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1GB Hewlett Packard PC2-6400 DDR2-800 200-pin SODIMM (p/n GM254AT)

1GB Hewlett Packard PC2-6400 DDR2-800 200-pin SODIMM (p/n GM254AT)

  • Brand:
  • Product Code:GM254AT_CMUCIDCBICHL
  • Availability:In Stock

Price: $9.98

1GB Hewlett Packard PC2-6400 DDR2-800 200-pin SODIMM
  • Compatible with GM254AT.
  • This module may be manufactured by Micron, Samsung, Infineon, Hynix or Gigaram.
  • Specifications:
    Size - 1GB
    Pins - 200 pins
    ECC - no
    Registered - no
    Form Factor - SODIMM
  • The GM254AT carries a MemoryTen lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with Compaq Mini 210 (DDR2-800MHz), Mini 210-1000sa, Mini 210-1000ep, 210-1010es, Mini 210-1000ew, Mini 210-1000sp, Mini 210-1001sa, Mini 210-1002sa, Mini 210-1003sa, Mini 210-1004sa, Mini 210-1004tu, Mini 210-1005SA, Mini 210-1010ca, Mini 210-1010eb, Mini 210-1010ef, Mini 210-1010nr, Mini 210-1010sl, Mini 210-1010ss, Mini 210-1010sw, Mini 210-1011ea, Mini 210-1011eg, Mini 210-1011ez, Mini 210-1011tu, Mini 210-1012ee, Mini 210-1012eg, Mini 210-1012sa, Mini 210-1012tu, Mini 210-1013ee, Mini 210-1013eg, Mini 210-1014ee, Mini 210-1014sa, Mini 210-1014sg, Mini 210-1015ee, Mini 210-1015ep, Mini 210-1015es, Mini 210-1015sb, Mini 210-1015sg, Mini 210-1015sz, Mini 210-1015tu, Mini 210-1016sg, Mini 210-1017sg, 210-1018cl, Mini 210-1018eg, Mini 210-1019eg, 210-1020ea, Mini 210-1020eh, Mini 210-1020ek, Mini 210-1020em, Mini 210-1020eo, Mini 210-1020ep, Mini 210-1020ez, Mini 210-1020sa, Mini 210-1020sl, Mini 210-1020sp, 210-1020EG, 210-1025LA, 210-1030tu, 210-1031tu, 210-1067SF, 210-1100EW, 210-1100tu, 210-1104tu, 210-1107tu, 210-1108tu, 210-1110tu, 210-1111tu, 210-1112tu, 210-1113tu, 210-1114tu, 210-1116tu, 210-1117tu, 210-1118tu, 210-1124tu, 210-1125tu, 2102, 5101, 5102, 5103, CQ10-110SB, CQ10-120LA, Presario CQ20-101TU Notebook (32-bit), CQ20-101TU Notebook (64-bit), CQ20-102TU Notebook (32-bit), CQ20-102TU Notebook (64-bit), CQ20-103TU Notebook (32-bit), CQ20-103TU Notebook (64-bit), CQ20-104TU Notebook (32-bit), CQ20-104TU Notebook (64-bit), CQ20-105TU Notebook (32-bit), CQ20-105TU Notebook (64-bit), CQ20-106TU Notebook (32-bit), CQ20-106TU Notebook (64-bit), CQ20-107TU Notebook (32-bit), CQ20-107TU Notebook (64-bit), CQ20-108TU Notebook (32-bit), CQ20-108TU Notebook (64-bit), CQ20-109TU Notebook (32-bit), CQ20-109TU Notebook (64-bit), CQ20-110TU Notebook (32-bit), CQ20-110TU Notebook (64-bit), CQ20-111TU Notebook (32-bit), CQ20-111TU Notebook (64-bit), CQ20-112TU Notebook (32-bit), CQ20-112TU Notebook (64-bit), CQ20-113TU Notebook (32-bit), CQ20-113TU Notebook (64-bit), CQ20-114TU Notebook (32-bit), CQ20-114TU Notebook (64-bit), CQ20-115TU Notebook (32-bit), CQ20-115TU Notebook (64-bit), CQ20-116TU Notebook (32-bit), CQ20-116TU Notebook (64-bit), CQ20-117TU Notebook (32-bit), CQ20-117TU Notebook (64-bit), CQ20-118TU Notebook (32-bit), CQ20-118TU Notebook (64-bit), CQ20-119TU Notebook (32-bit), CQ20-119TU Notebook (64-bit), CQ20-120TU Notebook (32-bit), CQ20-120TU Notebook (64-bit), CQ20-121TU Notebook (32-bit), CQ20-121TU Notebook (64-bit), CQ20-122TU Notebook (32-bit), CQ20-122TU Notebook (64-bit), CQ60-210US Notebook (DDR2-800MHz), CQ60-220US Notebook (DDR2-800MHz), CQ60Z (CTO) Notebook (DDR2-800MHz), G70-460US, Hewlett Packard Business Desktop DC7800 Ultra-Slim (KA371UT) (DDR2-800MHz), DC7800 Ultra-Slim (RU026UT) (DDR2-800MHz), DC7800 Ultra-Slim (RU027UT) (DDR2-800MHz), DC7800 Ultra-Slim (RU028UT) (DDR2-800MHz), DC7900 Ultra-Slim (32-bit), DC7900 Ultra-Slim (64-bit), Business Notebook 510, 6535B, 6535s (32-bit) (DDR2-800MHz), 6535s (64-bit) (DDR2-800MHz), 6720s (DDR2-800MHz), 6735B, 6735s (32-bit) (DDR2-800MHz), 6735s (64-bit) (DDR2-800MHz), 6820s (DDR2-800MHz), DM3-1010ED, DM3-1010EO, dm3-1035dx, dm3-1100eb (DDR2-800MHz), dm3-1100sa (DDR2-800MHz), dm3-1101ea (DDR2-800MHz), dm3-1101sa (DDR2-800MHz), dm3-1101tx, dm3-1110eg, dm3-1110eo, dm3-1110ew, dm3-1111sa (DDR2-800MHz), dm3-1112sa (DDR2-800MHz), dm3-1115ea (DDR2-800MHz), dm3-1120ec (DDR2-800MHz), dm3-1130us, dv2-1010au, dv2-1120el, dv2-1201au, dv2-1202au, dv2-1202au, dv2-1206au, dv2-1208au, dv2-1209ax, dv2-1210ax, DV4-1120US (32-bit), DV4-1120US (64-bit), DV4-1135TX, DV4-1220US (Entertainment) (32-bit), DV4-1220US (Entertainment) (64-bit), DV4-1233TX, DV4-1234TX, DV4-1235BR, DV4-1280US (Entertainment) (32-bit), DV4-1280US (Entertainment) (64-bit), DV4T, DV5-1000US, DV5-1002NR, DV5-1159SE (Special Edition) (32-bit), DV5-1159SE (Special Edition) (64-bit), DV5T, dv5z, DV5Z (32-bit), DV5Z (64-bit), DV6-1030CA (32-bit), DV6-1030CA (64-bit), DV6-1030US (Entertainment) (32-bit), DV6-1030US (Entertainment) (64-bit), DV6-1038CA (32-bit), DV6-1038CA (64-bit), DV6-1053CL (32-bit), DV6-1053CL (64-bit), DV6-1050US (32-bit), DV6-1050US (64-bit), DV6-1150EL, DV6-1180EP, dv6-1180eo, DV6-1220SD, dv6-1220so, dv6-1233eo, DV7-1020US, DV7-1130US (32-bit), DV7-1130US (64-bit), dv7-3000sl, dv7-3005eg, dv7-3010sg, dv7-3015sf, dv7-3020eg, dv7-3030eg, DV7-3057NR, dv7-3101sa, dv7-3105sw, dv7-3110eg, DV7T, DV7Z, DV9922US, G50-201CA, G60-230US, G60-445DX, G60-530US, G60T (CTO) Notebook, G70-250US, G70T (CTO) Notebook, tx2500z, EliteBook 2530p Notebook, 2730p Notebook, 6930p Notebook, 8530p Notebook, 8530w, 8530w Mobile Workstation, 8730w Mobile Workstation, Pavilion Notebook All-in-One MS218, All-in-One MS219, All-in-One MS220, DV3-1075US, dv3-2010el, dv3-2020el, dv3-2222tx, dv3-2230ea, dv3-2230ef, dv3-2250ed, DV3Z (DV3-1000) (CTO) (32-bit), DV3Z (DV3-1000) (CTO) (64-bit), DV4-1140GO (Entertainment) (32-bit), dv4-1124nr, DV4-1140GO (Entertainment) (64-bit), DV4-2012LA, dv4-1219tx, dv4-1220tx, dv4-1221tx, dv4-1223tx, dv4-1224tx, dv4-1225tx, dv4-1226tx, dv4-1227tx, dv4-2012br, dv4-2013la, dv4-2014br, dv4-2014la, dv4-2016br, dv4-2016la, dv4-2020ca, dv4-2041nr, dv4-2046nr, dv4-2048ca, dv4-2049us, dv4-2049wm, dv4-2058nr, DV4-2112BR, DV4-2112LA, DV4-2113LA, DV4-2117LA, dv4-2120ca, DV4T Special Edition, DV4Z (DV4-1000) (CTO) (32-bit), DV4Z (DV4-1000) (CTO) (64-bit), DV5-1120US (Entertainment) (32-bit), DV5-1120US (Entertainment) (64-bit), DV5-1235DX, DV5-1140US (Entertainment) (32-bit), DV5-1140US (Entertainment) (64-bit), DV5T (Special Edition) (32-bit), DV5T (Special Edition) (64-bit), DV6-1200EH, DV6-1200SL, DV6-1201TX, DV6-1202TU, DV6-1203AU, DV6-1203AX, DV6-1203EE, DV6-1204AU, DV6-1205EE, DV6-1205SG, DV6-1205SL, DV6-1206AU, DV6-1207AU, DV6-1207SF, DV6-1208CA, DV6-1210EE, DV6-1210EG, DV6-1210EK, DV6-1210ER, DV6-1210ET, DV6-1210EW, DV6-1210EZ, DV6-1210SA, DV6-1210SF, DV6-1215AX, DV6-1215EE, DV6-1215EI, DV6-1215EW, DV6-1215EZ, DV6-1220SD, DV6-1222TX, dv6-1230ec, DV6-1230US, DV6-1240EA, DV6-1240EC, DV6-1240ED, DV6-1240EF, DV6-1240EI, DV6-1240EK, DV6-1240EL, DV6-1240EO, DV6-1240EP, DV6-1240SF, DV6-1240SH, DV6-1240TX, DV6-1240US, DV6-1244SB, DV6-1245DX, DV6-1245EO, DV6-1245ES, DV6-1245ET, DV6-1255EG, DV6-1275LA, DV6-1299EA, DV6-1299EO, DV6-1299ER, DV6-1299ES, DV6-1299EZ, dv6-2004eo, dv6-2006so, dv6-2007so, dv6-2050eo, DV6-2050ES, dv6-2056so, DV6T (CTO), dv6-2105ew, dv6-2110es, dv6-2110ss, dv6-2112ea, dv6-2113sa, dv6-2114sa, dv6-2116ea, dv6-2116eo, dv6-2120ec, dv6-2120ed, dv6-2124sf, dv6-2133eo, dv6-2137eo, dv6-2140ec, dv6-2157us, DV6Z (CTO), DV7-1001EA, DV7-1001EF, DV7-1001EG, DV7-1002EA, DV7-1002TX, DV7-1003EA, DV7-1003EO, DV7-1004EA, DV7-1005EF, DV7-1005EG, DV7-1005EO, DV7-1005ES, DV7-1005TX, DV7-1008EG, DV7-1010ED, DV7-1010EF, DV7-1010EG, DV7-1010EL, DV7-1010EO, DV7-1010ES, DV7-1010ET, DV7-1014CA, DV7-1014TX, DV7-1015EG, DV7-1015L, DV7-1015EO, DV7-1015TX, DV7-1016NR, DV7-1017EG, DV7-1018EG, DV7-1019TX, DV7-1020EA, DV7-1020EG, DV7-1020EL, DV7-1020EO, DV7-1020ES, DV7-1020EV, DV7-1020EW, DV7-1023CL, DV7-1025EG, DV7-1025NR, DV7-1027CA, DV7-1029EG, DV7-1030EB, DV7-1030EG, DV7-1030EL, DV7-1030ES, DV7-1030EV, DV7-1034CA, DV7-1035EO, DV7-1035ES, DV7-1038CA, DV7-1040EC, DV7-1040EF, DV7-1040EM, DV7-1040EO, DV7-1040ES, DV7-1040ET, DV7-1040EW, DV7-1045EG, DV7-1045TX, DV7-1050EA, DV7-1050EB, DV7-1050ED, DV7-1050EF, DV7-1050EG, DV7-1050EO, DV7-1050ER, DV7-1053EZ, DV7-1055EA, DV7-1060EC, DV7-1060EF, DV7-1060EG, DV7-1060EL, DV7-1060EM, DV7-1060EN, DV7-1060EO, DV7-1060EP, DV7-1060EW, DV7-1060EZ, DV7-1065EF, DV7-1067EF, DV7-1070EB, DV7-1070ED, DV7-1070EE, DV7-1070EF, DV7-1070EG, DV7-1070EK, DV7-1070EL, DV7-1070EO, DV7-1070EV, DV7-1075LA, DV7-1080ED, DV7-1080EL, DV7-1080EO, DV7-1080ES, DV7-1080EW, DV7-1080EZ, DV7-1090EB, DV7-1090ED, DV7-1090EN, DV7-1090EO, DV7-1090ER, DV7-1092EO, DV7-1093EO, DV7-1094EO, DV7-1095EO, DV7-1098EO, DV7-1099EF, DV7-1100EF, DV7-1100EG, DV7-1100EM, DV7-1103EA, DV7-1103EF, DV7-1105EA, DV7-1105EG, DV7-1106EG, DV7-1110EA, DV7-1110ED, DV7-1110EG, DV7-1110EO, DV7-1110ES, DV7-1112EG, DV7-1113EO, DV7-1115EF, DV7-1115EG, DV7-1115EO, DV7-1118EO, DV7-1120ED, DV7-1120EG, DV7-1120EO, DV7-1120EW, DV7-1122EG, DV7-1123CA, DV7-1123EF, DV7-1123EO, DV7-1125EO, DV7-1125EZ, DV7-1127CL, DV7-1128CA, DV7-1128EO, DV7-1128EZ, DV7-1129WM, DV7-1130EA, DV7-1130ED, DV7-1130EG, DV7-1130EI, DV7-1130EN, DV7-1130EO, DV7-1130EV, DV7-1130EW, DV7-1132NR, DV7-1133CL, DV7-1134US, DV7-1135EA, DV7-1135EO, DV7-1135NR, DV7-1137US, DV7-1140EC, DV7-1140ED, DV7-1140EG, DV7-1140EK, DV7-1140EN, DV7-1140EO, DV7-1140ES, DV7-1140EW, DV7-1145EF, DV7-1145ES, DV7-1150ED, DV7-1150EG, DV7-1150EJ, DV7-1150ES, DV7-1150ET, DV7-1150EV, DV7-1150EW, DV7-1150US (Entertainment) (32-bit), DV7-1150US (Entertainment) (64-bit), DV7-1153CA, DV7-1155ES, DV7-1157CL, DV7-1157ES, DV7-1160EB, DV7-1160ED, DV7-1160EG, DV7-1160EK, DV7-1160ES, DV7-1165EG, DV7-1169ER, DV7-1170EG, DV7-1170EO, DV7-1170EZ, DV7-1170US, DV7-1173ER, DV7-1174CA, DV7-1175EG, DV7-1175ER, DV7-1175NR, DV7-1177CA, DV7-1179ER, DV7-1180EG, DV7-1180EO, DV7-1183CL, DV7-1185EG, DV7-1190EO, DV7-1190ER, DV7-1190ES, DV7-1195EG, DV7-1195EO, DV7-1195ER, DV7-1196EG, DV7-1199EC, DV7-1199ED, DV7-1199EF, DV7-1199EG, DV7-1199EO, DV7-1199ES, DV7-1199EV, DV7-1199EW, DV7-1199EZ, DV7-1200EG, DV7-1200EO, DV7-1201EF, DV7-1201EG, DV7-1202EF, DV7-1203EF, DV7-1203EM, DV7-1204EF, DV7-1204EG, DV7-1204TX, DV7-1205EF, DV7-1205EG, DV7-1205EO, DV7-1206EF, DV7-1206EL, DV7-1206EZ, DV7-1207EF, DV7-1208EF, DV7-1208EZ, DV7-1209EF, DV7-1209EM, DV7-1210EA, DV7-1210ED, DV7-1210EF, DV7-1210EG, DV7-1210EL, DV7-1210EO, DV7-1210ER, DV7-1210ET, DV7-1211EA, DV7-1211TX, DV7-1212EA, DV7-1213EA, DV7-1213TX, DV7-1214EA, DV7-1214TX, DV7-1215EF, DV7-1215EG, DV7-1215EO, DV7-1215ER, DV7-1215EZ, DV7-1215TX, DV7-1217EM, DV7-1220EB, DV7-1220ED, DV7-1220EF, DV7-1220EG, DV7-1220EL, DV7-1220EM, DV7-1220EO, DV7-1220ER, DV7-1220ES, DV7-1220EW, DV7-1222EZ, DV7-1223CA, DV7-1225EF, DV7-1225EO, DV7-1225EZ, DV7-1228CA, DV7-1230EB, DV7-1230ED, DV7-1230EG, DV7-1230EO, DV7-1230ET, DV7-1230EW, DV7-1230EZ, DV7-1232NR, DV7-1233EO, DV7-1235EO, DV7-1236EZ, DV7-1240EB, DV7-1240ED, DV7-1240EK, DV7-1240EL, DV7-1240EO, DV7-1240US, DV7-1243CL, DV7-1245CA, DV7-1245DX, DV7-1245EF, DV7-1245EO, DV7-1247CL, DV7-1249EF, DV7-1250EB, DV7-1250ED, DV7-1250EG, DV7-1250EN, DV7-1250EO, DV7-1250EP, DV7-1250ES, DV7-1251EG, DV7-1252EG, DV7-1253CA, DV7-1253EO, DV7-1255EO, DV7-1260EK, DV7-1260EO, DV7-1260ES, DV7-1260EW, DV7-1260US, DV7-1261WM, DV7-1262EG, DV7-1262US, DV7-1264NR, DV7-1265EO, DV7-1267CL, DV7-1270CA, DV7-1270EG, DV7-1270EO, DV7-1270ES, DV7-1270EZ, DV7-1270US, DV7-1273CL, DV7-1273EO, DV7-1275DX, DV7-1275EO, DV7-1279WM, DV7-1280EC, DV7-1280EG, DV7-1280ES, dv7-1451nr, DV7-2018TX, DV7-2019TX, DV7-2020TX, dv7-2112TX, dv7-3163cl, DV7-2170US, dv7-2174ca, Pavilion