449 (DDR2-667MHz), 3000 Y310 7756-xxx, 3000 Y400 9454 (DDR2-667MHz), 3000 Y410 7757-xxx, 3000 Y500 Series 7761-xxx, 3000 Y510 775842Q, 3000 Y510 775843Q, 3000 Y510 775844Q, 3000 V100 0763, G510 4056 (32-bit), G510 4056 (64-bit), G510 4059-xxx (32-bit), G510 4059-xxx (64-bit), Lenovo-IBM IdeaPad B450, S9, S9e, S10, S10-3 (064732U), S10-3 (064733U), S10-3s, S10-3t (06513EU), S10-3t (06514EU), S10-3t (06514FU), S10-4231A9U, S10-4231ADU, S10-4231AEU, S10 (4333-xxx), S10e, S10-2 2957-xxx, S12 2959-xxx, U110 (2304-xxx), U110-23042AU, Y430 2781-73U (32-bit), Y430 2781-73U (64-bit), Y430 2781-74U (32-bit), Y430 2781-74U (32-bit), Y510 (32-bit), Y510 (64-bit), Y710 (32-bit), Y710 (64-bit), ThinkCentre A61e 6417-xxx, A61e 6418-xxx, A61e 6449-xxx, A61e 6453-xxx, ThinkPad Edge 13 (0197-xxx) (DDR2), G50 0639, G50 0640, R60 9444-xxx, R60 9445-xxx, R60 9446-xxx, R60 9447, R60e 0656-xxx, R60e 0657-xxx, R60e 0658-xxx, R60e 0659-xxx, R60i 0657-xxx, R60i 9456-xxx, R60i 9461-xxx, R61 7732-xxx, R61 7733-xxx, R61 7734-xxx, R61 7735-xxx, R61 7736-xxx, R61 7737-xxx, R61 7738-xxx, R61 7742-xxx, R61 7743-xxx, R61 7744-xxx, R61 7751-xxx, R61 7753-xxx, R61 7754-xxx, R61 7755-xxx, R61 8914, R61 8918, R61 8919, R61 8920, R61 8927, R61 8928, R61 8929, R61 8930, R61 8932, R61 8933, R61 8934, R61 8935, R61 8936, R61 8937, R61 8942, R61 8943, R61 8944, R61 8945, R61 8947, R61 8948, R61 8949, R61e 7649-xxx, R61e 7650-xxx, R61e 7657-xxx, R61i 7650-xxx, R61i 7732-xxx, R61i 7742-xxx, R61i 8932-xxx, R61i 8943-xxx, Reserve Verizon Edition, Reserve Cingular Edition, SL300 2738-xxx (32-bit), SL300 2738-xxx (64-bit), SL400 2743-xxx (32-bit), SL400 2743-xxx (64-bit), SL500 2746-xxx (32-bit), SL500 2746-xxx (64-bit), T60 1951-xxx (DDR2-667MHz), T60 1952-xxx (DDR2-667MHz), T60 1953-xxx (DDR2-667MHz), T60 1955-xxx (DDR2-667MHz), T60 1956-xxx (DDR2-667MHz), T60 2008-xxx (DDR2-667MHz), T60 2009-xxx (DDR2-667MHz), T60 2013-xxx (DDR2-667MHz), T60 2023-xxx (DDR2-667MHz), T60 2037-xxx (DDR2-667MHz), T60 2623-xxx (DDR2-667MHz), T60 2637-xxx (DDR2-667MHz), T60 6369, T60 6370, T60 6371, T60 6372, T60 6373, T60 6374, T60 8741, T60 8742, T60 8743, T60 8744, T60 8745, T60 8746, T60P 1952, T60p 2008-xxx (DDR2-667MHz), T60p 2009-xxx (DDR2-667MHz), T60p 2013-xxx (DDR2-667MHz), T60p 2023-xxx (DDR2-667MHz), T60P 2637, T60P 