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Hewlett Packard 530 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz) Memory

Maximum Memory 2GB
Memory Slots 2 (2 banks of 1)
non-removable base memory 0MB
Machine name: Hewlett Packard 530 Notebook
CPU options: 
- Intel Celeron M Processor 
- Intel Core Duo Processor
Chipset: Intel 940GML + 945GM Chipset 
Front Side Bus options:
Memory Speed options: PC2-4200 DDR2-533 200pin SDRAM SODIMM
Special notes: This series supports both DDR2-533 (KTH-ZD8000A) and DDR2-667 (KTH-ZD8000B) memory. 
-Mfgr's System P/N's: FH528AT; FH540AA; FH552AA; GH633AA; GH634AA; GH635AT; GH636AA; GH637AA; GH638AA; GH639AA; GH640AT; GH641AT; GJ269AA; GN790AA; -GN791AA; GN792AA; GN793AT; GN794AA; GN794AT; GN795AA; GN796AA; GN797AA; GN798AA; GN799AA; GN800AA; GN801AT; GN802AA; GN803AA; -GN804AT; GN805AA; GN805AT; GN806AA; GQ350AA; GT181AA; GU324AA; GU325AA; GU326AA; GU327AA; GU328AA; GU329AA; GU330AT;GU331AA; -GU332AA; GU333AA; GU334AA; GU335AA; GU336AA; GU337AT; GU338AA; GU339AA; KD084AT; KP479AA; KP483AA

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