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256MB Averatec Notebook PC2700 DDR333 SODIMM (p/n AVER-256MB-PC2700-S)

256MB Averatec Notebook PC2700 DDR333 SODIMM (p/n AVER-256MB-PC2700-S)

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  • Product Code:AVER-256MB-PC2700-S_ABUAGU
  • Availability:In Stock

Price: $11.98

256MB Averatec Notebook PC2700 DDR333 SODIMM
  • AVER-256MB-PC2700-S
  • This module may be manufactured by Infineon, Micron, Samsung, Elpida, Hynix, TwinMOS, Adata, or MemoryTen depending on availability. This item is in stock.
  • 256MB 200pin PC2700 DDR333 2.5V SODIMM.
  • The AVER-256MB-PC2700-S carries a MemoryTen lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with Averatec 735R58HZ/M11 Notebook, 1000 Notebook, 1020 Notebook (Celeron M), 1020-ED1 Notebook, 1050 Notebook, 1050-EB1 Notebook, 1050-EU1 Notebook, 1150 Notebook, 1150-AW1 Notebook, 1150-EW1 Notebook, 2150 Notebook, 2150-EH Notebook, 2155 Notebook, 2155-EH1, 2225 Notebook, 2225-EH1 Notebook, 2260 Notebook, 2260-EH1 Notebook, 2260-EK1 Notebook, 2260-EY1 Notebook, 3200 Notebook, 3220 Notebook, 3220H Notebook, 3225, 3250 Notebook, 3260 Notebook, 3270 Notebook, AV3270-EE1R, 3300 Notebook, 3320 Notebook, 3360 Notebook, 3360-EG1 Notebook, 3360-EH1 Notebook, 3700 Notebook, 3715 Notebook, 3715-ED1, 3715-EH1, 4100 Notebook, 4155 Notebook, 4200 Notebook, 4265 Notebook, 4265-EH1 Notebook, 4270-EH1 Notebook, 5110HF Notebook, 5110HR Notebook, 5110HX Notebook, 5110P Notebook, 5110H Notebook, 5500 Series Notebook, 6100 Series Notebook, 6100A Notebook, 6130-H1, 6130-HS Notebook, 6200 Series Notebook, 6200H Notebook, 6210X notebook, 6235-EE1 Notebook, 6240 Notebook, 7115-EH1 Notebook, 7155-EA1 Notebook, 7155-EH1 Notebook, 7160-EC1 Notebook, AMD XP-M 2200, AV1020-ED1 Notebook, AV1020-ED1R Notebook, AV1050-EB1, AV1050-EU1, AV1050-KU1, AV1150-AW1, AV1150-EW1 Notebook, AV2150-EH1R, AV2150-EH1 Notebook, AV2150-EH1R Notebook, AV2155-EH1 Notebook, AV2225-EH1, AV2260-EH1, AV2260-EK1, AV2260-EY1, AV320H1-01, AV3320-EH1, AV3220H1 Notebook, AV3225HS Notebook, AV3225HS-20 notebook, AV3250H1-01 Notebook, AV3250HS Notebook, AV3250HS-20 notebook, AV3250HX Notebook, AV3250HX80 Notebook, AV3250PX-01 Notebook, AV3255P1 Notebook, AV3270-EE1 Notebook, AV3270-EH1 Notebook, AV3320-EH1 Notebook, AV3360-EG1 Notebook, AV3360-EH1 Notebook, AV3500T60 Notebook, AV3500T60-01 Notebook, AV3500T80-01 Notebook, AV3715-ED1 Notebook, AV3715-EH1 Notebook, AV3715-EH1R, AV4115-EE1 Notebook, AV4155-EH1 Notebook, AV4265-EH1R, AV4270-EH1 Notebook, AV4270-EH1R, AV4270-KH1 Notebook, AV5428HX Notebook, AV5500 Notebook, AV5500-EA1, AV6110-EH1 Notebook, AV6110-EH1R, AV6110-KE1 Notebook, AV6128H1 Notebook, AV6130H1 Notebook, AV6130H1-10 notebook, AV6130HF-10 Notebook, AV6130HS Notebook, AV6200H60 Notebook, AV6210HX60 Notebook, AV6210HX80 Notebook, AV6210X60 Notebook, AV6210X60-01 notebook, AV6210HX80-01 notebook, AV6235 Notebook, AV6235-EE1 Notebook, AV6240 Notebook, AV6240-EH1 Notebook, AV6360, AV7115-EH1, AV7155-EA1, AV7155-EH1, AV7155-EH1, AV7160-EC1, C3500 Series Notebook, E 1200 Notebook, SL5110H-01 Notebook, SL5110HX-01 Notebook, SL5110P-01 Notebook, V5500 Notebook.
  • 110307, 090408, 090908, 091608, 103008, 120808
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