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1GB (1x1GB) Compaq-HP Evo/Presario Desktop PC2700 DDR DIMM (p/n DC341A)

1GB (1x1GB) Compaq-HP Evo/Presario Desktop PC2700 DDR DIMM (p/n DC341A)

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  • Product Code:DC341A_ADB
  • Availability:In Stock

Price: $14.98, 10/$140.00, 100/$1,299.00

1GB (1x1GB) Compaq-HP Evo/Presario Desktop PC2700 DDR DIMM
  • DC341A, KTC-D320/1G.
  • This module may be manufactured by Adata, TwinMOS, Micron, Nanya, Infineon, Samsung or Gigaram depending on availability. This module is in stock and can ship today. We guarantee this module will work in your system.
  • 1GB 184pin PC2700 DDR333 DDR 2.5V DIMM.
  • The DC341A carries a MemoryTen lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with Compaq Evo Desktop D220, D320MT, D320ST, Evo Desktop D530 SFF/Convertible Minitower (DDR-333MHz), D530 Ultra-Slim Desktop (DDR-333MHz), Presario 8000T (CTO) (DDR-333MHz), 8000T P8654M, 8000T P8655B, 8000T P8655C, 8000T P8655K, 8000T P8656D, 8125EA,,, S4000T (CTO) (DDR-333MHz), S4120AP, S4280AP, S4290FR, S4290IT, S4300NX, S4500NX, S5000T 533MHz, S5010NX, S5100CL, S5100CL-B, S5100KR, S5100NL, S5150AP, S5150KR, S5180AP, S5180HK, S5190AP, S5190ES, S5190NL, S5200CL, S5280AP, S5290FR, S5380AP, S5290IT, S5292FR, S5295FR, S5298FR, S5300IT, S5300KR, S5300NL, s5400nx, s5410nx-b, S6000IL, S6000Z, S6000Z P8656X, S6000Z CTO, S6001DK, S6010AN, S6010HK, S6010IL, S6020AL, S6020HK, S6020IL, S6030AN, S6035IL, S6040IL, S6060AN, S6060IL, S6070IL, S6080AN, S6080AN, S6080AP, S6080HK, S6080IL, S6088FR, S6089ES, S6089FR, S6089IT, S6089NL, S6090AN, S6090IL, S6099ES, S6099FR, S6020IL, S6040IL, S6070IL, S6100KR, S6100KR, S6100ND, S6110IN, S6120AL, S6150AP, S6010HK, S6150IN, S6150ND, S6150SF, S6150UK, S6170AP, S6180AP, S6180HK, S6188ES, S6189ES, S6200ES, S6200FR, S6200KR, S6200NL, S6280AP, S6280HK, S6289ES, S6289FR, S6289IT, S6300NL, S6300NX, S6300SF, S6300UK, S6400ES, S6500NL, S6500NX, S6500SE, S6500UK, S6520IN, S6540IN, S6600KR, S7390UK, SR1000HP, SR1000V P8657F, SR1000Z P8657J, SR1000Z CTO, SR1001LA, SR1002LA, SR1003LA, SR1009NL, SR1010AN, SR1010IL, SR1010LA, SR1010V PJ687AV, SR1012NX, SR1015IL, SR1015LA, SR1020IL, SR1010V, SR1019ES, SR1019FR, SR1020KR, SR1020LA, SR1020V (CTO), SR1030AP, SR1030IL, SR1030FR, SR1030NX, SR1033WM, SR1039ES, SR1040AN, SR1050N, SR1050NL, SR1050NX, SR1055CL, SR1052NX, SR1090NX, SR1108AN, SR1109IT, SR1109NL, SR1109UK, SR1110AL, SR1110IL, SR1110KR, SR1110ND, SR1110SF, SR1110UK, SR111NX, SR1112NX, SR1115CL, SR1115IL, SR1115KR, SR1116FR, SR1117FR, SR1118FR, SR1118HK, SR1119ES, SR1119FR, SR1120AP, SR1120FR, SR1120KR, SR1123WM, SR1124NX, SR1125FR, SR1126FR, SR1126NX, SR1127FR, SR1128AN, SR1128FR, SR1129UK, SR1130AP, SR1130FR, SR1130ND, SR1130NX, SR1130UK, SR1132CU-B, SR1135CL-B, SR1135CL, SR1137FR, SR1138FR, SR1139ES, SR1140ES, SR1140ND, SR1140SF, SR1142NX, SR1148AN, SR1148HK, SR1150NL, SR1150NX, SR1156FR, SR1159ES, SR1159IT, SR1160ES, SR1169IT, SR1205IL, SR1206NX, SR1207AL, SR1207FR, SR1209NL, SR1209UK, SR1210AL, SR1210CF, SR1210CF CTO, SR1210CF PJ721AV, SR1210IL, SR1210UK, SR1214NX, SR1215CB, SR1215CB-B, SR1215CL, SR1215CL-B, SR1216AL, SR1217ES, SR1218AP, SR1218FR, SR1218NX, SR1219AL, SR1219ES, SR1219FR, SR1219NL, SR1220AL, SR1220FR, SR1220KR, SR1220LA, SR1221RS, SR1224NX, SR1225NL, SR1228FR, SR1230FR, SR1235NL, SR1239ES, SR1239FR, SR1239IT, SR1239NL, SR1240AP, SR1240CF, SR1240CF CTO, SR1240CF PJ722AV, SR1240NL, SR1240SF, SR1247ES, SR1247IT, SR1249UK, SR1250KR, SR1277ES, SR1287ES, SR1300CF, SR1300NX, SR1305CF, SR1309NL, SR1310NL, SR1311NX, SR1311NX-B, SR1313CL, SR1319NL, SR1320FR, SR1330NX, SR1330NX, SR1339NL, SR1400CF, SR1401NX, SR1403WM, SR1405CF, SR1405LA, SR1408HM, SR1410AP, SR1410NX, SR1411NX, SR1411NX-B, SR1415LA, SR1420FR, SR1420NX, SR1430LA, SR1500AL, SR1500NX, SR1502LA, SR1503LA, SR1503WM, SR1503WM-B, SR1506AL, SR1520FR, Business Desktop D220, D230, D325, D330 MT, Hewlett Packard Business Desktop DC5000 MT, DX6050, DX6050 MT, Media Center PC M270 (DDR-333MHz), PC M270n (DDR-333MHz), m280m, PC M300y (DDR-333MHz), m370m, M370n, M385c, M385c-b, Pavilion 775e, 775e CTO PC2700, 1000y, FSB 533MHz PC2700,, FSB 533MHz PC2700,, A257c, A257c-b, A290n (DDR-333MHz), A296N,,, A305wm, A306x, A306x-b, A307x, A307x-b,,, FSB 533MHz PC2700, a310.ea FSB 533MHz PC2700,, FSB 533MHz PC2700, A320.FI, a320m FSB 533MHz PC2700, FSB 533MHz PC2700, a320t FSB 533MHz, FSB 533MHz PC2700,,,,,,,,,,, A340n, A342n, A345C, A345c-b,, A350e, A350n, FSB 533MHz PC2700,,, A362N, A365c, A367C, A367c-b, A375C, A375C-B, A384X, A384x-b, a403cl FSB 533MHz PC2700,, a406x FSB 533MHz PC2700, a408d FSB 533MHz PC2700, A408L, A410E, a410e CTO PC2700, A410N, a413cl FSB 533MHz PC2700,, A418L, A420a,,,, A420N,,,, A422D, a428hk,, A430N, A434N,,,, a445c, A446x, A450e, A450N, A450y,, A465w,, A500n, a505cn, a505m, a506cl, A508D,, a510cl,,, A510e, A510e (CTO),, A510n,,,, A518d,,, A520d,,, A520N,,, a523x, a525cn,, a527x,, A530E, A530e (CTO),, a535w, A530N, A532X, A532X-B,,, A545c,, A600N, A600y (CTO), a605m, a606cl,, A609.DK, A609.FI,, A609.NO,,, A610E, A610.FR, A610N, A610.PT,,, a615cn,,, A619.DK,, A620D,,, A620n,,, A625D, A629.DK, A629.FR,, a630cl,, A630.FR, A640n, A650E,,,,, A700.DK,, a702n, a705w, a705w-b,,,,,,,, A710m,,,,, a710d, a710i, a714x,, a716n,, A718L,,, a720.ME,, A723cl,, a730.BE,, A731.BE, A735w,, a740.FI,, A742x,,, A800cl, a800.DK, a800.FI, A800n, A800y (PU000AV) CTO, A801cl, A802cl, A803cl, A805.DK, A806l, A809.NO, A809rs, A810e, A812cl, A813cl, A815.CH,, A820.CH, A823cl, A828l, A829l, A830.BE, A831cl, A840.NL, a845w, a845w-b, A1000LA, A1000n, a1000y, A1008.UK, A1009.UK, A1010N, A1101n,, A1110n, a1376d, DV8135EA,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, k801.AT, K802.DE, K804.DE, M370N, M380N, M380N-b, PC Photosmart PC (DDR-333MHz), M385N, M390N, M587.FR, t123d, t202k, t207k, t212k, t222d, t222k, t225d, t227k, t242k, t247k, t257k,,,, t272k, t278d, t282k, t302cn, t306cn, t307k, t308cn, t310i, t317k,,, t322m FSB 533MHz PC2700, t325t, t327k FSB 533MHz PC2700,, FSB 533MHz PC2700, FSB 533MHz PC2700, t330m FSB 533MHz PC2700, t330t FSB 533MHz PC2700,,, FSB 533MHz PC2700, FSB 533MHz PC2700, t340.ea FSB 533MHz PC2700, FSB 533MHz PC2700, FSB 533MHz PC2700, FSB 533MHz PC2700,,, T348D,, FSB 533MHz PC2700,, FSB 533MHz PC2700,,,, FSB 533MHz PC2700, t370k FSB 533MHz PC2700, FSB 533MHz PC2700,,, T388D,, t402cl FSB 533MHz PC2700, t408cl FSB 533MHz PC2700, t410i FSB 533MHz PC2700, t415cn FSB 533MHz PC2700, t420k FSB 533MHz PC2700, t428d FSB 533MHz PC2700, t430i FSB 533MHz PC2700, t430m FSB 533MHz PC2700,,,, T450m, T480A, T511I, T512K, T517K, T520A, T520M, T522K, T525M, T528D, t528k FSB 533MHz PC2700, T530M, T538D, T539K, T540M, T540.NO, T540.PT, FSB 533MHz PC2700, T550.FR, T550.IT, T550M, FSB 533MHz PC2700, T552K, FSB 533MHz PC2700,, t612k FSB 533MHz PC2700, t615k FSB 533MHz PC2700, T625M, T627M,, FSB 533MHz PC2700,, T650M,,,, T680A, t720m,,,,, t845.SE, t855.SE, t856.SE, t857K,,, t3020.CH,,,, t3149.FI, V532K, v632k, v637k, W1064D, w1062d, w1063d, w1065d, w1068hk, w1088hk, w1112kr,,,,,,, w5120cl, w5127cl, w5128cl, w5129cl,, w5160cl, w5167cl, w5168tw, w5180d, w5187cn, w5189cn, Workstation xw3100 (DDR-333MHz).
  • 092807, 032508, 090308, 102408, 112008, 051109, 100509, 101309, 101609, 102709, 110309, 110409, 111709, 033010, 040710, 061410, 093010, 111510, 031411, 052311, 060911
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