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256MB HP/Compaq PC3200 DDR400 184-pin SDRAM DIMM (p/n DE466A)

256MB HP/Compaq PC3200 DDR400 184-pin SDRAM DIMM (p/n DE466A)

  • Brand:
  • Product Code:DE466A_BNIAKF
  • Availability:In Stock

Price: $5.98, 10/$50.00, 100/$399.00

256MB HP/Compaq PC3200 DDR400 184-pin SDRAM DIMM
  • DE466A, KTH-D530/256, DE466G, DC466T
  • This module may be manufactured by TwinMOS, Adata, Elpida, Hynix, Samsung, Micron, Nanya, or Kingston depending on availability. This module is in stock and can ship today. We guaranty this module will work in your system.
  • 256MB 184pin PC3200 2.5V DDR DIMM.
  • Systems shipped with 800MHz FSB processors require DDR400 parts. Systems shipped with 533MHz FSB processors require DDR333.
  • The DE466A carries a MemoryTen lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with HP-Compaq Business Business Desktop D290, D330 Desktop, D330 MicroTower, D330 Slim Tower, DX2000 Slim Tower, DX2025, DX2030 MicroTower, Desktop DX2090, Business Desktop DX5150, DX5150 Small Form Factor, digital entertainment center z540, z545, z545-b, z545h, z552,,,,, z555, z556, z557, z558, evo business desktop d240 Series, D248 MicroTower, d330, d330 desktop, d330 Microtower, d330 Slimtower, D338 MicroTower, D530 (DDR400MHz), d530 Convertible MinitOWeR, d530 Mt, Evo Desktop D530 SFF/Convertible Minitower (DDR-400MHz), D530 Ultra-Slim Desktop (DDR-400MHz), dc5000 desktop, dc5000 c500S, dc5000 c500M, dc7100 Sff/Convertible Minitower, dc7100 Convertible Minitower, dc7100 Small Form FaCTOr, dc7100 Ultra-Slim Form FaCTOr, dx2000, dX2000 Microtower, dX2000 SliM tOWeR, dx6100, dX6100 Microtower, dX6100 Slim tower, Gaming pc X07, X09, GX5000t, GX5000Z, GX5050, Media center 856x, 884, m1265c, Media Center PC 883,, M200y CTO, M260n, M270 (DDR-400MHz), M270n (DDR-400MHz), m280n, M300y (DDR-400MHz), M300Y CTO, M370.fR,, m376n, m377n, M380, M380.fR, Photosmart PC (DDR-400MHz), M390n, M390n-b, m400y (CTO), M428cn, M438cn, m470n, M476n,,, m480n,,, M488cn, M490k, m490n, M492k, m495c,,, M692k, 866c, 876x, 896c, a1050e Series (CTO), M1000Y, m1000y (CTO), M1050e, M1050Y, m1050y (CTO),,, m1070n,M1072n,,,, m1080n, M1082n,, m1090n, m1095c, M1095c-b, M1155.FR, photosmart pc,, m1160n,,, m1170n, M1170.NL, M1171n, M1177A,, M1180.IT,, m1180n, M1188A, M1190.IT,, M1190.NL, m1195c, m1197c, m1197c Desktop/PC,,, M1255.FR,,,, M1270n, M1270.NL, M1270KR, M1277A,, M1280.IT, Photosmart pc,, M1285.IT, M1288a, M1288CN, M1290.IT,, m1295c, m1295c Desktop/PC, M1295c-b, M1297A, M1297C, M1298CN, M1299a, m1360e, m1360e Desktop/PC, M7000KR, M7041.UK, m7050e Photosmart PC, M7050KR, M7051.UK, M7061.UK, M7070.FR, M7070.NL, M7070KR, M7071.UK, M7077A, M7077D, M7081.FR, M7081.IT, M7088A, M7088D, M7090.NL, M7091.IT, M7099A, M7100e, M7100KR, M7148HK, M7150KR, M7166D, M7168HK, M7171.IT, M7177A, M7177D, M7188A, M7248HK, M7248n Tower, m7248n Photosmart PC, M7259c, M7259c-b,,, M7270.NL, M7290.NL, m7330n Desktop/PC, M798CN, M7300e, M7334n, M7390.NL, Pavilion 876c (DDR-400MHz), 2500, 2550, A229.fR, A250y (DDR-400MHz), a250y (CTO), a290n, A290n (DDR-400MHz),,, a385c (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz),, A445W, a450e (CTO), a450n, a450y (CTO), a462x, a465c, a465c-b, a475c,, a536cl, a548hk,, A550e, a550e (CTO), A550y, a550y (CTO), A556X, A556X-b, a558hk, A562n, A564n, A566n, a574n, a605d,,,, A609cn, A609hk, A609l, A610cl, A610d, A610l, a612n, a616x,,, a626x, a629hk, a630n, A636n,, a644x, a646c, a646x, A648hk, a650e (CTO), a650n, A650Y, a650y (CTO), a652n, a665c, a667c, a675c, a700cl, A700l,,, a708hk,, a710cl, a710e (CTO), a715cn, a718l,,, A720D, A724n, A725.DK, A728.DK, A728hk, a728l,, a730cl, A730.DK, a730n, a732n, A735.DK, A736d, a736n, A737n, A740.BE,, a744x, a744x-b, A747, a747c, a747cb, A749c, A749C-B, a750cl, A750e, a750e (CTO), A750Y, a750y (CTO), A752n, A760.NL, A762x, a767c, a775c, a775cb, a785c, a785cb, A800tl,, A805n, a807w, a807w-b,, A808hk, A808l,, A808x,,,,, A810.CH, A810cl, A810.fR, A810i, A810n,, A810TW,, a810y (CTO), a813w, a813w-b, A814x, A815cn, A815i, A815n, A815y (PU146AV) CTO, a816d, A817n, A818l, A818n, A819n,,, a820n, A820.Se, A820tW,, A822n, A824n,, A828hk,, A830n, A832n,, A839n, A844n,, a850e Series (CTO),, a850y Series (CTO), a847c, a847c-b, a867c, a867c-b, A880l,,,,, A1002kR,, A1007kR, A1007w, A1007W-b,,,, A1010cl, A1011tW, A1012tW, A1014.fR, A1015cl, A1017cl, A1019cl,, A1020A, A1020d, A1020in, A1022n,, a1030e (CTO), A1030l, A1035d, A1037cl, A1040A, A1050cl, A1050l, a1050y (CTO), A1051l, A1052l, A1056cn, A1057cl, A1060A, A1070cl,, a1112n, A1114N, A1118X,, a1120in (PY071AA),, A1129n, A1130n, A1132n, A1140a, A1160a, A1180D, A1200e,, a1210n, a1230n, a1217cl,,,,, a1225l, a1226n,,, a1229x, a1232cl, a1233cl, a1237cl, a1238cl, a1238l,,, a1229x,, a1245c, a1248hk,,, A1250N,, a1257cl, a1257kr, a1273cl, a1276cn, A1283W,, A1300l, a1303cl, a1303hk,,, a1307kr,,, a1309kr,,, a1310cl, a1310tw, a1311cl,, A1314n Media Center,,,,, a1317cl,,, a1318cl,,, a1319kr,,,,,,,,, a1330cn, A1330e, A1310n, A1330n, a1330l, a1332cl, a1333cl, a1335cl, a1335l, a1336l,, a1337cl,, a1338hk,, a1339hk, a1342kr, a1347kr, A1350n, a1353cl, A1355c Media Center, a1356cn, A1357C-b Media Center, a1357cl, a1357kr, a1358hk, a1358kr, a1359cn, a1370l, a1373cl, A1381.UK, a1391cl, a1392cl, a1393cl, a1398cl, A1400e, A1400y,,,,, A1410n,,,,,, a1420la, a1428x,,, A1430n, A1449.UK, A1450n,, a1483w, A1510cn, A1510n, A1511cl, A1512cl, A1513cn, a1520n Media Center, A1528X, a1530e, A1534x, A1547C, A1547c-b, A1632x Media Center, B1010BR, B1020BR, B1040BR, B1045BR, B1215BR, B1410BR, B1415BR, B1420BR, d1000e (CTO),,,,,,,, d1140.Se, d1221.Se, d4000e Series (CTO),, d4100e, d4100e Series (CTO),,,,,,,,,,,,,, D4450.SE-A, D4491.SE-A, D4494.SE-A, D4495.SE-A, D4496.SE-A, g1015cl, g1017cl, G1020l, G1025cl, g1030cn, G1030cs, G1030l, G1035l, g1037cn, G1250l, G1260l, G1262l, G1265l, G2050l, G2060l, G2065l, G2066L, G2069l, j312cn, j316cn, j318cn, j410cl, j412cn, j416cl, j418cl,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, K821.AT,,,, k831.At,,,,,,,, k878.At, k898.At, m480n, M527.FR, M577.UK, M7250N, Media Center, M7308hk Media Center, M7309hk Media Center,,, m7330n,,, Media Center,,,, Media Center, m7368hk Media Center, m7369hk Media Center,, Media Center,,, Media Center,, Media Center,,, Media Center, Media Center, m7434n Media Center, Media Center,, Media Center, Media Center,, Media Center, Media Center,, m7470n PC Media Center TV,,, Media Center,, m798cn, M1072n