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Brother Printer Memory

DCP Printer Series
DCP-1200 (DCP 1200)DCP-1200 (DCP 1200) 
DCP-1400 (DCP 1400)DCP-1400 (DCP 1400) 
DCP-1650/LT (DCP 1650/LT)DCP-1650/LT (DCP 1650/LT) 
DCP-7020 (DCP 7020) PrinterDCP-7020 (DCP 7020) Printer 
DCP-8020 (DCP 8020)DCP-8020 (DCP 8020) 
DCP-8025D (DCP 8025D)DCP-8025D (DCP 8025D) 
DCP-8025DN (DCP 8025DN) PrinterDCP-8025DN (DCP 8025DN) Printer 
DCP-8040 (DCP 8040) PrinterDCP-8040 (DCP 8040) Printer 
DCP-8045 (DCP-8045)DCP-8045 (DCP-8045) 
DCP-8045D (DCP 8045D) PrinterDCP-8045D (DCP 8045D) Printer 
DCP-8060 (DCP 8060) PrinterDCP-8060 (DCP 8060) Printer 
DCP-8065DN (DCP 8065DN) PrinterDCP-8065DN (DCP 8065DN) Printer 
DCP-8085DN (DCP 8085DN)DCP-8085DN (DCP 8085DN) 
HL Laser Printer Series
HL-4 (HL 4) PrinterHL-4 (HL 4) Printer 
HL-4PS (HL 4PS) PrinterHL-4PS (HL 4PS) Printer 
HL-4V (HL 4V) PrinterHL-4V (HL 4V) Printer 
HL-4Ve (HL 4Ve) PrinterHL-4Ve (HL 4Ve) Printer 
HL-6 (HL 6) PrinterHL-6 (HL 6) Printer 
HL-6T (HL 6T) PrinterHL-6T (HL 6T) Printer 
HL-6V (HL 6V) SeriesHL-6V (HL 6V) Series 
HL-8 (HL 8) PrinterHL-8 (HL 8) Printer 
HL-8D (HL 8D) PrinterHL-8D (HL 8D) Printer 
HL-8E (HL 8E) PrinterHL-8E (HL 8E) Printer 
HL-8V (HL 8V) PrinterHL-8V (HL 8V) Printer 
HL-10 (HL 10) PrinterHL-10 (HL 10) Printer 
HL-10DPS (HL 10DPS) SeriesHL-10DPS (HL 10DPS) Series 
HL-10DV (HL 10DV) SeriesHL-10DV (HL 10DV) Series 
HL-10H (HL 10H) PrinterHL-10H (HL 10H) Printer 
HL-10PS (HL 10PS) SeriesHL-10PS (HL 10PS) Series 
HL-10V (HL 10V) SeriesHL-10V (HL 10V) Series 
HL-630 (HL 630) PrinterHL-630 (HL 630) Printer 
HL-630M (HL 630M) PrinterHL-630M (HL 630M) Printer 
HL-631 (HL 631) PrinterHL-631 (HL 631) Printer 
HL-641 (HL 641) PrinterHL-641 (HL 641) Printer 
HL-645 (HL 645) PrinterHL-645 (HL 645) Printer 
HL-645M (HL 645M) PrinterHL-645M (HL 645M) Printer 
HL-650 (HL 650) PrinterHL-650 (HL 650) Printer 
HL-655M (HL 655M) Laser PrinterHL-655M (HL 655M) Laser Printer 
HL-660 (HL 660) PrinterHL-660 (HL 660) Printer 
HL-660PS (HL 660PS) PrinterHL-660PS (HL 660PS) Printer 
HL-665 (HL 665) PrinterHL-665 (HL 665) Printer 
HL-720 (HL 720) PrinterHL-720 (HL 720) Printer 
HL-730 (HL 730) PrinterHL-730 (HL 730) Printer 
HL-730 DX (HL 730 DX) PrinterHL-730 DX (HL 730 DX) Printer 
HL-730DX (HL 730DX) LaserPlusHL-730DX (HL 730DX) LaserPlus 