Entertainment Notebook dm3-1103au, dm3-1105ax, dm3-1107au, dm3-1107ax, dm3-1111sa, dm3-1114ax, dm3-1115ax, dm3-1115ea, dm3-1116tx, dm3-1121ax, dm3-1124ca, dm3-1124tx, dm3-1125tx, dm3-1126ax, dm3-1126tx, dm3-1131nr, dv3-2001tu, dv3-2002tu, dv3-2008tx, dv3-2013tx, dv3-2017tx, dv3-2023tx, dv3-2025tx, dv3-2028tx, dv3-2029tx, dv3-2030ez, dv3-2035tx, dv3-2210eg, dv3-2250ep, dv3-2250es, dv3-2299eo, dv3660ej, dv3660ew, dv3680es, dv3699ef, dv4-1230tx, dv4-1235tx, dv4-1243tx, dv4-1244tx, dv4-1245tx, dv4-1246tx, dv4-1247tx, dv4-1272cm, dv4-1275mx, dv4-1526tx, dv4-1528tx, dv4-1531tx, dv4-2040us, dv4-2045dx, dv4-2111la, dv4-2114la, dv6-1100eo, dv6-1103ax, dv6-1103tx, dv6-1105ax, dv6-1110ss, dv6-1115es, dv6-1120ep, dv6-1129TX, dv6-1130eb, dv6-1130sa, dv6-1134tx, dv6-1135tx, dv6-1136tx, dv6-1140ez, dv6-1220ez, dv6-1220sp, dv6-1222eo, dv6-1222sl, dv6-1223sl, dv6-1235sb, dv6-1250eb, dv6-1250sc, dv6-1250sp, dv6-1250ss, dv6-1260ep, dv6-1265sg, dv6-1270la, dv6-1277la, dv6-1280el, dv6-1280ep, dv6-1305sl, dv6-1306el, dv6-1315er, dv6-1320ei, dv6-1320ej, dv6-1320sd, dv6-1320so, dv6-1325sf, dv6-1325so, dv6-2016eg, dv7-2120eg, dv7-2121eo, dv7-2126ez, dv7-2150ep, dv7-2173ca, dv7-3025sf, dv7-3061nr, dv7-3110sg, dv7-3119ez, dv7-3120eo, dv7-3125eg, dv7-3130eg, G60-414CA, G60-418CA, G60-427CA, G60-428CA, G60-430CA, G60-433CA, G60-437CA, G60-439CA, G60-468CA, G60-530CA, G60-538CA, G60-554CA, G60-619CA, G60-630CA, G60-630US, G60-633NR, G60-634CA, G60-635DX, G60-637CL, G60-642NR, G60-645NR, G60-647NR, G60-657CA, G61-100SA, G61-101TU, G61-102TU, G61-103TU, G61-104TU, G61-110EA, G61-110SA, G61-320CA, G61-323CA, G61-329CA, G61-400SL, G61-405EL, G61-405SL, G61-407SL, G61-410EB, G61-410EL, G61-415EL, G61-415SB, G61-420EB, G61-420SL, G61-424CA, G61-425EL, G61-429WM, G61-430EL, G61-435SL, G61-440EL, G61-450EE, G61-451EE, G61-452EE, G61-453EE, G61-454EE, G61-465SL, G62-219CA, G62-220US, G62-223CL, G62-225DX, G62-228CL, G62-238NR, G70-450CA, G70-457CA, G71-333CA, G71-339CA G71-340US, HDX16-1354CA, HDX X16-1000EN, HDX X16-1160US, HDX X16-1370US, HDX X18-1020US, Mini 110-1144NR, Mini 110-1155SS, Mini 110-1156TU, Mini 110-3000sa, Mini 110-3000sb, Mini 110-3001sg, Mini 110-3004tu, Mini 110-3009ca, Mini 110-3010sa, Mini 110-3011sf, Mini 110-3013ez, Mini 