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256MB Abit 240-pin PC2-5300 DDR2-667 non-ECC DIMM (p/n ABIT-BLS)

256MB Abit 240-pin PC2-5300 DDR2-667 non-ECC DIMM (p/n ABIT-BLS)

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  • Product Code:ABIT-BLS_BWLBLS
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Price: $3.98

256MB Abit 240-pin PC2-5300 DDR2-667 non-ECC DIMM
  • This module is manufactured by Micron, Samsung, Qimonda, TwinMOS, Adata or Kingston depending on availability. This module is in stock and can ship today. We guaranty this module will work in your system.
  • 256MB 240-pin PC2-5300 DDR2-667 non-ECC 1.8V DIMM
  • The ABIT-BLS carries a MemoryTen lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with Compatible with ABIT AB9 Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), AB9 Pro Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), AB9 QUADGT Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), AB9 WI-FI Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), AL8 Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), AL8-3rd Eye II Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), AL8-V Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), AN-M2 Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz) (Non-ECC), AN-M2 NVIEW Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz) (non-ECC), AN9 32X (DDR2-667MHz) (non-ECC), AN9 32XF Motherboard (non-ECC) (DDR2-667MHz), AN52 Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz) (non-ECC), AN52S Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz) (Non-ECC), AN52V Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz) (non-ECC), AN68SV Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz) (non-ECC), AN68SD Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), AN78GS Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz) (non-ECC), AN78GV Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz) (non-ECC), A-N78HD Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz) (non-ECC), A-S78H Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz) (non-ECC), AW8 Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), AW8D Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz, AW8-Max Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), AW8D-Max Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), AW9D Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), AW9D-MAX Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), AX78 Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), Fatal1ty-AA8XE Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), Fatal1ty AN9 32X Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz) (non-ECC), Fatal1ty F-I90HD Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), Fatal1ty FP-IN9 SLI Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), I-45C Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), I-45CV Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), I45D Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), IB9 Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), IL8 (PC2-5300) Motherboard, IL9 Pro Motherboard, IL-90MV Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), I-N73H (DDR2-677MHz), I-N73HD (DDR2-677MHz), IP35 Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), IP35-E Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), IP35 Pro Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), IP35 Pro XE Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), IP35V Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), IP43 Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), I-S71 Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), IX38 QuadGT Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), IX48 GT3 (DDR2-667MHz), LG-80 Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), LG-81 Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), LG-95 Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), LG-95C Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), LG-95Z Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), LP-80 Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), LP-81 Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), NF-M2 nView Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz) (non-ECC), NF-M2P Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz) (non-ECC), NF-M2PV Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz) (non-ECC), NF-M2S Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz) (non-ECC), ABIT NF-M2SV (non-ECC) Motherboard (667), NI8 SLI Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), NI8-SLI GR Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), P5MT-S (DDR2-667MHz) (non-ECC), SG-95 Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz).
  • 010808, 052714
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