HL-730 Plus (HL 730 Plus) PrinterHL-730 Plus (HL 730 Plus) Printer 
HL-760 Plus (HL 760 Plus)HL-760 Plus (HL 760 Plus) 
HL-760 (HL 760) PrinterHL-760 (HL 760) Printer 
HL-760DX (HL 760DX) PrinterHL-760DX (HL 760DX) Printer 
HL-960 (HL 960) PrinterHL-960 (HL 960) Printer 
HL-1050 (HL 1050) PrinterHL-1050 (HL 1050) Printer 
HL-1060 (HL 1060)HL-1060 (HL 1060) 
HL-1070 (HL 1070) PrinterHL-1070 (HL 1070) Printer 
HL-1240 Laser (HL 1240 Laser) PrinterHL-1240 Laser (HL 1240 Laser) Printer 
HL-1250 (HL 1250) PrinterHL-1250 (HL 1250) Printer 
HL-1260 (HL 1260) PrinterHL-1260 (HL 1260) Printer 
HL-1260E (HL 1260E) PrinterHL-1260E (HL 1260E) Printer 
HL-1270 (HL 1270) PrinterHL-1270 (HL 1270) Printer 
HL-1270N (HL 1270N) PrinterHL-1270N (HL 1270N) Printer 
HL-1435 (HL 1435) PrinterHL-1435 (HL 1435) Printer 
HL-1440 (HL 1440) PrinterHL-1440 (HL 1440) Printer 
HL-1450 (HL 1450) PrintersHL-1450 (HL 1450) Printers 
HL-1470 (HL 1470) PrinterHL-1470 (HL 1470) Printer 
HL-1470N (HL 1470N) PrintersHL-1470N (HL 1470N) Printers 
HL-1600 (HL 1600) PrintersHL-1600 (HL 1600) Printers 
HL-1650 (HL 1650) PrintersHL-1650 (HL 1650) Printers 
HL-1650/LT (HL 1650/LT) PrinterHL-1650/LT (HL 1650/LT) Printer 
HL-1650N (HL 1650N) PrinterHL-1650N (HL 1650N) Printer 
HL-1660 (HL 1660)HL-1660 (HL 1660) 
HL-1660E (HL 1660E)HL-1660E (HL 1660E) 
HL-1660N (HL 1660N)HL-1660N (HL 1660N) 
HL-1670N (HL 1670N) PrintersHL-1670N (HL 1670N) Printers 
HL-1850 (HL 1850) PrinterHL-1850 (HL 1850) Printer 
HL-1870N (HL 1870N) PrinterHL-1870N (HL 1870N) Printer 
HL-2040 (HL 2040) PrinterHL-2040 (HL 2040) Printer 
HL-2060 (HL 2060)HL-2060 (HL 2060) 
HL-2070N (HL 2070N) PrinterHL-2070N (HL 2070N) Printer 
HL-2400C (HL 2400C) PrinterHL-2400C (HL 2400C) Printer 
HL-2400Ce (HL 2400Ce) PrinterHL-2400Ce (HL 2400Ce) Printer 
HL-2400CN (HL 2400CN) PrinterHL-2400CN (HL 2400CN) Printer 
HL-2400 CeN (HL 2400 CeN)HL-2400 CeN (HL 2400 CeN) 
HL-2460 (HL 2460) PrintersHL-2460 (HL 2460) Printers 
HL-2460DTN (HL 2460DTN) PrinterHL-2460DTN (HL 2460DTN) Printer 
HL-2460N (HL 2460N) PrinterHL-2460N (HL 2460N) Printer 
HL-2460TN (HL 2460TN) PrinterHL-2460TN (HL 2460TN) Printer 
HL-2600 (HL 2600) PrinterHL-2600 (HL 2600) Printer 
HL-2600CN (HL 2600CN) PrinterHL-2600CN (HL 2600CN) Printer 
HL-2700CN (HL 2700CN) PrinterHL-2700CN (HL 2700CN) Printer 
HL-3040CN (HL 3040CN)HL-3040CN (HL 3040CN) 
