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2GB IBM Compatible Memory ThinkCentre A52 DDR2-533 non-ECC DIMM (p/n 30R5123-MT)

2GB IBM Compatible Memory ThinkCentre A52 DDR2-533 non-ECC DIMM (p/n 30R5123-MT)

  • Brand:
  • Product Code:30R5123-MT_AMF
  • Availability:In Stock

Price: $19.98

2GB IBM Compatible Memory ThinkCentre A52 DDR2-533 non-ECC DIMM
  • Equivalent OEM part number: 30R5123, 73P4973, KTM3211/2G.
  • This module is manufactured by Gigaram.
  • Specifications:
    Size - 2GB
    Pins - 240 pins
    ECC - no
    Registered - no
    Form Factor - DIMM
  • This module can be run in Dual Channel mode.
  • The 30R5123-MT carries a MemoryTen lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with IBM Lenovo 3000 H100 5310-xxx, 3000 J110 7393-xxx (DDR2-533MHz), 3000 J110 7394, 3000 J115 7391-xxx (DDR2-533MHz), J110 7394-xxx (DDR2-533MHz), J110 7395-xxx (DDR2-533MHz), 3000 J110 7396, J110 7396-xxx (DDR2-533MHz), 3000 J110 7397, J110 7397-xxx (DDR2-533MHz), 3000 J110 7398, J110 7398-xxx (DDR2-533MHz), J115 7387-xxx (DDR2-533MHz), 3000 J115 7388 (DDR2-533MHz), J115 7388-xxx (DDR2-533MHz), 3000 J115 7389 (DDR2-533MHz), J115 7389-xxx (DDR2-533MHz), 3000 J115 7390 (DDR2-533MHz), J115 7390-xxx (DDR2-533MHz), J115 7391-xxx (DDR2-533MHz), 3000 J115 7392 (DDR2-533MHz), J115 7392-xxx (DDR2-533MHz), ThinkCentre A51 8105, A51 8105-24U, A51 8105-26U, A51 8105-35U, A51 8105-A3U, A51 8107, A51 8109, A51 8117, A51 8119, A51 8121, A52 8153 (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8154 (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8155 (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8157 (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8156 (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8158 (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8159 (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8160 (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8161 (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8162 (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8163 (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8164 (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8165 (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8166 (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8167 (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8168 (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8169 (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8170 (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8287 (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8287-47U (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8287-D6U (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8287-D3U (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8287-D5U (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8287-E2U (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8287-E3U (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8287-G1U (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8296-4AU (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8296-48U (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8297-xxx (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8298-xxx, A52 8326-xxx (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8329-xxx (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8341 (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8342-xxx (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8344 (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8380-xxx (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8382 (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8782-xxx (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8783-xxx (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8784-xxx (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8785-xxx (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8785-xxx (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8786-xxx (DDR2-533MHz), A52 8788-xxx (DDR2-533MHz), A53 8701 (DDR2-533MHz), A53 8702 (DDR2-533MHz), A53 8973 (DDR2-533MHz), A53 8980 (DDR2-533MHz), A53 8983 (DDR2-533MHz), A53 8992 (DDR2-533MHz), A53 8995 (DDR2-533MHz), A53 9276 (DDR2-533MHz), A53 9277 (DDR2-533MHz), A53 9286 (DDR2-533MHz), A53 9287 (DDR2-533MHz), A53 9378 (DDR2-533MHz), A53 9387 (DDR2-533MHz), A53 9628 (DDR2-533MHz), A53 9635 (DDR2-533MHz), A55 8705 (DDR2-533MHz), A55 8706 (DDR2-533MHz), A55 8972-xxx (DDR2-533MHz), A55 8975 (DDR2-533MHz), A55 8982 (DDR2-533MHz), A55 8985 (DDR2-533MHz), A55 8994 (DDR2-533MHz), A55 9265 (DDR2-533MHz), A55 9265-B75 (DDR2-533MHz), A60 8013 (DDR2-533), A55 9636 (DDR2-533MHz), A55 9640 (DDR2-533MHz), A55 9641 (DDR2-533MHz), A57 9702-B4U (DDR2-533MHz), A57 9702-B6U (DDR2-533MHz), A57 9702-B7U (DDR2-533MHz), A57 9702D1U (DDR2-533MHz), A57 9702D3U (DDR2-533MHz), A57 9702D9U (DDR2-533MHz), A57 9702DAU (DDR2-533MHz), A57 9704AKU (DDR2-533MHz), A57 9704ALU (DDR2-533MHz), A57 9704AMU (DDR2-533MHz), A57 9704ANU (DDR2-533MHz), A57 9851-A7U (DDR2-533MHz), A57 9851-BYU (DDR2-533MHz), A57 9851-C4U (DDR2-533MHz), A57 9851-CDU (DDR2-533MHz), A60 8700-xxx (DDR2-533), A60 8976 (DDR2-533), A60 8979-xxx (DDR2-533), A60 8986 (DDR2-533), A60 8991-35F (DDR2-533MHz), A60 8991-xxx (DDR2-533), A60 9266 (DDR2-533), A60 9269-xxx (DDR2-533), A60 9282 (DDR2-533), A60 9374 (DDR2-533), A60 9383 (DDR2-533), A60 