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15.3GB Compaq IDE/ATA100 7200RPM 3.5in x 1in 40p 100MB/s HDD (p/n CMPQ-15GB3ATA10035)

15.3GB Compaq IDE/ATA100 7200RPM 3.5in x 1in 40p 100MB/s HDD (p/n CMPQ-15GB3ATA10035)

  • Brand:
  • Product Code:CMPAQ-15GB3ATA10035_HCM
  • Availability:In Stock

Price: $124.98

15.3GB Compaq IDE/ATA100 7200RPM 3.5in x 1in 40p 100MB/s HDD
  • CMPAQ-15GB3ATA10035.
  • This hard disk drive is new and may be manufactured by Western Digital, Hitachi, Toshiba, Samsung, Seagate or Fujitsu. This HDD is in stock and can ship today.
  • 15.3GB IDE/ATA100 7200RPM 3.5in x 1in 40p 100MB/s HDD.
  • This drive carries a manufacturer exchange or repair warranty against defects. Visit manufacturer's website for details.
  • The CMPAQ-15GB3ATA10035 carries a MemoryTen lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for credit. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with COMPAQ Evo 300s, D31VM, D220 (D220MT), D300 (DDR), D300 (SDRAM), D300 CMT (DDR), D300 CMT (SDRAM), D300 DT (DDR), D300 DT (SDRAM), D300s (DDR), D300s (SDRAM), D300s CMT (DDR), D300s CMT (SDRAM), D300v (Celeron) (DDR), D300v (Celeron) (SDRAM), D300v (P4) (DDR), D300v (P4) (SDRAM), D300v uT, D310, D310 MT, D310V, D310VM, D310v MT, D311, D315, D315S Microtower, D320DT, D320mt, D320st, D330, D380, D380M, D380MX, D500 Series PIII Celeron (Intel 815), D500 Series P4 Celeron (Intel 845), D500 Series P4 (Intel 845), D500 CM (Intel 845), D500 CMT (Intel 845), D500 D ( Intel 845), D500 DT ( Intel 845), SFF (Intel 815), D500 SFF (Intel 845), D500 USD (Intel 815), D510, D510 e-pc, D530 (DDR333MHz), D530 (DDR400MHz), D530 SFF/Convertible Minitower (DDR-333MHz), D530 SFF/Convertible Minitower (DDR-400MHz), D530 Ultra-Slim (DDR-333MHz), D530 Ultra-Slim (DDR-400MHz), D580, DC5000 Desktop, DX2000, Evo Business Desktop D31VM, D220M, D240, D381, D381 Microtower, D500 Ultra-Slim (Celeron), D512 Convertable Microtower, Evo Workstation W4000 DDR CM, W4000 SDRAM CM, W4000 SFF, W6000 Workstation, W8000 Workstation, Thin Client T20, T30, Presario 100C, 100P, 2200, 2210, 2212, 2220, 2230, 2240, 2244, 2244ES, 2246, 2250, 2253, 2254, 2255, 2256, 2257, 2258, 2260, 2262, 2264, 2266, 2268, 2270, 2274, 2275, 2276, 2278, 2280, 2281, 2282, 2284, 2285, 2285V, 2286, 2288, 2289, 2290, 2292, 2293, 2294, 2296, 2297, 2298, 2299, 2410ES, 2412ES, 2415, 2415ES, 2416ES, 2417, 2510, 3000EA, 3000FR, 3000UK, 3004EA, 3006NL, 3008AE, 3008EA, 3008NL, 3009EA, 3020, 3060, 3200, 3200JP, 3220JP, 3221JP, 3306AP, 3310AP, 3311AP, 3325AP, 3326AP, 3327AP, 3353AP, 3355AP, 3356AP, 3360AP, 3522JP, 3523JP, 3524JP, 3541, 3550, 3553, 3555, 3556, 3560, 3562, 3566, 3567, 3570, 3571, 3571(JapanVersion), 3574, 3574(JapanVersion), 3576, 3580, 3581, 3582, 