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1TB Acer HDD 7200RPM SATAII (p/n ACER-1TBSATA30035)

1TB Acer HDD 7200RPM SATAII (p/n ACER-1TBSATA30035)

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  • Product Code:ACER-1TBSATA30035_HDG
  • Availability:In Stock

Price: $49.98


  • ACER-1TBSATA30035
  • This hard disk drive is new and may be manufactured by Western Digital, Hitachi, Toshiba, Samsung, Seagate or Fujitsu. This HDD is in stock and can ship today.
  • 1TB SATAII 7200RPM 3.5in x 1in 15p 3.0Gb/s Hard Disk Drive.
  • What is a TB or Terabyte? A terabyte (derived from the prefix tera- and commonly abbreviated TB) is a measurement term for data storage capacity. The value of a terabyte is based upon a decimal radix (base 10) and is defined as one trillion (short scale) bytes, or 1000 gigabytes. In other words if you had two 500GB drives it would equal 1 Terabyte. What does this do for me? It gives you a whole lot of space for music, photos, movies and more.
  • The ACER-1TBSATA30035 carries a MemoryTen lifetime exchange or repair guaranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for credit.
  • Compatible with Acer Aspire ASL310-ED630M (DDR2-533MHz), ASL310-ED630M (DDR2-667MHz), Aspire E670, 3022WTMi (DDR2-533MHz), 3022WTMi (DDR2-667MHz, 5522P, 5640 (DDR2-533MHz), 5640 (DDR2-667MHz), 5640 (DDR2-800MHz), 8000, 8100 XP, 8200, A9324, All-in-One Z3731, AM1100-B1410A (DDR2-533MHz), AM1100-B1410A (DDR2-667MHz), AM1100-B1410A (DDR2-800MHz), AM1100-U1302A (DDR2-533MHz), AM1100-U1302A (DDR2-667MHz), AM1100-U1302A (DDR2-800MHz), AM1100-U1402A (DDR2-533MHz), AM1100-U1402A (DDR2-667MHz), AM1100-U1402A (DDR2-800MHz), AM1100-UD4000A (DDR2-533MHz), AM1100-UD4000A (DDR2-667MHz), AM1100-UD4000A (DDR2-800MHz), AM1200-SD4401A (DDR2-533MHz), AM1200-SD4401A (DDR2-667MHz), AM1200-SD4401A (DDR2-800MHz), AM1200-SS1251A (DDR2-533MHz), AM1200-SS1251A (DDR2-667MHz), AM1200-SS1251A (DDR2-800MHz), AM1201-B1531A (DDR2-533MHz), AM1201-B1531A (DDR2-667MHz), AM1201-B1531A (DDR2-800MHz), AM1201-ED5000A (DDR2-533MHz), AM1201-ED5000A (DDR2-667MHz), AM1201-ED5000A (DDR2-800MHz), AM1610-ED2180A (DDR2-533MHz), AM1610-ED2180A (DDR2-667MHz), AM1610-SD4500A (DDR2-533MHz), AM1610-SD4500A (DDR2-667MHz), AM1610-U1201A (DDR2-533MHz), AM1610-U1201A (DDR2-667MHz), AM1620-B1209A (DDR2-533MHz), AM1620-B1209A (DDR2-667MHz), AM1640-ED2160A (DDR2-533MHz), AM1640-ED2160A (DDR2-667MHz), AM1640-SD4500A (DDR2-533MHz), AM1640-SD4500A (DDR2-667MHz), AM1640-U1401A (DDR2-533MHz), AM1640-U1401A (DDR2-667MHz), AM1641-B1680A (DDR2-533MHz), AM1641-B1680A (DDR2-667MHz), AM1641-U1521A (DDR2-533MHz), AM1641-U1521A (DDR2-667MHz), AM3100-U3300A (DDR2-533MHz), AM3100-U3300A (DDR2-667MHz), AM3100-U3300A (DDR2-800MHz), AM3100-U3401A (DDR2-533MHz), AM3100-U3401A (DDR2-667MHz), AM3100-U3401A (DDR2-800MHz), AM3100-UD5200A (DDR2-533MHz), AM3100-UD5200A (DDR2-667MHz), AM3100-UD5200A (DDR2-800MHz), AM3200-ED6000A (DDR2-533MHz), AM3200-ED6000A (DDR2-667MHz), AM3200-ED6000A (DDR2-800MHz), AM3201-ED5400A (DDR2-533MHz), AM3201-ED5400A (DDR2-667MHz), AM3201-ED5400A (DDR2-800MHz), AM3201-EF8650A (DDR2-533MHz), AM3201-EF8650A (DDR2-667MHz), AM3201-EF8650A (DDR2-800MHz), AM3201-U3791A (DDR2-533MHz), AM3201-U3791A (DDR2-667MHz), AM3201-U3791A (DDR2-800MHz), AM3202-xxx (DDR2-667MHz), AM3202-xxx (DDR2-800MHz), AM3203-xxx (DDR2-667MHz), AM3203-xxx (DDR2-800MHz), AM3400-U2502, AM3641-BE4700A (DDR2-533MHz), AM3641-BE4700A (DDR2-667MHz), AM3641-U3702A (DDR2-533MHz), AM3641-U3702A (DDR2-667MHz), AM3641-U3702A (DDR2-800MHz), AM3800-xxxxx, AM3802-U9062, AM3900G-U3802, AM3900-U3042, AM5100-EF9500A (DDR2-533MHz), AM5100-EF9500A (DDR2-667MHz), AM5100-EF9500A (DDR2-800MHz), AM5100-U5300A (DDR2-533MHz), AM5100-U5300A (DDR2-667MHz), AM5100-U5300A (DDR2-800MHz), AM5100-U5301A (DDR2-533MHz), AM5100-U5301A (DDR2-667MHz), AM5100-U5301A (DDR2-800MHz), AM5100-U5302A (DDR2-533MHz), AM5100-U5302A (DDR2-667MHz), AM5100-U5302A (DDR2-800MHz), AM5100-U5402A (DDR2-533MHz), AM5100-U5402A (DDR2-667MHz), AM5100-U5402A (DDR2-800MHz), AM5201-EF8400A (DDR2-533MHz), AM5201-EF8400A (DDR2-667MHz), AM5201-EF8400A (DDR2-800MHz), AM5621-U5631A (DDR2-533MHz), AM5621-U5631A (DDR2-667MHz), AM5621-U5631A (DDR2-800MHz), AM5630-E1206A (DDR2-533MHz), AM5630-E1206A (DDR2-667MHz), AM5640-U5401A (DDR2-533MHz), AM5640-U5401A (DDR2-667MHz), AM5641-B5540A (DDR2-533MHz), AM5641-B5540A (DDR2-667MHz), AM5800-xxxxx, ASM5201 (DDR2-533MHz), ASM5201 (DDR2-667MHz), ASM5201 (DDR2-800MHz), AX3400-U3032, AX3810-B3801A, AX3910-U4022, AX3950-B3062, AX3950-U3022, AX3960-U4102, az5600-u1352, AZ5610-U9072, AZ5610-xxx (DDR2-667MHz), AZ5610-xxx (DDR2-800MHz), ASE360-U-A3501, ASE360-U-A3503, ASE360-U-A3701, ASE360-U-D3801, ASE380-ED401A, ASE380-ED421M, ASE380-ED422A, ASE380-ED500U, ASE380-ED522M, ASE380-UD500A, ASM1641 (DDR2-533MHz), ASM1641 (DDR2-667MHz), ASM3201 (DDR2-533MHz), ASM3201 (DDR2-667MHz), ASM3201 (DDR2-800MHz), ASM5200 (DDR2-533MHz), ASM5200 (DDR2-667MHz), ASM5200 (DDR2-800MHz), AST160-U-A3400, AST160-US322H, AST180-EA352B, AST180-EA381M, AST180-ED381A (DDR2-533MHz), AST180-ED381A (DDR2-667MHz), AST180-ED381A (DDR2-800MHz), AST180-ES322B (DDR2-533MHz), AST180-ES322B (DDR2-667MHz), AST180-ES322B (DDR2-800MHz), AST180-ES340M, AST180-SS320M (DDR2-533MHz), AST180-SS320M (DDR2-667MHz), AST180-SS320M (DDR2-800MHz), AST180-UA350B (DDR2-533MHz), AST180-UA350B (DDR2-667MHz), AST180-UA350B (DDR2-800MHz), AST180-UA380A (DDR2-533MHz), AST180-UA380A (DDR2-667MHz), AST180-UA380A (DDR2-800MHz), AST180-UD381A (DDR2-533MHz), AST180-UD381A (DDR2-667MHz), AST180-UD381A (DDR2-800MHz), AST180-US340B (DDR2-533MHz), AST180-US340B (DDR2-667MHz), AST180-US340B (DDR2-800MHz), AST660-SC352B (DDR2-533MHz), AST660-SC352B (DDR2-667MHz), AST660-SP820M (DDR2-533MHz), AST660-SP820M (DDR2-667MHz), E300, E350, E351, E360, E360-9NB73, E360-9PB7S, E380, E380-UD500A, E500 (DDR2-533MHz), E500 (DDR2-667MHz), E500 Series, E500A, E560 (DDR2-533MHz), E560 (DDR2-667MHz), E571 (DDR2-533MHz), E571 (DDR2-667MHz), E571 (DDR2-800MHz), E600 (DDR2-400MHz), E600 (DDR2-533MHz), E600 (DDR2-667MHz), E650 (DDR2-533MHz), E650 (DDR2-667MHz), E700 (DDR2-533MHz), E700 (DDR2-667MHz), E700 (DDR2-800MHz), EasyStore H340, EL, ELD, G500, G505, G510, G5900 (AG5900-xxx), G600, G600HC, G600LX, G600MC, G600p Series, G7700 (DDR2-1066MHz), G7700 (DDR2-800MHz), G7700 2GPU (DDR2-533MHz), G7700 2GPU (DDR2-667MHz), G7700 2GPU (DDR2-800MHz), G7700-494X (DDR2-533MHz), G7700-494X (DDR2-667MHz), G7700-494X (DDR2-800MHz), L200, L200 Media Center Desktop, L300 (DDR2-400MHz), L300 (DDR2-533MHz), L300 (DDR2-667MHz), L5100 (DDR2-667MHz), L5100 (DDR2-800MHz), L600 (DDR2-533MHz), L600 (DDR2-667MHz), M3 AM3400-B4052, M3 AM3410-UR21P, M3 AM3410-UR22P, M3 AM3900-U4002, M3 AM3910-U4122, M3 AM3970-U5022, M500p Series, M1100 (DDR2-533MHz), M1100 (DDR2-667MHz), M1100 (DDR2-800MHz), M1100-U1402A, M1200 (DDR2-1066MHz), M1200 (DDR2-667MHz), M1200 (DDR2-800MHz), M1201 Desktop, M1201-IM7Z (DDR2-533MHz), M1201-IM7Z (DDR2-667MHz), M1201-IM7Z (DDR2-800MHz), M1202 (AM1202-xxxxxx) (DDR2-667MHz), M1202 (AM1202-xxxxxx) (DDR2-800MHz), M1600 (DDR2-533MHz), M1600 (DDR2-667MHz), M1610, M1610-DM7E (DDR2-533MHz), M1610-DM7E (DDR2-667MHz), M1610-ZE71 (DDR2-533MHz), M1610-ZE71 (DDR2-667MHz), M1640 (DDR2-533MHz), M1640 (DDR2-667MHz), M1641 (DDR2-533MHz), M1641 (DDR2-667MHz), M1641-218Y (DDR2-533MHz), M1641-218Y (DDR2-667MHz), M1641-220Y (DDR2-533MHz), M1641-220Y (DDR2-667MHz), M1641-222Y (DDR2-533MHz), M1641-222Y (DDR2-667MHz), M1641-252Y (DDR2-533MHz), M1641-252Y (DDR2-667MHz), M1641-272Y (DDR2-533MHz), M1641-272Y (DDR2-667MHz), M1641-4M7Z (DDR2-533MHz), M1641-4M7Z (DDR2-667MHz), M1800, M1900, M3100 (DDR2-533MHz), M3100 (DDR2-667MHz), M3100 (DDR2-800MHz), M3200 (DDR2-1066MHz), M3200 (DDR2-667MHz), M3200 (DDR2-800MHz), M3201 (DDR2-667MHz), M3201 (DDR2-800MHz), M3201-ED5400A, M3202-B3800A, M3203 (DDR2-667MHz), M3203 (DDR2-800MHz), M3300, M3300 (M3300-xxx), M3400, M3400 (AM3400-xxx), M3410 (AM3410-xxx), M3600 (DDR2-533MHz), M3600 (DDR2-667MHz), M3610 (DDR2-533MHz), M3610 (DDR2-667MHz), M3610 (DDR2-800MHz), M3621 (DDR2-667MHz), M3621 (DDR2-800MHz), M3630 Desktop, M3640 (DDR2-533MHz), M3640 (DDR2-667MHz), M3640 (DDR2-800MHz), M3641 Desktop, M3710 (AM3710-xxxxx), M3800-U3802A, M3802 Series AM3802-xxx, M3870 (DDR3-1066MHz), M3870 (DDR3-1333MHz), M3870 Desktop, M3900 (AM3900-xxx), M3910, M3920 (AM3920-xxx), M3970 (AM3970-xxx), M5100 (DDR2-533MHz), M5100 (DDR2-667MHz), M5100 (DDR2-800MHz), M5100-Gamer (DDR2-533MHz), M5100-Gamer (DDR2-667MHz), M5100-Gamer (DDR2-800MHz), M5200 (DDR2-1066MHz), M5200 (DDR2-667MHz), M5200 (DDR2-800MHz), M5201 Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), M5201 (DDR2-800MHz), M5400 (DDR3-1066MHz), M5400 (DDR3-1333MHz), M5600 (DDR2-533MHz), M5600 (DDR2-667MHz), M5610 (DDR2-533MHz), M5610 (DDR2-667MHz), M5610 (DDR2-800MHz), M5620 (DDR2-667MHz), M5620 (DDR2-800MHz), M5621 (DDR2-667MHz), M5621 (DDR2-800MHz), M5630 Desktop, M5640 (Blu-Ray) (DDR2-533MHz), M5640 (Blu-Ray) (DDR2-667MHz), M5640 (DDR2-533MHz), M5640 (DDR2-667MHz), M5640 (DDR2-800MHz), M5640-PG3 (DDR2-533MHz), M5640-PG3 (DDR2-667MHz), M5641 Desktop, M5641-284X (DDR2-533MHz), M5641-284X (DDR2-667MHz), M5641-467X (DDR2-533MHz), M5641-467X (DDR2-667MHz), M5641-482X (DDR2-533MHz), M5641-482X (DDR2-667MHz), M5641-493X (DDR2-533MHz), M5641-493X (DDR2-667MHz), M5700 (AM5700-xxxxxxx), M5700-E5801A, M5711, M5800-U5802A, M5810, M5811, M5910, M5910 (AM5910-xxx), M7200, M7711, M7720, M7721, M7810, M7811 (AM7811-xxx), Predator AG3600-U4082u, Predator AG3610-UR20P, Predator AG5900-U3092, Predator AG7750-UR22P, Predator G5910 (AG5910-xxx), Predator