HL-3260N (HL 3260N) PrinterHL-3260N (HL 3260N) Printer 
HL-3260ND (HL 3260ND) PrinterHL-3260ND (HL 3260ND) Printer 
HL-3400CN (HL 3400CN) PrinterHL-3400CN (HL 3400CN) Printer 
HL-3450CN (HL 3450CN) PrinterHL-3450CN (HL 3450CN) Printer 
HL-4000CN (HL 4000CN) PrinterHL-4000CN (HL 4000CN) Printer 
HL-4200CN (HL 4200CN) PrinterHL-4200CN (HL 4200CN) Printer 
HL-5000 (HL 5000) PrinterHL-5000 (HL 5000) Printer 
HL-5040 (HL 5040) PrinterHL-5040 (HL 5040) Printer 
HL-5050 (HL 5050) PrinterHL-5050 (HL 5050) Printer 
HL-5050LT (HL 5050LT) Printer HL-5050LT (HL 5050LT) Printer  
HL-5070DN (HL 5070DN) PrinterHL-5070DN (HL 5070DN) Printer 
HL-5070N (HL 5070N) PrinterHL-5070N (HL 5070N) Printer 
HL-5100 (HL 5100) PrinterHL-5100 (HL 5100) Printer 
HL-5140 (HL 5140) PrinterHL-5140 (HL 5140) Printer 
HL-5140LT (HL 5140LT) PrinterHL-5140LT (HL 5140LT) Printer 
HL-5150D (HL 5150D) PrinterHL-5150D (HL 5150D) Printer 
HL-5150DLT (HL 5150DLT) PrinterHL-5150DLT (HL 5150DLT) Printer 
HL-5170DN (HL 5170DN) PrinterHL-5170DN (HL 5170DN) Printer 
HL-5170 DNLT (HL 5170 DNLT) PrinterHL-5170 DNLT (HL 5170 DNLT) Printer 
HL-5240 (HL 5240) PrinterHL-5240 (HL 5240) Printer 
HL-5250DN (HL 5250DN) PrinterHL-5250DN (HL 5250DN) Printer 
HL-5250DNT (HL 5250DNT) PrinterHL-5250DNT (HL 5250DNT) Printer 
HL-5280DW (HL 5280DW) PrinterHL-5280DW (HL 5280DW) Printer 
HL-5370DW PrinterHL-5370DW Printer 
HL-6050 (HL 6050) PrinterHL-6050 (HL 6050) Printer 
HL-6050D (HL 6050D) PrinterHL-6050D (HL 6050D) Printer 
HL-6050DN (HL 6050DN) PrinterHL-6050DN (HL 6050DN) Printer 
HL-6050DW (HL 6050DW)HL-6050DW (HL 6050DW) 
HL-7050 (HL 7050) PrinterHL-7050 (HL 7050) Printer 
HL-7050N (HL 7050N) PrinterHL-7050N (HL 7050N) Printer 
HL-8000 (HL 8000) PrinterHL-8000 (HL 8000) Printer 
HL-8050 (HL 8050) PrinterHL-8050 (HL 8050) Printer 
HL-8050N (HL 8050N) PrinterHL-8050N (HL 8050N) Printer 
HS Laser Printer Series
HS-5000 (HS 5000)HS-5000 (HS 5000) 
HS-5300 (HS 5300)HS-5300 (HS 5300) 
IntelliFAX Series
IntelliFAX-4100 (IntelliFAX 4100)IntelliFAX-4100 (IntelliFAX 4100) 
IntelliFAX-4750E (IntelliFAX 4750E)IntelliFAX-4750E (IntelliFAX 4750E) 
IntelliFAX-5750E (IntelliFAX 5750E)IntelliFAX-5750E (IntelliFAX 5750E) 
IntelliFAX PPF-1450MC (PPF 1450MC)IntelliFAX PPF-1450MC (PPF 1450MC) 
IntelliFAX PPF-1550MC (PPF 1550MC)IntelliFAX PPF-1550MC (PPF 1550MC) 
