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ALR has merged into Gateway. Please check the Gateway section for more ALR memory.

BusinessSTATION Series
BusinessSTATION 386/33BusinessSTATION 386/33 
BusinessSTATION 486/25BusinessSTATION 486/25 
BusinessSTATION 486/33BusinessSTATION 486/33 
BusinessSTATION 486/50BusinessSTATION 486/50 
BusinessSTATION 486ASXBusinessSTATION 486ASX 
BusinessVEISA Series
BusinessVEISA 386/33BusinessVEISA 386/33 
BusinessVEISA 450BusinessVEISA 450 
BusinessVEISA 466BusinessVEISA 466 
BusinessVEISA 486/25BusinessVEISA 486/25 
BusinessVEISA 486/33BusinessVEISA 486/33 
BusinessVEISA 486ASXBusinessVEISA 486ASX 
BusinessVEISA Array 486/50BusinessVEISA Array 486/50 
Evolution Series
Evolution 4/100 EISAEvolution 4/100 EISA 
Evolution 6Evolution 6 
Evolution 4000Evolution 4000 
Evolution 4166X-SLEvolution 4166X-SL 
Evolution 4200X-SLEvolution 4200X-SL 
Evolution 4233X-SLEvolution 4233X-SL 
Evolution 5000Evolution 5000 
Evolution 5166X-DTEvolution 5166X-DT 
Evolution 5200X-DTEvolution 5200X-DT 
Evolution 5233X-DTEvolution 5233X-DT 
Evolution 6000Evolution 6000 
Evolution 6233-DTEvolution 6233-DT 
Evolution 6266-DTEvolution 6266-DT 
Evolution 6300-DTEvolution 6300-DT 
Evolution 5DT 100Evolution 5DT 100 
Evolution 5DT 133Evolution 5DT 133 
Evolution 5DT 150Evolution 5DT 150 
Evolution 5DT 166Evolution 5DT 166 
Evolution 5DT 200Evolution 5DT 200 
Evolution 6000 DTEvolution 6000 DT 
Evolution 5ST 75Evolution 5ST 75 
Evolution 5ST 90Evolution 5ST 90 
Evolution 5ST 100Evolution 5ST 100 
Evolution 5ST 120Evolution 5ST 120 
Evolution 5ST 133Evolution 5ST 133 
Evolution 5ST 150Evolution 5ST 150 
Evolution 5ST 166Evolution 5ST 166 
Evolution 5ST 200Evolution 5ST 200 
Evolution Dual6Evolution Dual6 
Evolution Dual6 DTEvolution Dual6 DT 
Evolution Dual6 STEvolution Dual6 ST 
Evolution IV 4/33Evolution IV 4/33 
Evolution IV 4/33sEvolution IV 4/33s 
Evolution IV 4/50DEvolution IV 4/50D 
Evolution IV 4/66DEvolution IV 4/66D 
Evolution IV 4E/33 EISAEvolution IV 4E/33 EISA 
Evolution IV 4E/33s EISAEvolution IV 4E/33s EISA 
Evolution IV 4E/50D EISAEvolution IV 4E/50D EISA 
Evolution IV 4E/66D EISAEvolution IV 4E/66D EISA 
Evolution IV 4E/100 EISAEvolution IV 4E/100 EISA 
Evolution IV ISAEvolution IV ISA 
Evolution IV ST 4/66DEvolution IV ST 4/66D 
Evolution LT2000Evolution LT2000 
Evolution LT9000Evolution LT9000 
Evolution Optima2 DT 6233Evolution Optima2 DT 6233 
Evolution Optima2 DT 6266XEvolution Optima2 DT 6266X 
Evolution VEvolution V 
Evolution V/60Evolution V/60 
Evolution V DTEvolution V DT 
Evolution V-QEvolution V-Q 
Evolution V QTEvolution V QT 
Evolution V STEvolution V ST 
Evolution V ST/90Evolution V ST/90 
Evolution V ST/90 NTEvolution V ST/90 NT 
Evolution V STeEvolution V STe 
Evolution X 75Evolution X 75 
Evolution X 90Evolution X 90 
Evolution X 100Evolution X 100 
Flyer Series
Flyer 32Flyer 32 
Flyer 32DT 4DX/33Flyer 32DT 4DX/33 
Flyer 32DT 4DX2/50Flyer 32DT 4DX2/50 
Flyer 32DT 4DX2/66Flyer 32DT 4DX2/66 
Flyer 32DT 4SX/25Flyer 32DT 4SX/25 
Flyer 32LCT 4SX/25Flyer 32LCT 4SX/25 
Flyer RS170 425sFlyer RS170 425s 
Flyer RS170 433Flyer RS170 433 
Flyer RS170 450dFlyer RS170 450d 
Flyer RS170 466dFlyer RS170 466d 
Flyer SCFlyer SC 
Flyer SD+Flyer SD+ 
Flyer VL 4DX2/66Flyer VL 4DX2/66 
Modular Processor Systems Series
Modular Processor Systems (MPS) 386/33Modular Processor Systems (MPS) 386/33 
Modular Processor Systems (MPS) 486/25Modular Processor Systems (MPS) 486/25 
Modular Processor Systems (MPS) 486/33Modular Processor Systems (MPS) 486/33 