photosmart pc, m1171n, M1199A,,,, s7500e, Slimline s7500n, Slimline, S7510.UK, S7515X, S7516.FR, Slimline, Slimline, SR1240fR, SR1339fR, t237k, t238d, t262k, t267k, t272d,, t302k, t322d (DDR-400MHz), t328k (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), t332k (DDR-400MHz), t337k (DDR-400HMz), t338d (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), t340m (DDR-400MHz), t348hk (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), t360a (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), t373k (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), t380d (DDR-400MHz), t380hk (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), t367k (DDR-400MHz), t368d (DDR-400MHz), t368hk (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHZ), t402k (DDR-400MHz), t440d, t442k (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), t448d (DDR-400MHz), t448hk (DDR-400MHz), t449hk (DDR-400MHz),,,,,,, t490.fR,, (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), t450i (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHZ), t458d (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), t460i (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), t467k (DDR-400MHz), t468d (DDR-400MHz), t468hk (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), t469hk (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), t478d (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), (DDR-400MHz), t480d (DDR-400MHz), t482k (DDR-400MHz), 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(pc3200), 8615SE, 8620SE, 8630SE, 8640SE, 8650SE, 8680SE, 8681SE, 8682SE, 8683SE, 8692SE, 8693SE, 8720SE, 8740SE, 8760SE, 8770SE, 8780SE, 8800SE, 8810SE, 8820SE, 8840SE, 8860SE, 8880SE, 8885SE, 9000SE, 9020SE, 9040SE, 9050SE, 9060SE, 9070SE, 9080SE, 9085SE, S4000T (CTO) (DDR-400MHz), S4000T P8656F, S4000T P8656K, S4000T P8655S, S4000T P8655T, S4000T P8655U, S4000T P8655V, S4200f, S4500NX (DDR-400MHz), S5000T, S5000t (BTO), S5000t (CTO), S5300fR, S5322cc, S5322CC-B, S5600uk, S6000t (CTO), S6010V, S6270Ap, S6400fR, S6700cl, S6700nX, S6800uk, S6900nX, SA4000t, SA4000Z, SA4000Z (CTO), SG1005IL, SG1008IL, SG1115IL, SG1118IL, SG2002LA, SG2020IL, SG2023IL, SG2025IN, SG2043IL, SG2044IL, SG2048IN, SG2053IL, SG2060IL, SG2070IL, SG2075IN, SG2080IL, SR1000t, SR1000t (CTO), SR1000V (CTO), SR1005t, SR1005t (CTO), SR1010t, SR1010t (CTO), SR1010V, SR1010V (CTO), SR1010, SR1010Z, SR1010Z (CTO), SR1028Ap, SR1030lA, SR1034nX, SR1044bb, SR1060An, SR1060Ap, SR1070An, SR1070Ap, SR1070kR, SR1070nl, SR1080An, 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SR1365cl-b, SR1368HK, SR1369IT, SR1375IT, SR1378FR, SR1379IT, SR1380An, SR1385IT, SR1389IT, SR1399An, SR1399IT, SR1400IL, SR1402IL, SR1403WM-B, SR1405IN, SR1407AL, SR1407FR, SR1408AL, SR1408FR, SR1408HL, SR1409AL, SR1409NL, SR1410ND, SR1410SF, SR1411KR, SR1415AL, SR1415IT, SR1417CL, SR1418HL, SR1419IT, SR1419NL, SR1420CF (PU196AV)CTO, SR1420IL, SR1420UK, SR1421UK, SR1425CF (PU195AV)CTO, SR1425IL, SR1425IT, SR1428FR, SR1429FR, SR1429IT, SR1429uk, SR1430IL, SR1430KR, SR1435IL, SR1438FR, SR1439FR, SR1439IT, SR1439uk, SR1440FR, SR1440ND, SR1440SF, SR1440UK, SR1448HK, SR1449IT, SR1450KR, SR1458FR, SR1459IT, SR1460CF (PU198AV)CTO, SR1460FR, SR1460UK, SR1465CF (PU197AV)CTO, SR1469IT, SR1470KR, SR1475CL, SR1479IT, SR1495IT, SR1499IT, SR1500AN, SR1500IL, SR1510IL, SR1502HM, SR1502IL, SR1505IL, SR1505LA, SR1506IL, SR1507FR, SR1508NL, SR1509NL, SR1510AL, SR1510AP, SR1510ND, SR1510NX, SR1510SF, SR1511NX, SR1512IL, SR1514NX, SR1515IN, SR1515LA, SR1515TL, SR1517CL, SR1517CL-B, SR1518IL, SR1519ES, SR1519UK, SR1520AN, SR1520AP, SR1520IL, SR1520KR, SR1520NX, SR1520TW, SR1524FR, SR1525IN, SR1529ES, SR1529IT, SR1529NL, SR1530IL, SR1536NX, SR1538X, SR1539IT, SR1539UK, SR1540FR, SR1548HK, SR1549IT, SR1550CF (CTO), SR1550KR, SR1557ES, SR1559IT, SR1560AN, SR1560CF (CTO), SR1560NL, SR1563CL, SR1569ES, SR1569IT, SR1570KR, SR1575CL, SR1575CL-B, SR1579ES, SR1579FR, SR1597ES, SR1600AN, SR1601NX, SR1602HM, SR1602LS, SR1603WM, SR1603wmb, SR1605AL, SR1605LA, SR1606FR, SR1607FR, SR1608FR, SR1609FR, SR1609NL, SR1609UK, SR1610AL, SR1610IL, SR1610NX, SR1611KR, SR1611NX, SR1614X, SR1614NX, SR1615LA, SR1615TL, SR1616NX, SR1617CL, SR1617CL-B, SR1617NL, SR1618HL, SR1619UK, SR1620AN, SR1620AP, SR1620NX, SR1622FR, SR1625NX, SR1627NL, SR1629ES, SR1629FR, SR1629NL, SR1630NX, SR1638FR, SR1638NX, SR1639UK, SR1640FR, SR1647ES, SR1647IT, SR1649IT, SR1650CF, SR1650NX, SR1655CF (CTO), SR1659ES, SR1660AN, SR1660CF, SR1660ES, SR1667IT, SR1669ES, SR1669IT, SR1675CL, SR1675CL-B, SR1677CF, SR1677ES, SR1677IT, SR1680TW, SR1687ES, SR1688CF, SR1689IT, SR1699AN, SR1700Z, SR1701FR, SR1702FR, SR1702IL, SR1702LS, SR1703FR, SR1703WM, SR1704CF (CTO), SR1705FR, SR1705IL, SR1707FR, SR1707WM, SR1708FR, SR1709FR, SR1709IT, SR1709UK, SR1710AN, SR1710IL, SR1710ND, SR1710NX, SR1710SF, SR1711KR, SR1711NX, SR1715AN, SR1717CL, SR1717IT, SR1717KR, SR1719IT, SR1719ND, SR1719NL, SR1719SF, SR1719UK, SR1720AN, SR1720AP, SR1720CF, SR1720FR, SR1720KR, SR1720NX, SR1725AN, SR1725AP, SR1726NX, SR1727NL, SR1728AP, SR1729ES, SR1729IT, SR1730NX, SR1730TW, SR1730Z, SR1734X, SR1735TL, SR1738NX, SR1738TW, SR1739IT, SR1740FR, SR1749IT, SR1750CF (CTO), SR1750NX, SR1755NX, SR1757KR, SR1759ES, SR1760AN, SR1760CF (CTO), SR1765AN, SR1767ES, SR1769IT, SR1770TW, SR1779IT, SR1780AN, SR1780TW, SR1787CF (CTO), SR1789CF (CTO), SR1790AN, SR1790CF (CTO), SR1795CF, SR1799AN, SR1799CF, SR1799IT, SR1802FR, SR1802HM, SR1804FR, SR1805FR, SR1806FR, SR1807CL, SR1807FR, SR1807IT, SR1807UK, SR1809FR, SR1810NX, SR1811NX, SR1815LA, SR1817CL, SR1819IT, SR1819UK, SR1820FR, SR1820NX, SR1829NL, SR1830NX Media Center, SR1834NX Media Center, SR1838NX Media Center, SR1840FR, SR1849IT, SR1850NX Media Center PC, SR1859NL, SR1867ES, SR1869ES, SR1869IT, SR1879UK, SR1877ES, SR1900NX, SR1900Z, SR1901WM, SR1901WM, SR1901WM, SR1902HM, SR1902LS, SR1903WM, SR1903WM-B, SR1905LA, SR1907CL-B, SR1909IT, SR1909SC, SR1910NX, SR1911FR, SR1913WM, SR1913WM-B, SR1915LA, SR1917CL, SR1917CL-B, SR1918LA, SR1920NX, SR1921AN, SR1922X, SR1923WM, SR1924NX, SR1930NX, SR1930Z, R1934NX, SR1936X, SR1939IT, SR1939SC, SR1950NX, SR1954NX, SR2001NX, SR2006NX, SR2039X, SR2041X, SR2054X, ProLiant XW25p.
  • 021008, 021308, 032808, 041508, 042408, 052208, 052308, 070108, 090308, 092308, 122408, 092309, 101609, 102709, 102809, 110309, 110409, 111109, 010610, 051010, 081110, 081610, 091510, 101110, 031511, 031611, 041111
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