9384-xxx (DDR2-533), A60 9631-35F (DDR2-533MHz), A60 9631-xxx (DDR2-533), A60 9646 (DDR2-533MHz), A60 9647 (DDR2-533MHz), A60 9694 (DDR2-533MHz), A60 9695 (DDR2-533MHz), A61 9120 (DDR2-533MHz), A61 9120-A7U (DDR2-533MHz), A61 9120-A9U (DDR2-533MHz), A61 9120-ABU (DDR2-533MHz), A61 9120-ACU (DDR2-533MHz), A61 9120-ADU (DDR2-533MHz), A61 9120-AGU (DDR2-533MHz), A61 9120-AHU (DDR2-533MHz), A61 9120-AJU (DDR2-533MHz), A61 9126 (DDR2-533MHz), A61 9129 (DDR2-533MHz), A61 9134 (DDR2-533MHz), A61 9134-ARU (DDR2-533MHz), A61 9135 (DDR2-533MHz), A61 9136 (DDR2-533MHz), A61 9137 (DDR2-533MHz), A61 9141 (DDR2-533MHz), A61 9142 (DDR2-533MHz), A61 9143 (DDR2-533MHz), A61 9143-W7B (DDR2-533MHz), A61 9144 (DDR2-533MHz), A61 9156 (DDR2-533MHz), A61 9157 (DDR2-533MHz), A61 9158 (DDR2-533MHz), A61 9159 (DDR2-533MHz), A61 9169 (DDR2-533MHz), A61 9171 (DDR2-533MHz), A61 9189 (DDR2-533MHz), A61 9191 (DDR2-533MHz), A62 7057 (DDR2-533MHz), A62 7057-A1F (DDR2-533MHz), A62 7057-A4G (DDR2-533MHz), A62 7061 (DDR2-533MHz), A62 7062 (DDR2-533MHz), A62 7090-99G (DDR2-533MHz), A62 7092-99G (DDR2-533MHz), A62 9342-D3V (DDR2-533MHz), A62 9421-A12 (DDR2-533MHz), A62 9485-A1U (DDR2-533MHz), A62 9486-A1U (DDR2-533MHz), A62 9486-A2U (DDR2-533MHz), E50 8192, E50 8193-xxx, E50 8291, E50 8292, E50 8293, E50 8294, E50 8295, M51 8104 (DDR2-533MHz), M51 8106 (DDR2-533MHz), M51 8108 (DDR2-533MHz), M51 8118 (DDR2-533MHz), M51 8120 (DDR2-533MHz), M52 8099 (DDR2-533MHz), M52 8116 (DDR2-533MHz), M52 8215 (DDR2-533MHz) (M52 8215-29U, M52 8215-35U, M52 8215-A1U, M52 8215-D7U, M52 8215-DDU, M52 8215-E9U, M52 8215-EHU, M52 8215-H4U, M52 8215-H6U, M52 8215-J3U, M52 8215-K3U, M52 8215-K4U), M52 8216 (DDR2-533MHz), M52 9210 (DDR2-533MHz), M52 9211 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 6486 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 6487 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 6487 (8012-xxx) (DDR2-533MHz), M55 6488 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 6489 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 8009 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 8010 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 8011 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 8012 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 8791 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 8792 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 8793 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 8794 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 8795 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 8796 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 8797 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 8798 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 8799 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 8800 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 8801 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 8802 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 8803 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 8804 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 8805 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 8806 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 8807 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 8808 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 8810 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 8810-D54 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 8810-W3X (DDR2-533MHz), M55 8810-WFH (DDR2-533MHz), M55 8810-WL3 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 8811 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 8811-WBT (DDR2-533MHz), M55 8811-WG2 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 8811-Y23 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 8812 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 8813 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 8814 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 8816 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 9166 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 9167 (DDR2-533MHz), M55 9168 (DDR2-533MHz), M55e 6490 (DDR2-533MHz), M55e 6491 (DDR2-533MHz), M55e 9278 (DDR2-533MHz), M55e 9279 (DDR2-533MHz), M55e 9288 (DDR2-533MHz), M55E 9300 (DDR2-533MHz), M55E 9301 (DDR2-533MHz), M55e 9379 (DDR2-533MHz), M55e 9380 (DDR2-533MHz), M55e 9389 (DDR2-533MHz), M55e 9632 (DDR2-533MHz), M55e 9632-W3N (DDR2-533MHz), M55e 9632-W4E (DDR2-533MHz), M55e 9632-WLC (DDR2-533MHz), M55e 9632-WWM (DDR2-533MHz), M55e 9637 (DDR2-533MHz), M55e 9637-WNZ (DDR2-533MHz), M55E 9642 (DDR2-533MHz), M55E 9644 (DDR2-533MHz), M55E 9645 (DDR2-533MHz), M55e 9648 (DDR2-533MHz), M55e 9649 (DDR2-533MHz), M55p 8792 (DDR2-533MHz), M55p 8796 (DDR2-533MHz), M55p 8798 (DDR2-533MHz), M55p 8800 (DDR2-533MHz), M55p 8802 (DDR2-533MHz), M55p 8804 (DDR2-533MHz), M55p 8806 (DDR2-533MHz), M55p 8808 (DDR2-533MHz), M55p 8811 (DDR2-533MHz), M55p 8811-DLF (DDR2-533MHz), M55p 8811-DMF (DDR2-533MHz), M55p 8811-VAJ (DDR2-533MHz), M55p 8813-xxx (DDR2-533MHz), M55p 8816-xxx (DDR2-533MHz), M57e 6179B1U (DDR2-533MHz), M57e 6179B2U (DDR2-533MHz), M57e 6179B3U (DDR2-533MHz), M57e 6179B4U (DDR2-533MHz), M57p 9088-AWU (DDR2-533MHz), M57p 9088-BGU (DDR2-533MHz), M57p 9088-BWU (DDR2-533MHz), M57p 9088-W1W (DDR2-533MHz).
  • 022809, 081016
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