Modular Processor Systems (MPS) 486ASXModular Processor Systems (MPS) 486ASX 
NS-7000, 8000, 9000 Series
NS-7000 NS-7000  
NS-7000 200LSNS-7000 200LS 
NS-7000 200SENS-7000 200SE 
NS-7000 233NS-7000 233 
NS-7000 266NS-7000 266 
NS-7000 300NS-7000 300 
NS-7000 333NS-7000 333 
NS-8000 200LSNS-8000 200LS 
NS-8000 200SENS-8000 200SE 
NS-8000 233NS-8000 233 
NS-8000 300NS-8000 300 
NS-8000 333NS-8000 333 
NS-9000 200LSNS-9000 200LS 
NS-9000 200XLNS-9000 200XL 
Optima Series
Optima DT 5100 Optima DT 5100  
Optima DT 5133 Optima DT 5133  
Optima DT 5150 Optima DT 5150  
Optima DT MMXOptima DT MMX 
Optima MT 5100Optima MT 5100 
Optima MT 5133Optima MT 5133 
Optima MT 5150 Optima MT 5150  
Optima Pro DT 6180Optima Pro DT 6180 
Optima Pro MT 6180Optima Pro MT 6180 
Optima Pro MT 6200Optima Pro MT 6200 
Optima SL 575Optima SL 575 
Optima SL 590Optima SL 590 
Optima SL 5100 Optima SL 5100  
Optima DT 5166Optima DT 5166 
Optima DT 5166XOptima DT 5166X 
Optima DT 5200XOptima DT 5200X 
Optima DT 5233XOptima DT 5233X 
Optima MT 5166Optima MT 5166 
Optima MT 5200Optima MT 5200 
Optima MT 5166XOptima MT 5166X 
Optima MT 5200XOptima MT 5200X 
Optima SL 5166XOptima SL 5166X 
Optima SL 5133Optima SL 5133 
PowerPro Series
PowerPro Array SMP 512 486/33PowerPro Array SMP 512 486/33 
PowerPro Array SMP 512 486/50PowerPro Array SMP 512 486/50 
PowerPro Array VM 486/50PowerPro Array VM 486/50 
PowerPro DMP 256 486/33PowerPro DMP 256 486/33 
PowerPro SMP 128 486/33 PowerPro SMP 128 486/33  
PowerPro VM 386/33PowerPro VM 386/33 
PowerPro VM 486/25PowerPro VM 486/25 
PowerPro VM 486/33 PowerPro VM 486/33  
PowerPro VM 486ASX/20 PowerPro VM 486ASX/20  
PowerPro/FT VM 386/33PowerPro/FT VM 386/33 
PowerPro/FT VM 486/33PowerPro/FT VM 486/33 
PowerPro/FT VM 486/50 PowerPro/FT VM 486/50  
PowerPro/FT VM 486ASX/25PowerPro/FT VM 486ASX/25 
PowerPro/MC VM 486/33PowerPro/MC VM 486/33 
PowerPro/MC VM 486/50 PowerPro/MC VM 486/50  
Revolution Series
Revolution 2X 233/512Revolution 2X 233/512 
Revolution 2X 1ERevolution 2X 1E 
Revolution 2X H300Revolution 2X H300 
Revolution 2XL 233/512Revolution 2XL 233/512 
Revolution 2XL 1ERevolution 2XL 1E 
Revolution 2XL H300Revolution 2XL H300 
Revolution 6X6 (DIMM)Revolution 6X6 (DIMM) 
Revolution 6X6 (SIMM)Revolution 6X6 (SIMM) 
Revolution 6XL DIMMRevolution 6XL DIMM 
Revolution Dual 6Revolution Dual 6 
Revolution MP 4/66dRevolution MP 4/66d 
Revolution MP 4/66d NTRevolution MP 4/66d NT 
Revolution MP 4/100Revolution MP 4/100 
Revolution MP 4/100 NTRevolution MP 4/100 NT 
Revolution MP IIRevolution MP II 
Revolution MP II PlusRevolution MP II Plus 
Revolution MP P/60Revolution MP P/60 
Revolution MP P/60 NTRevolution MP P/60 NT 
Revolution MP P/66Revolution MP P/66 
Revolution MP P/66 NT Revolution MP P/66 NT  
Revolution MP P/90Revolution MP P/90 
Revolution MP P/90 NTRevolution MP P/90 NT 
Revolution MP P/100Revolution MP P/100 
Revolution MP P/100 NTRevolution MP P/100 NT 
Revolution MP P/133Revolution MP P/133 
Revolution MP P/166Revolution MP P/166 
Revolution MP Pro 6200Revolution MP Pro 6200 
Revolution Q-SMP 735/90Revolution Q-SMP 735/90 
Revolution Q-SMP 815/100Revolution Q-SMP 815/100 
Revolution Q-SMP (5100-5166)Revolution Q-SMP (5100-5166) 
Revolution QUAD6Revolution QUAD6 
Other Series
Express XP2Express XP2 
PowerFlex SXPowerFlex SX 
VEISA Card KAL 7480 (12407480)VEISA Card KAL 7480 (12407480) 
Workstation E-5200Workstation E-5200 
9400 Server9400 Server 
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