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256MB Biostar 240-pin PC2-4200 non-ECC DDR2 DIMM (p/n BIO-XTD256)

256MB Biostar 240-pin PC2-4200 non-ECC DDR2 DIMM (p/n BIO-XTD256)

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  • Product Code:BIO-XTD256_ARFAIB
  • Availability:In Stock

Price: $3.98, 10/$30.00, 100/$250.00

256MB Biostar 240-pin PC2-4200 non-ECC DDR2 DIMM
  • Compatible with KVR533D2N4/256
  • This module may be manufactured by Micron, Samsung, Infineon, Hynix or Gigaram.
  • Specifications:
    Size - 256MB
    Pins - 240 pins
    ECC - no
    Registered - no
    Form Factor - DIMM
    3LC - ARF/AIB
  • This module can be run in Dual Channel mode.
  • The BIO-XTD256 carries a MemoryTen Lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with Biostar 915GV-M7 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), 915P-A7 Combo Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), 915P-A7C motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), 945G Micro 775 SE (DDR2-533MHz), 945G Micro 775 SE Ver.1.0 Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), 945G Micro 775 TE Motherboard (DDR-533MHz), 945G Micro 775 TE Ver.6.0 Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), 945GC-230 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), 945GC-330 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), 945GC-M4 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), 945GC-M7 TE Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), 945GC-M7 TE Ver.6.x Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), 945GC Micro 775 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), 945GC Micro 775 Ver.6.1 Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), 945GZ Micro 775 (DDR2-533MHz), 945GZ Micro 775 SE Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), 945P-A7A Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), 945P-A7A (8.0) (DDR2-533MHz), 945P-A7A Ver.8.x Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), 945P-A7B Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), 945P-A7B Ver.6.1 Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), 945P-A7G Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), 945P-A7G (DDR2-800MHz) Motherboard, 945P-A7G (DDR2-1066MHz) Motherboard, 945P-A7G Ver.6.x Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), 945PL-A7A Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), 945PL-A7A Ver.8.0 Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), 945PL-A7B Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), 945PL-A7B Ver.6.2 Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), 945PL-A7G (DDR2-533MHz) Motherboard, 945PL-A7G (DDR2-533MHz) Motherboard, 945PL-A7G (DDR2-800MHz) Motherboard, 945PL-A7G (DDR2-1066MHz) Motherboard, 945PL-A7G Ver.6.x Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), 945PL-M7 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), 945PL-M7 Ver.1.0 Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), A690G-M2 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), A690G-M2 (DDR2-800MHz) Motherboard, A690G-M2 (DDR2-1066MHz) Motherboard, A690G M2+ Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz, A690T-I2 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), A740G M2+ Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), A760G M2+ Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), A760GE Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), A770 A2G+ Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), A770 A2+ Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), A770COMVGA84 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), A770COMVGA85 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), A770E Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), A780G M2+ SE Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), A780GE Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), A780L (DDR2-533MHz), A780L M2L+ (DDR2-533MHz), A780LB Ver.6.x Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), A780LE (DDR2-533MHz), A785GE Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), A785GE Ver.6.4 Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), CN700-I7 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), CN700-I7C Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), COMBO6B13 (DDR2-533MHz), COMBO6B22 (DDR2-533MHz), COMBO6N5 (DDR2-533MHz), COMBO6ND2 (DDR2-533MHz), CX70M-I7 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), CX70M-I7A (DDR2-533MHz), CX70M-I7B Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), DT100 (DDR2-533MHz), DT200 (DDR2-533MHz), DU100 (DDR2-533MHz), G31-M4 (Ver.6.x) Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), G31M Ver.7.X Mainboard, G31M+ Ver.6.X Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), G31-M7 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), G31-M7 (V6.0) Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), G31-M7 Ver.6.1 Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), G31-M7 OC Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), G31-M7 TE Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), G31-M7 TE Ver.6.7/6.8 Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), G965 Micro 775 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), G965 Micro 775 Ver.5.0 Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), GF7025-M2 (DDR2-533MHz) Motherboard, GF7025-M2 (DDR2-533MHz) Motherboard, GF7025-M2 (DDR2-800MHz) Motherboard, GF7025-M2 (DDR2-1066MHz) Motherboard, GF7025-M2 TE Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), GF7050-M2 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), GF7050V-M7 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), GF7050V-M7 SE Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), GF7100P-M7S (DDR2-533MHz), GF7100P-M7S Ver.6.x Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), GF8100 M2+ SE Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), GF8100 M2G+ Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), GF8100 M2+ TE Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), GF8200 M2+ Ver.6.x Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), GF8200 M2+ Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), GF8200C M2+ Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), GF8200E Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), i915P-A7 Combo Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), I945G-M7C Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), I945G-M7C Ver.1.0 Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), iDEQ 250N Desktop (DDR2-533MHz), GeForce 6100 AM2, I94GC-I7 Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), I94GC-IA Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), I94GM-I4 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), I94GS-IA Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), I94GS-IAB Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), I94GS-IAC, I94GS-PA Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), I945G-M7, I945G-M7 (Ver.1.x) Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), I945G-M7 (Ver.2.x) Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), I945P-A7, I945P-A7 Ver.7.0 Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), I945PCOMBVGA1 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), i945P-M7 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), I945P-M7 Ver.1.0 Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), IPV8M-IAE Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), IPV8M-PA Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), K8M800MAM2 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), MCP6P-M2 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), MCP6P M2+ Motherboard (DDR2-533MH6z), MCP6PB M2+ Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), N68S+ Mainboard (DDR2 533MHz), NF3 250 AM2 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), NF4 AM2 (DDR2-533MHz), NF4 AM2G (DDR2-533MHz), NF4 AM2L (DDR2-533MHz), N4SEI-A7 