8741, T60P 8742, T60P 8743, T60P 8744, T60P 8745, T60P 8746, T61 1959-xxx, T61 6377-xxx, T61 6378-xxx, T61 6379-xxx, T61 6457-xxx, T61 6458-xxx, T61 6459-xxx, T61 6460-xxx, T61 6461-xxx, T61 6462-xxx, T61P 6462, T61 6463-xxx, T61 6464-xxx, T61 6465-xxx, T61 6466-xxx, T61 6467-xxx, T61 6468-xxx, T61 6470-xxx, T61 6471-xxx, T61 6480-xxx, T61 6481-xxx, T61 7658-xxx, T61 7659-xxx, T61 7660-xxx, T61 7661-xxx, T61 7662-xxx, T61 7663-xxx, T61 7664-xxx, T61 7665-xxx, T61 8889-xxx, T61 8890-xxx, T61 8891-xxx, T61 8892-xxx, T61 8893-xxx, T61 8894-xxx, T61 8895-xxx, T61 8896-xxx, T61 8897-xxx, T61 8898-xxx, T61 8899-xxx, T61 8900-xxx, T61 8938-xxx, T61 8939-xxx, T61P 8939, T61p 6457-xxx, T61p 6458-xxx, T61p 6459-xxx, T61p 6460-xxx, T61p 6461-xxx, T61p 6470-xxx, T61p 8889-xxx, T61P 8890, T61p 8891-xxx, T61p 8892-xxx, X60, X60 1706-xxx (DDR2-667MHz), X60 1708-xxx (DDR2-667MHz), X60 1709-xxx (DDR2-667MHz), X60 63631 Tablet, X60 6363 Tablet, X60 6364 Tablet, X60 6365 Tablet, X60 6366 Tablet, X60 6367 Tablet, X60 6368 Tablet, X60s 1706-xxx (DDR2-667MHz), X61 7673-xxx, X61 7674-xxx, X61 7675-xxx, X61 7676-xxx, X61 7678-xxx, X61 7679-xxx, X61s 7666-xxx, X61s 7667-xxx, X61s 7668-xxx, X61s 7669-xxx, X61s 7670-xxx, X61s 7671-xxx, X61 Tablet 6363-xxx, X61 Tablet 6364-xxx, X61 Tablet 7762-xxx, X61 Tablet 7763-xxx, X61 Tablet 7764-xxx, X61 Tablet 7767-xxx, X61 Tablet 7768-xxx, X61 Tablet 7769-xxx, X100e (2876-xxx), X100e (3506), X100e (3507), X100e (3508-xxx), X300 2748 (32-bit), X300 2748 (64-bit), X300 2749-xxx (32-bit), X300 2749-xxx (64-bit), X300 6476 (32-bit), X300 6476 (64-bit), X300 6477 (32-bit), X300 6477 (64-bit), X300 6478-xxx (32-bit), X300 6478-xxx (64-bit), Y330 (32-bit), Y330 (64-bit), Y530 4051-2Ax (32-bit), Y530 4051-2Ax (64-bit), Y530 4051-2Bx (32-bit), Y530 4051-2Bx (64-bit), Y530 4051-4xx (32-bit), Y530 4051-4xx (64-bit), Z61e 0672-xxx, Z61e 0673-xxx, Z61m 0660-xxx, Z61p 0660, Z61p 0674-xxx, Z61p 9450-xxx, Z61p 9451-xxx, Z61p 9452-xxx, Z61p 9453-xxx, Z61t 8747-xxx, Z61t 8749-xxx, Z61t 0672-xxx, Z61t 0673-xxx.
  • 010708, 022708, 022908, 030708, 042208, 090308, 102108, 112008, 040309, 051109, 051909, 052509, 052809, 060409, 061209, 072409, 081109, 090409, 091109, 010810, 011510, 021210, 061810, 022811, 041212
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