IntelliFAX PPF-3500ML (PPF 3500ML)IntelliFAX PPF-3500ML (PPF 3500ML) 
IntelliFAX PPF-4750 (PPF 4750)IntelliFAX PPF-4750 (PPF 4750) 
IntelliFAX PPF-5750 (PPF 5750)IntelliFAX PPF-5750 (PPF 5750) 
MFC Multi Function Fax Series
MFC-210C (MFC 210C)MFC-210C (MFC 210C) 
MFC-240C (MFC 240C)MFC-240C (MFC 240C) 
MFC-420CN (MFC 420CN)MFC-420CN (MFC 420CN) 
MFC-620CN (MFC 620CN)MFC-620CN (MFC 620CN) 
MFC-640CW PrinterMFC-640CW Printer 
MFC-1450MC (MFC 1450MC)MFC-1450MC (MFC 1450MC) 
MFC-1550MC (MFC 1550MC)MFC-1550MC (MFC 1550MC) 
MFC-1850MC (MFC 1850MC)MFC-1850MC (MFC 1850MC) 
MFC-1950MC (MFC 1950MC)MFC-1950MC (MFC 1950MC) 
MFC-3240C (MFC 3240C)MFC-3240C (MFC 3240C) 
MFC-3340CN (MFC 3340CN)MFC-3340CN (MFC 3340CN) 
MFC-3550 (MFC 3550)MFC-3550 (MFC 3550) 
MFC-3650 (MFC 3650)MFC-3650 (MFC 3650) 
MFC-3900ML (MFC 3900ML) PrinterMFC-3900ML (MFC 3900ML) Printer 
MFC-4000ML (MFC4000ML) PrinterMFC-4000ML (MFC4000ML) Printer 
MFC-4350 (MFC 4350)MFC-4350 (MFC 4350) 
MFC-4400ML (MFC 4400ML) PrinterMFC-4400ML (MFC 4400ML) Printer 
MFC-4500 (MFC 4500)MFC-4500 (MFC 4500) 
MFC-4550 (MFC 4550)MFC-4550 (MFC 4550) 
MFC-4500ML (MFC 4500ML)MFC-4500ML (MFC 4500ML) 
MFC-4550 Plus PrinterMFC-4550 Plus Printer 
MFC-4650 (MFC 4650)MFC-4650 (MFC 4650) 
MFC-4800 (MFC 4800)MFC-4800 (MFC 4800) 
MFC-5440CN (MFC 5440CN)MFC-5440CN (MFC 5440CN) 
MFC-5500ML (MFC 5500ML) PrinterMFC-5500ML (MFC 5500ML) Printer 
MFC-5550 (MFC 5550)MFC-5550 (MFC 5550) 
MFC-5550ML (MFC 5550ML) PrinterMFC-5550ML (MFC 5550ML) Printer 
MFC-5840CN (MFC 5840CN)MFC-5840CN (MFC 5840CN) 
MFC-6000 (MFC 6000) PrinterMFC-6000 (MFC 6000) Printer 
MFC-6500 (MFC 6500)MFC-6500 (MFC 6500) 
MFC-6500ML (MFC 6500ML)MFC-6500ML (MFC 6500ML) 
MFC-6550 (MFC 6550)MFC-6550 (MFC 6550) 
MFC-6550MC (MFC 6550MC)MFC-6550MC (MFC 6550MC) 
MFC-6650 (MFC 6650)MFC-6650 (MFC 6650) 
MFC-6650MC (MFC 6650MC)MFC-6650MC (MFC 6650MC) 
MFC-6800 (MFC 6800)MFC-6800 (MFC 6800) 
MFC-7000 (MFC 7000)MFC-7000 (MFC 7000) 
MFC-7000FC (MFC 7000FC)MFC-7000FC (MFC 7000FC) 
MFC-7160 (MFC 7160)MFC-7160 (MFC 7160) 
MFC-7160C PrinterMFC-7160C Printer 
MFC-7200 (MFC 7200)MFC-7200 (MFC 7200) 
MFC-7200FC (MFC 7200FC)MFC-7200FC (MFC 7200FC) 
MFC-7220 (MFC 7220)MFC-7220 (MFC 7220) 
MFC-7225N (MFC 7225N)MFC-7225N (MFC 7225N) 
MFC-7400c (MFC 7400c) PrinterMFC-7400c (MFC 7400c) Printer 
MFC-7420 (MFC 7420)MFC-7420 (MFC 7420) 
MFC-7500 (MFC 7500)MFC-7500 (MFC 7500) 