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), N4SIE-A7 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), NF61S Micro AM2 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), NF61S Micro AM2 SE Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), NF61S-M2 TE Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), NF61V Micro AM2 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), NF500 A2G Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), NF500 AM2G Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), NF500 AM2 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), NF500 AM2L Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), NF500U AM2G Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), NF520-A2 (DDR2-533MHz), NF520-A2 SE (DDR2-533MHz), NF520-A2 TE Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), NF520 A2+ TE Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), NF520-A2G (DDR2-533MHz) Motherboard, NF520-A2G (DDR2-533MHz) Motherboard, NF520-A2G (DDR2-800MHz) Motherboard, NF520-A2G (DDR2-1066MHz) Motherboard, NF520 A2G+ Ver.6.x Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), NF520-A2G SE Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), NF520B A2G+ Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), NF550 AM2 Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), NF560-A2G (DDR2-533MHz) Motherboard, NF560-A2G (DDR2-533MHz) Motherboard, NF560-A2G (DDR2-800MHz) Motherboard, NF560-A2G (DDR2-1066MHz) Motherboard, NF560 A2G+ Ver.6.x Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), NF720D A2G+ Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P4M80 Pro M7 (DDR2-533MHz), P4M80 Pro M7C (DDR2-533MHz), P4M9M4COMB63 (DDR2-533MHz), P4M800 Pro-M7 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P4M890-M7 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P4M890-M7 FE Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P4M890-M7 PCI-E (DDR2-533MHz), P4M890-M7 SE Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P4M890-M7 TE (DDR2-533MHz), P4M900-M4 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P4M900-M7 FE (DDR2-533MHz), P4M900-M7 SE Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P4M900 Micro 775 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P4TAW Extreme Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P31-A7 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P31B-A7 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P35D2-A7 (DDR2-533MHz) Motherboard, P35D2-A7 (DDR2-533MHz) Motherboard , P35D2-A7 (DDR2-800MHz) Motherboard, P35D2-A7 (DDR2-1066MHz) Motherboard, P43-A7 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P965 775 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P965 775 5.0 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), P965 775 Ver.5.1 Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), PT880 Pro-A7 DDR2 (DDR2-533MHz), PT880 PRO-A7C (DDR2-533MHz), PT890 775 (DDR2-533MHz), PT890 775 SE Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), S2231, T41 HD Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TA690G AM2 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TA690G AM2 Ver.5.x Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), TA760G M2+ Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TA760G M2+ 6.X Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TA770 A2+ Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TA770 A2+ SE Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TA770E Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TA780G M2+ Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TA780G M2+ HP Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TA780GE Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TA785 A2+ (DDR2-533MHz), TA785 A2+ Ver.6.x Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), TA785GE 128M Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TA785GE 128M Ver.6.1 Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), TA790GX 128M Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TA790GX A2+ Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TA790GX XE Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TA790GX XE 5.x Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TA790GX3 A2+ Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TA790GX3 A2+ 5.X Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TA790GXB A2+ Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TA790GXB A2+ Ver.6.x Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), TA790GXBE Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TA790GXBE Ver.6.x Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), TA790GXE Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TA790GXE 128M Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TA790GXE 128M Ver.5.x Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), TA790GXE Ver.6.1 Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), TA790XE Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), TA790XE 6.x Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TF520-A2 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TF520 A2+ Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), TF560COMVGA2 (DDR2-533MHz), TF560 A2 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TF560 A2+ Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TF560 A2+ Ver.5.x Mainboard, TF570 SLI A2+ Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TF570 SLI Ver.5.x Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), TF650i Ultra-A7 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TF680i SLI Deluxe Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TF570 SLI Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TF720 A2+ Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TF720 A2+ 6.x Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TF7025-M2 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TF7050-M2 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TF7100P-M7 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TF8200 A2+ Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TF8200 A2+ 5.x Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TG31-A7 6.x Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TP35D2-A7 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TP35D2-A7 SE Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TP35D2-A7 Deluxe Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TP35D2-A7 SE Ver.5.x Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), TP35D3-A7 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TP43 HP 5.x Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TP43D2-A7 6.x Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TP43E XE Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TP45 HP Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TP45D2-A7 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TP45D2-A7 6.x Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TForce 550 (DDR2-533MHz), TForce 550 SE Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TForce 550 SE Ver.5.x Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), TForce 550 Ver.1.3 Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), TForce 570 SLI Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TForce 680i SLI Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TForce 945P Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TForce 945P SE Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), 945P SE Ver.6.x Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), 945P Ver.2.x Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), TForce 6100 AM2 (DDR2-533MHz), TForce P965 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), Ver.5.X Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), TForce P965PT Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), TForce4 AM2 (DDR2-533MHz), TForce4 IE (DDR2-533MHz), TPOWER N750 Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz), Viotech 3100+ Mainbaord (DDR2-533MHz).
  • 011608, 042514
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