3582(JapanVersion), 3583, 3583(JapanVersion), 3586, 3588, 3590, 3591, 3591(JapanVersion), 3596, 3598, 3599, 3600AP, 3600TH, 3601AP, 3601TH, 3605AP, 3610AP, 3610TH, 3611AP, 3611TH, 3612AP, 3615AP, 3615TH, 3616AP, 3620AP, 3620KR, 3621KR, 3622KR, 3625AP, 3625KR, 3630AP, 3630AS, 3630KR, 3631KR, 3632KR, 3633KR, 3635KR, 3645AP, 3650AP, 3650TH, 3655TH, 3660AK, 3660AP, 3661AK, 3661AP, 3670AP, 3730AP, 3756AP, 3770A, 3907HK, 4000, 4090US, 4100CA, 4100US, 4101SC, 4101TH, 4102, 4102TH, 4103SC, 4103TH, 4104AP, 4104ES, 4104TH, 4105TH, 4108, 4110, 4110EA, 4110LA, 4111LA, 4112, 4115LA, 4118, 4118EA, 4120, 4120EA, 4121EA, 4122, 4124EA, 4126, 4126EA, 4128, 4130, 4160, 4162, 4164, 4166, 4170, 4170ES, 4172, 4174, 4180, 4182, 4184, 4184ES, 4190, 4212ES, 4220, 4222, 4230, 4230ES, 4240ES, 4300US, 4400EA, 4400LA, 4400US, 4401DM, 4401EA, 4402, 4402EA, 4402KS, 4403EA, 4403LO, 4403US, 4404EA, 4405AP, 4405EA, 4405LA, 4405TC, 4405TH, 4406EA, 4406ES, 4406RSH, 4407EA, 4408EA, 4409CL, 4410, 4410AI, 4410AU, 4410CA, 4410EA, 4410LA, 4410LB, 4410TC, 4410US, 4411CT, 4411EA, 4412CT, 4412EA, 4413AU, 4413CT, 4414CT, 4414EA, 4415CT, 4415EA, 4415TC, 4416CT, 4417CT, 4419EA, 4420AI, 4420CA, 4420EA, 4420LA, 4421EA, 4424EA, 4425EA, 4460ESwithDIMMS, 4460ESwithSIMMS, 4502, 4502EA, 4504, 4505, 4505EA, 4506, 4506EA, 4507EA, 4508, 4508EA, 4509EA, 4510EA, 4510ES, 4511EA, 4512, 4515EA, 4519EA, 4520, 4520EA, 4522, 4523, 4524, 4526, 4528, 4532, 4540, 4546, 4550, 4555, 4560, 4565, 4565ES, 4620, 4626, 4640, 4660, 4665, 4700, 4700LA, 4704, 4705LA, 4706, 4710, 4710LA, 4712, 4714, 4716, 4720LA, 4760, 4764, 4770, 4772, 4774, 4775, 4776, 4780, 4782, 4784, 4786, 4788, 4806, 4808, 4810, 4814, 4816, 4824, 4824RevA, 4824RevB, 4830RevA, 4830RevB, 4832RevA, 4832RevB, 4834RevA, 4834RevB, 4840, 4850, 4860, 4862, 4870, 4880, 4882, 4910, 4950, 4952, 4955, 4LCXE1, 4LCXEC, 4LCXED, 4LCXEG, 4LCXEH, 5000A, 5000CA, 5000EA, 5000LA, 5000NX, 5000SR, 5000T, 5000Z, 5001CA, 5001CL, 5001LA, 5001PR, 5001R, 5001SR, 5002CA, 5002LA, 5002LB, 5002US, 5003CA, 5003LAS, 5003LB, 5003R, 5003US, 5004CA, 5004CL, 5004EA, 5004LA, 5004LB, 5004UK, 5004US, 5005CL, 5005EA, 5005R, 5005SR, 5005UK, 5006CA, 5006H, 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6208AP, 6210KR, 6211EA, 6211IL, 6212EA, 6213EA, 6214AN, 6214EA, 6215KR, 6216EA, 6217EA, 6219EA, 6220EA, 6220IN, 6220KR, 6222EA, 6223EA, 6225AP, 6226AN, 6230AN, 6230AP, 6230EA, 6230IN, 6230LA, 6232EA, 6233EA, 6233X, 6235IN, 6236EA, 6240, 6240AN, 6240EA, 6240IN, 6240LA, 6240NL, 6240UK, 6243EA, 6245AP, 6245EA, 6247EA, 6248EA, 6249EA, 6250AP, 6250EA, 6250IN, 6252EA, 6253EA, 6254, 6254EA, 6256EA, 6258EA, 6260AP, 6260EA, 6262EA, 6263, 6263EA, 6265AA, 6265AP, 6265EA, 6266EA, 6266X, 6268EA, 6270AP, 6270EA, 6271AP, 6272EA, 6276EA, 6277EA, 6280AP, 6282AP, 6285AP, 