110-3015dx, Mini 110-3018CL, Mini 110-3019la, Mini 110-3026la, Mini 110-3028tu, Mini 110-3030NR, Mini 110-3030ss, Mini 110-3040ss, Mini 110-3098nr, Mini 110-3100sg, Mini 110-3105sl, Mini 110-3110ez, Mini 110-3119la, Mini 110-3120ss, Mini 110-3121la, Mini 110-3135dx, Mini 110-3138tu, Mini 110-3142ss, Mini 110-3150sb, Mini 210-1000EI, Mini 210-1005tu, Mini 210-1006tu, Mini 210-1008tu, Mini 210-1010ee, Mini 210-1010eg, Mini 210-1010ej, Mini 210-1010em, Mini 210-1010ey, Mini 210-1010tu, Mini 210-1011ee, Mini 210-1020ss, Mini 210-1021ee, Mini 210-1021eg, Mini 210-1021ek, Mini 210-1021eo, Mini 210-1021ss, Mini 210-1022eo, Mini 210-1022ez, Mini 210-1022ss, Mini 210-1023eo, Mini 210-1023ss, Mini 210-1024eo, Mini 210-1026eg, Mini 210-1026tu, Mini 210-1027tu, Mini 210-1030em, Mini 210-1030ev, Mini 210-1030ey, Mini 210-1030ez, Mini 210-1030nr, Mini 210-1030sl, Mini 210-1030sp, Mini 210-1030ss, Mini 210-1030sv, Mini 210-1031ss, Mini 210-1032cl, Mini 210-1032ss, Mini 210-1033ss, Mini 210-1036tu, Mini 210-1040ec, Mini 210-1040em, Mini 210-1040es, Mini 210-1040ev, Mini 210-1040ez, Mini 210-1040nr, Mini 210-1040sl, Mini 210-1040sv, Mini 210-1041es, Mini 210-1041nr, Mini 210-1042es, Mini 210-1043es, Mini 210-1044nr, Mini 210-1048tu, Mini 210-1049tu, Mini 210-1050ed, Mini 210-1050ef, Mini 210-1050ev, Mini 210-1050ew, Mini 210-1050nr, Mini 210-1050sb, Mini 210-1050sf, Mini 210-1050sl, Mini 210-1050sv, Mini 210-1050tu, Mini 210-1051tu, Mini 210-1053tu, Mini 210-1055nr, Mini 210-1057nr, Mini 210-1060ef, Mini 210-1060ev, Mini 210-1060sd, Mini 210-1060sf, Mini 210-1060sv, Mini 210-1070nr, Mini 210-1076nr, Mini 210-1077nr, Mini 210-1079nr, Mini 210-1080ef, Mini 210-1080nr, Mini 210-1080sf, Mini 210-1081nr, Mini 210-1084nr, Mini 210-1085nr, Mini 210-1087nr, Mini 210-1090ef, Mini 210-1090nr, Mini 210-1090sf, Mini 210-1091nr, Mini 210-1092dx, Mini 210-1094nr, Mini 210-1095nr, Mini 210-1097nr, Mini 210-1099eg, Mini 210-1099eo, Mini 210-1100et, Mini 2140 Notebook PC, TX2622NR (Entertainment), V3918LA, ProBook 4415S, 4510s, 6545B, TouchSmart IQ502KR (DDR2-800MHz), IQ505 (DDR2-800MHz), IQ506CN (DDR2-800MHz), IQ507 (DDR2-800MHz), IQ508CN (DDR2-800MHz), IQ524, IQ526, IQ846, TX2-1270US, TX2-1275DX.
  • 021208, 062016
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