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256MB ASRock 240-pin PC2-5300 DDR2-667 non-ECC DIMM (p/n ASRK-BLS)

256MB ASRock 240-pin PC2-5300 DDR2-667 non-ECC DIMM (p/n ASRK-BLS)

  • Brand:
  • Product Code:ASRK-BLS_BWLBLS
  • Availability:In Stock

Price: $3.98

256MB ASRock 240-pin PC2-5300 DDR2-667 non-ECC DIMM
  • Compatible with ASRK-BLS.
  • This module may be manufactured by Micron, Samsung, Infineon, Hynix or Gigaram.
  • Specifications:
    Size - 256MB
    Pins - 240 pins
    ECC - no
    Registered - no
    Form Factor - DIMM
    3LC - BWL/BLS
  • The ASRK-BLS carries a MemoryTen lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with ASRock 2Core1066-2.13G Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), 2Core1333-2.66G Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), 2Core1333DVI-2.66G Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), 775Dual-880Pro (DDR2-667MHz), 775Twins-HDTV Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), 775Twins-HDTV R2.0 Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), A770CrossFire Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), A770DE+ Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), A785GM-LE Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), A785GM-LE/128M Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), A780FullDisplayPort Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), A780FullHD Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), A780GM-LE Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), A780GM-LE/128M Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), A780GMH/128M Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), A780GXE/128M Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), A780GXH/128M Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), A780LM Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), A780LM-S Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), A785GXH/128M Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), A785GMH/128M Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), A790GMH/128M Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), A790GX/128M Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), A790GXH/128M Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), AD425PV Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), AD525PV Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), ALiveNF4G-DVI (DDR2-667MHz), ALiveNF6G-DVI Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), ALiveSATA2-GLAN Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), ALiveXFire-eSATA2 Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz), AM2NF3-VSTA Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), AM2NF4G-SATA2 (DDR2-667MHz), AM2NF6G-VSTA (DDR2-667MHz), AM2V890-VSTA (DDR2-667MHz), AM2XLI-eSATA2 (DDR2-667MHz), AOD790GX/128M Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), ConRoe945G-DVI (DDR2-667MHz), G31M-S R2.0 Micro Mainboard (DDR2-667), G31M-VS2 Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), G41M-LE Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), G41M-PS Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), G41M-VS Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), G41M-VS2 Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), G41MH-GE Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), K10N78D Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), M2NF3-VSTA (DDR2-667MHz), N68-GE Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), N68-GS Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), N68-S Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), N68-S Micro Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), N68C-GS FX Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), N68C-S Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), N68C-S UCC Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), P4FSB1333-650 Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), P4i945GC Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), P5B-DE Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), P41C-DE Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), P45XE-WiFiN Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), PV530 Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), PV530A Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), X38TurboTwins Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), X48TurboTwins Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), X48TurboTwins-WiFi Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz).
  • 111407, 052714
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