6288AP, 6290AN, 6290IN, 6295AP, 6300CA, 6300SE, 6300X, 6300us, 6301rsh, 6310CA, 6310US, 6312US, 6315CL, 6320US, 6324SE(DDR), 6324SE(PC133), 6325CL, 6326SE, 6330CA, 6330US, 6331RSH, 6333OM, 6333X, 6350CA, 6350RSH, 6350US, 6351RSH, 6370US, 6400NX, 6401RSH, 6404US, 6410LA, 6410LS, 6410NX, 6412US, 6415CL, 6415LA, 6420LA, 6420LS, 6420NX, 6421RSH, 6421US, 6422SE, 6422SE-B, 6430LA, 6430LS, 6430NX, 6433US, 6435CL, 6440LA, 6442SE, 6450NX, 6454NX, 6455CL, 6470CA, 6470NX, 6473SA, 6473US, 6475CL, 6475NX, 6485CL, 6505UK, 6505US, 6510BE, 6510EA, 6510FR, 6510NL, 6510SE, 6511,, 6512UK, 6515,, 6515FR, 6515GC, 6520AP, 6520AU, 6520BE, 6520EA, 6520FR, 6520NZ, 6520PT, 6520SE, 6520UK, 6521AU, 6522AU, 6522NZ, 6525, 6525AK, 6525AP, 6525EA, 6525HK, 6525NZ, 6527AP, 6527AU, 6527NZ, 6530, 6530BE, 6530DK, 6530FR, 6530SE, 6530SE1, 6531SE, 6535BE, 6537BE, 6539FR, 6540BE, 6540DK, 6540FI, 6540FR, 6540NL, 6540PT, 6540UK, 6545DK, 6550,, 6550DK, 6550FR, 6550NL, 6550SE, 6551,, 6555,, 6555DK, 6555UK, 6560BE, 6560DK, 6560FI, 6560NL, 6560SE, 6570DK, 6570UK, 6580BE, 6580DK, 6580FI, 6580NL, 6580PT, 6590FR, 6610TW, 6615TC, 6619NZ, 6620DK, 6620PT, 6620SE, 6620TC, 6621, 6621AU, 6621NZ, 6622, 6622AU, 6622NZ, 6626HK, 6627, 6627AP, 6627AU, 6630DK, 6640FI, 6640I, 6640PT, 6640SE, 6645DK, 6646GC, 6650DK, 6660DK, 6660FI, 6660PT, 6680FI, 6690FI, 6695FI, 6LPPE1, 6LPPEG, 6LPPS1, 6LPXE1, 6LPXEC, 6LPXEG, 6LPXEH, 6LPXS1, 6RPPE1, 6RPPEC, 6RPPEG, 6RPPS1, 6RPXE1, 6RPXEC, 6RPXED, 6RPXEG, 6RPXEH, 6RPXS1, 6SPPE1, 6SPPEG, 6SPXE1, 6SPXEC, 6SPXEG, 6SPXEH, 6SPXS1, 6ZPPE1, 6ZPPEC, 6ZPPEG, 6ZPXE1, 6ZPXE2, 6ZPXEC, 6ZPXED, 6ZPXEG, 6ZPXEH, 7000 (Taiwan), 70001.4GA, 70001.5G, 70001.6G, 70001.8G, 70002.0G, 7000 Series (7AP134-7AP195)(7PL290-295), 7000 Series (7EL140-7EL180), 7000 Series (7EL193), 7000 Series (7PL287), 7000CA, 7000EA, 7000T, 7000T7RPM11(ECC), 7000T7RPM11(non-ECC), 7000T7RPME2(ECC), 7000T7RPME2(non-ECC), 7000US, 7000Z(DDR), 7000Z(SDRAM), 7000Z-7AP1, 7000Z-PL2, 7001CL, 7002EA, 7002US, 7003EA, 7003US, 7004EA, 7004LA, 7005EA, 7006US, 7025UK, 7032LB, 7034LB, 7100, 7100AN, 7100AU, 7100KR, 7101AP, 7101AU, 7101KR, 7102AP, 7102CA(non-ECC), 7102CA(ECC), 7103AP, 7103KR, 7104, 7104CA(DDR), 7106, 7110, 7110EA, 7110US, 7111LA, 7112EA, 7112LA(ECC), 7112LA(non-ECC), 7113EA, 7114, 7115, 7118U, 7118US(ECC), 7118US(non-ECC), 7120, 7120EA, 7120US(non-ECC), 7120US(ECC), 7121EA, 7123EA, 7124EA, 7125EA, 7126CL(ECC), 7126CL(non-ECC), 7126EA, 7127EA, 7128EA, 7129EA, 7130EA, 7130LA, 7131EA, 7132EA, 7134EA, 7140EA, 7141EA, 7142EA, 7143EA, 7150, 7151WM, 7152, 7170, 7180, 7200, 7200ES, 7201APr, 7201KR, 7202APr, 7202KR, 7204APr, 7212, 7216, 7222, 7222ES, 7232, 7234, 7234ES, 7240, 7300, 7350, 7360, 7400, 7430, 7450, 7453, 7454, 7460, 7461, 7462, 7463, 7464, 7465, 7468, 7469, 7470, 7471, 