G7200, Predator G7700 (DDR2-1066MHz), Predator G7700 (DDR2-800MHz), Predator G7700-UQ9300A, Predator G7700-UQ9550A, Predator G7710 (AG7710-xxxxxx), Predator G7710-U7790A, Predator G7750 Crusader II (DDR3-1066MHz), Predator G7750 Crusader II (DDR3-1333MHz), Predator G7750 Destroyer II (DDR3-1066MHz), Predator G7750 Destroyer II (DDR3-1333MHz), Predator G7750 Trooper II (DDR3-1066MHz), Predator G7750 Trooper II (DDR3-1333MHz), Predator GT7700, RC500 Series, RC500-26HBRT, RC511, RC550, RC900 Series, RC900-26BFT, RC901, RC902, RC903, RC911, RC950, SA10, SA20, SA60, SA80, SA85, SA90, T160, T180, T180-SS320M (DDR2-533MHz), T180-SS320M (DDR2-667MHz), T180-SS320M (DDR2-800MHz), T180-UA380A (DDR2-533MHz), T180-UA380A (DDR2-667MHz), T180-UA380A (DDR2-800MHz), T180-UD381A (DDR2-533MHz), T180-UD381A (DDR2-667MHz), T180-UD381A (DDR2-800MHz), T180-US340B (DDR2-533MHz), T180-US340B (DDR2-667MHz), T180-US340B (DDR2-800MHz), T300 Series, T310, T320, T325, T330, T350, T5053, T5063, T600, T620, T630, T650 (DDR2-400MHz), T650 (DDR2-533MHz), T660, T660-SC352B (DDR2-533MHz), T660-SC352B (DDR2-667MHz), T660-SP820M (DDR2-533MHz), T660-SP820M (DDR2-667MHz), T670, T671, T680 (DDR2-400MHz), T680 (DDR2-533MHz), T690, T690-SD430A (DDR2-533MHz), T690-SD430A (DDR2-667MHz), T690-SP915B (DDR2-533MHz), T690-SP915B (DDR2-667MHz), T690-UD430A (DDR2-533MHz), T690-UD430A (DDR2-667MHz), T690-UP820A (DDR2-533MHz), T690-UP820A (DDR2-667MHz), Veriton M4610, X680G, X1200 (AX1200-xxxxxxx) (DDR2-533MHz), X1200 (AX1200-xxxxxxx) (DDR2-667MHz), X1200 (AX1200-xxxxxxx) (DDR2-800MHz), X1200-BE5000A, X1300 (AX1300-xxx) (DDR2-667MHz), X1300 (AX1300-xxx) (DDR2-800MHz), X1300-U1801A (DDR2-667MHz), X1300-U1801A (DDR2-800MHz), X1301 (AX1301-xxx) (DDR2-667MHz), X1301 (AX1301-xxx) (DDR2-800MHz), X1301-U9032, X1301-U9052, X1420G (AX1420G-xxx), X1430G (AX1430G-xxx), X1700 (DDR2-667MHz), X1700 (DDR2-800MHz), X1700-U3700A, X1800, X1800-U9002, X1800-xxxxxx (DDR2-667MHz), X1800-xxxxxx (DDR2-800MHz), X1900, X3100 (DDR2-667MHz), X3100 (DDR2-800MHz, X3200 (DDR2-533MHz), X3200 (DDR2-667MHz), X3200 Desktop (DDR2-800MHz), X3200-ED5600A, X3300, X3400, X3400 (AX3400-xxx), X3600 (DDR2-667MHz), X3600 (DDR2-800MHz), X3810 (AX3810-xxxxx), X3810G, X3812, X3900, X3910, X3910 (AX3910-xxx), X3950, X3950 (AX3950-xxx), X4610G, X5810, X5810G, X5900710.
  • 070511, 022615
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