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Hewlett Packard Business Notebook 8510p (32-bit)

Maximum Memory 4GB
Memory Slots 2 (2 banks of 1)
non-removable base memory 0MB
Machine name: Hewlett Packard Business Notebook 8510p (32-bit)
CPU options: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
Chipset: Intel PM965 Chipset
Front Side Bus options: 800MHz FSB
Memory Speed options: PC2-5300 DDR2-667 200pin SDRAM SODIMM
Special notes:
- Mfgr's System p/n's: GB955EA; GB955ET; GB956EA; GB957EA; GR537AW; GR538AW; GR539AW; GR540AW; GR683ES; GR722ES; GR737ES; GR738ES; GR739ES; GR756ES; GR807ES; GR814ES; GR815ES; GR855ES; GR902ES; GT618PA; GT619PA; GT620PA; GT621PA; GT622PA; GT623PA; GT624PA; GT625PA; GT650PA; GT651PA; GT652PA; GT653PA; GT654PA; GT655PA; GT923LA; GU310UC; GU363PA; GU364PA; GU365PA; GU366PA; GU367PA; GU368PA; GU369PA; GU370PA; GU371PA; GU372PA; GU404PA; GU405PA; GU406PA; GU407PA; GU408PA; GU409PA; GU410PA; GU416PA; GU446PA; GU447PA; GU448PA; GU449PA; GU817US; GU861US; GU862US; GU908US; GU977US; GV039US; GV071US; GV090US; GV117US; GV123US; GV181US; GV226US; GV528UP; GV530UP; GW479UC; GW480UC; GW604UP; GW605UC; GX337UP; GX488PA; GX489PA; GX490PA; GX491PA; GX492PA; GX502PA; GX503PA; GX504PA; GX505PA; GX506PA; GX541PA; GX561UC; GX777UP; GX965PC; GY177AV; GY245PS; GY257PS; GY258PS; GY667PA; GY671PA; GY676PA; GY681PA; GY712PA; GY713PA; GY718PA; GY739PA; GY803US; GY807US; GY814US; GY823US; GY827US; GY828US; GY842US; GY843US; GY856US;
- Modules must be ordered and install in pairs for Dual Channel mode. This machine can support maximum memory upto 8GB (using 64-bit Operating System) or 4GB (using 32-bit Operating System). Maximum configurations require a 64-bit operating system.

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