7473, 7474, 7475, 7476, 7477, 7478, 7479, 7480, 7481, 7482, 7483, 7485, 7486, 7487, 7488, 7500, 7543, 7568, 7573, 7583, 7585, 7587, 7588, 7589, 7590, 7591, 7592, 7594, 7595, 7596, 7597, 7598, 7599, 7600, 7642, 7651, 7800, 7885, 7895, 7900, 7922, 7930, 7931, 7934, 7935, 7940, 7947, 7950, 7954, 7970, 7971, 7973, 7979, 7980, 7985, 7990, 7994, 7998, 7AP135, 7AP140, 7AP170, 7AP190, 7AP195, 7APM31, 7APN31, 7EL110, 7EL120, 7EL147, 7EL160, 7EL250, 7EL260, 7EL270, 7EL310, 7EL311, 7EL320, 7EL410, 7EL411, 7EL420, 7EL430, 7EL7000T, 7EL7000T-111C, 7EL7000T-130, 7EL7000T-131, 7EL7000T-140, 7EL7000T-141, 7EL7000T-160, 7EL7000T-162, 7EL7000T-172, 7EL7000T-200C, 7EL7000T-230, 7EL7000T-231, 7EL7000T-241, 7EL7000T-242, 7EL7000T-251, 7EL7000T-261, 7EL7000T-262, 7EL7000T-270, 7EL7000T-271, 7EL7000T-272, 7EL7000T-353, 7EL7000T-361, 7EL7000T-362, 7EL7000T-363, 7EL7000T-364, 7EL7000T-370, 7EL7000T-371, 7EL7000T-372, 7EL7000T-373, 7EL7000T-374, 7ELM21, 7ELN21, 7PL270, 7PL273, 7PL290, 7PL295, 7PL313, 7PLK11, 7PLK12, 7PLM11, 7PLMII, 7QSM11, 7QSM1A, 7QSM1C, 7QSM1R, 7QSME2, 7QSMEA, 7QSMEC, 7QSMED, 7QSMEE, 7RPK11, 7RPM11, 7RPM1C, 7RPME2, 7RPMEA, 7RPMEC, 7RPMED, 7RPMEE, 8000(DDR), 8000(SDRAM), 8000T(CTO)(DDR-333MHz), 8000T(CTO)(DDR-400MHz), 8000T (PC133), 8000TP8654M, 8000TP8655B, 8000TP8655C, 8000TP8655K, 8000TP8656D, 8000TP8656T, 8000TP8657A, 8000Z(DDR), 8000ZA1.33G, 8000ZCTO(PC3200), 8000ZP8656J, 8000ZP8657C, 8017US, 8022US, 8050EA, 8060EA, 8070EA, 8072EA, 8075EA, 8080EA, 8090EA, 8095EA, 8105EA, 8121EA, 8125EA, 8130EA, 8140EA, 8141EA, 8142EA, 8143EA, 8144EA, 8145EA, 8153EA, 8154EA, 8200EA, 8210EA, 8401CC, 8405SE, 8406SE, 8410SE, 8415SE, 8420EA, 8420SE, 8425SE, 8430EA, 8430SE, 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S3000VP8654S, S3000VP8655J, S3000VP8655L, S3000Z(BTO), S3000Z(CTO), S3000ZP8654X, S3000ZP8654Y, S3000ZP8655A, S3010AN, S3010AP, S3010CL, S3010CL-B, S3010IL, S3020AP, S3030AP, S3030IL, S3030RK, S3030US, S3040IL, S3040SE-B, S3040se, S3050AN, S3050UK, S3060AN, S3080AN, S3080AP, S3090AP, S3100AN, S3100AP, S3100DK, S3100KR, S3100NX, S3110AP, S3120AN, S3120IN, S3130AP, S3130AX, S3150AP, S3150KR, S3150NL, S3150UK, S3160AP, S3160NL, S3180AN,, S3190FR, S3200AP, S3200DK, S3200NX, S3210AP, S3210IN, S3210NB, S3220AP, S3220IN, S3230AP, S3240AP, S3240IN, S3250AP, S3250FR, S3250IN, S3250NL, S3260AN, S3260AP, S3270AN, S3290UK, S3300DK, S3300IN, S3300KR, S3300NX, S3310CL, S3310CL-B, S3310NX, S3310OM, S3320AP, S3350FR, S3350IN, S3350KR, S3350NL, S3350UK, S3380AN, S3390FR, S3400SE, S3450FR, S3490FR, S3500CL, S3500CL-B, S3500NX, S3500SE, S3610LA, S3610LS, S3630LA, S3630LS, S3650LA, S3650LS, S3650NL, S3655NL, S3700NX, S3750NL, S3750UK, S3900SE, S3901SE.
  • 020910, 060810
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