MFC-7550 (MFC 7550)MFC-7550 (MFC 7550) 
MFC-7650MC (MFC 7650MC)MFC-7650MC (MFC 7650MC) 
MFC-7750 (MFC 7750)MFC-7750 (MFC 7750) 
MFC-7820N (MFC 7820N)MFC-7820N (MFC 7820N) 
MFC-8200P (MFC 8200P)MFC-8200P (MFC 8200P) 
MFC-8220 (MFC 8220) PrinterMFC-8220 (MFC 8220) Printer 
MFC-8220D (MFC 8220D) PrinterMFC-8220D (MFC 8220D) Printer 
MFC-8220DN (MFC 8220DN) PrinterMFC-8220DN (MFC 8220DN) Printer 
MFC-8250P (MFC 8250P)MFC-8250P (MFC 8250P) 
MFC-8300 (MFC 8300)MFC-8300 (MFC 8300) 
MFC-8370DN (MFC 8370DN)MFC-8370DN (MFC 8370DN) 
MFC-8380DN (MFC 8380DN)MFC-8380DN (MFC 8380DN) 
MFC-8420 (MFC 8420)MFC-8420 (MFC 8420) 
MFC-8440 (MFC 8440) PrinterMFC-8440 (MFC 8440) Printer 
MFC-8440D (MFC 8440D)MFC-8440D (MFC 8440D) 
MFC-8440DN (MFC 8440DN)MFC-8440DN (MFC 8440DN) 
MFC-8440N (MFC 8440N) PrinterMFC-8440N (MFC 8440N) Printer 
MFC-8460N (MFC 8460N)MFC-8460N (MFC 8460N) 
MFC-8480DN (MFC 8480DN)MFC-8480DN (MFC 8480DN) 
MFC-8550 (MFC 8550)MFC-8550 (MFC 8550) 
MFC-8600 (MFC 8600)MFC-8600 (MFC 8600) 
MFC-8660DN (MFC 8660DN)MFC-8660DN (MFC 8660DN) 
MFC-8600MC PrinterMFC-8600MC Printer 
MFC-8700 (MFC 8700)MFC-8700 (MFC 8700) 
MFC-8820D (MFC 8820D)MFC-8820D (MFC 8820D) 
MFC-8820DN (MFC 8820DN)MFC-8820DN (MFC 8820DN) 
MFC-8840D (MFC 8840D)MFC-8840D (MFC 8840D) 
MFC-8840DN (MFC 8840DN)MFC-8840DN (MFC 8840DN) 
MFC-8860DN (MFC 8860DN)MFC-8860DN (MFC 8860DN) 
MFC-8870DW (MFC 8870DW)MFC-8870DW (MFC 8870DW) 
MFC-9000 (MFC 9000)MFC-9000 (MFC 9000) 
MFC-9050 (MFC 9050)MFC-9050 (MFC 9050) 
MFC-9200c (MFC 9200c) PrinterMFC-9200c (MFC 9200c) Printer 
MFC-9250 (MFC 9250) PrinterMFC-9250 (MFC 9250) Printer 
MFC-9420 (MFC 9420)MFC-9420 (MFC 9420) 
MFC-9420CN (MFC 9420CN)MFC-9420CN (MFC 9420CN) 
MFC-9440CN (MFC 9440CN)MFC-9440CN (MFC 9440CN) 
MFC-9500 (MFC 9500) PrinterMFC-9500 (MFC 9500) Printer 
MFC-9600 (MFC 9600)MFC-9600 (MFC 9600) 
MFC-9700 (MFC 9700)MFC-9700 (MFC 9700) 
MFC-9800 (MFC 9800)MFC-9800 (MFC 9800) 
MFC-9840CDW (MFC 9840CDW)MFC-9840CDW (MFC 9840CDW) 
MFC-F550 Plus (MFC F550 Plus)MFC-F550 Plus (MFC F550 Plus) 
MFC-P2500 (MFC P2500)MFC-P2500 (MFC P2500) 
MFC-Pro 700C (MFC Pro 700C)MFC-Pro 700C (MFC Pro 700C) 
Other Printer+Fax Series
BE-438D Sewing machineBE-438D Sewing machine 
KE-430D Sewing machineKE-430D Sewing machine 
WL-660 (WL 660) PrinterWL-660 (WL 660) Printer 
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