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Hewlett Packard Business Notebook 6735s (32-bit) (DDR2-667MHz) Memory

Maximum Memory 4GB
Memory Slots 2 (2 banks of 1)
non-removable base memory 0MB
Machine name: Hewlett Packard Business Notebook 6735s (32-bit)
CPU options:
- AMD Turion X2 Ultra Mobile Processor
- AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core Mobile Processor
- AMD Mobile Sempron Processor
Chipset: AMD M780G Chipset
Front Side Bus options: 800MHz FSB
Memory Speed options: PC2-5300 DDR2-667 200pin SDRAM SODIMM
Special notes:
- Mfgr's System p/n's: AQ398US; AQ399US; AQ400US; AQ800US; AR190US; AR224US; AR278US; FQ802AA; FQ803AA; FQ804AA; FQ805AA; FQ806AA; FR063PA; FS390LA; FS391LA; FS392LA; FS621LA; FS622LA; FU309EA; FU309ET; FU310EA; FU331EA; FU360ES; FU368ES; FU371ES; FU372ES; FU373ES; FU374ES; FU428ES; FU449ES; FU475ES; FU485ES; FU494ES; FU501ES; FU515ES; FU518ES; FU519ES; FU542ES; FU553EA; FU554EA; FU555EA; FU556EA; FU557EA; FU600ES; FU601ES; FU602ES; FV306PA; FV315PA; FV316PA; FY702LA; GW694AV; KS043UT; KS044UT; KS088UT; KS115UT; KS116UA; KS117UT; KS118UT; KS119UA; KS120UT; KU218EA; KU219EA; KU219ET; KU220EA; KU220ET; KU221EA; KU221ET; KU222EA; KU223EA; KU224ET; KU446ET; KU449EA; NA737ES; NA738ES; NA761ES; NA777ES; NA812ES; NA816ES; NA821ES; NA822ES; NA848ES; NA849ES; NA853ES; NA884ES; NB581PA; NF624LA; NG802LA; NH320LA; NH321LA; NJ700LA; NJ845LA
- Modules Must be ordered and Installed in pairs for Dual channel mode.
- This system support both DDR2-667 and DDR2-800 SODIMMs. When mixing speeds, the memory will default to the slowest speed populated. Systems with AMD Sempron processors are limited to 4GB maximum.

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