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80GB Gateway HDD 5400RPM SATA (p/n GW-80GBSATA15025)

80GB Gateway HDD 5400RPM SATA (p/n GW-80GBSATA15025)

  • Brand:
  • Product Code:GW-80GBSATA15025_HDA
  • Availability:In Stock

Price: $29.98, 10/$240.00, 100/$2,100.00

80GB Gateway HDD 5400RPM SATA
  • Compatible with GW-80GBSATA15025.
  • This hard disk drive is new and may be manufactured by Western Digital, Hitachi, Toshiba, Samsung, Seagate or Fujitsu. This HDD is in stock and can ship today.
  • 80GB SATA 5400RPM 2.5in x 9.5mm 15p 1.5Gb/s Hard Disk Drive
  • This drive carries a manufacturer exchange or repair warranty against defects. Visit manufacturer's website for details.
  • The GW-80GBSATA15025 carries a MemoryTen lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with Gateway EC14D07U, EC1814U, EC1815U, EC54, EC5409U, EC5412U, EC58, EC5801U, EC5802U, EC5809U, EC5810U, EC5811U, LT4004u, LT4008u, LT4009u, M-140, M-153S (Silver), M-152XL, M-152S, M-151XL, M-151X (DDR2-800MHz), M-151X (DDR2-667MHz), M-151S (DDR2-800MHz), M-151S (DDR2-667MHz), M-150XL (DDR2-800MHz), M-150XL (DDR2-667MHz), M-150X (DDR2-800MHz), M-150X (DDR2-667MHz), M-150S (DDR2-800MHz), M-150S (DDR2-667MHz), M-150, M1200, M-1634U, M-1632J, M-1631U, M-1631J Notebook, M-1630J, M-1629, M-1628, M-1626 Notebook, M-1625, M-1624, M-1622H, M-1622 Notebook, M-1619j (DDR2-800, MHz), M-1619j (DDR2-667, MHz), M-1618R (DDR2-800, MHz), M-1618R (DDR2-667, MHz), M-1618N (DDR2-800, MHz), M-1618N (DDR2-667, MHz), M-1618 Notebook, M-1617, M-1615, M-1412, M-1411j (DDR2-800, MHz), M-1411j (DDR2-667, MHz), M-1410j (DDR2-800, MHz), M-1410j (DDR2-667, MHz), M-1408j (DDR2-800, MHz), M-1408j (DDR2-667, MHz), M-6304, M-6305 (DDR2-667MHz), M-6305 (DDR2-800MHz), M-6307 (DDR2-667MHz), M-6307 (DDR2-800MHz), M-6308 (DDR2-667MHz), M-6308 (DDR2-800MHz), M-6309 (DDR2-667MHz), M-6309 (DDR2-800MHz), M-6312 (DDR2-667MHz), M-6312 (DDR2-800MHz), M-6315 (DDR2-667MHz), M-6315 (DDR2-800MHz), M-6316 (DDR2-667MHz), M-6316 (DDR2-800MHz), M-6317 (DDR2-667MHz), M-6317 (DDR2-800MHz), M-6318 (DDR2-667MHz), M-6318 (DDR2-800MHz), M-6319, M-6320, M-6322, M-6323, M-6324, M-6325, M-6337, M-6750 (DDR2-667MHz), M-6750 (DDR2-800MHz), M-6750h (DDR2-667MHz), M-6750h (DDR2-800MHz), M-6752 (DDR2-667MHz), M-6752 (DDR2-800MHz), M-6755 (DDR2-667MHz), M-6755 (DDR2-800MHz), M-6801M (DDR2-667MHz), M-6801M (DDR2-800MHz), M-6802M Notebo (DDR2-667MHz), M-6802M (DDR2-800MHz), M-6803M (DDR2-667MHz), M-6803M (DDR2-800MHz), M-6804M (DDR2-667MHz), M-6804M (DDR2-800MHz), M-6805M (DDR2-667MHz), M-6805M (DDR2-800MHz), M-6806M (DDR2-667MHz), M-6806M (DDR2-800MHz), M-6808M (DDR2-667MHz), M-6808M (DDR2-800MHz), M-6809M (DDR2-667MHz), M-6809M (DDR2-800MHz), M-6810M (DDR2-667MHz), M-6810M (DDR2-800MHz), M-6821b (DDR2-667MHz), M-6821b (DDR2-800MHz), M-6822 (DDR2-667MHz), M-6822 (DDR2-800MHz), M-6823, M-6823a (DDR2-667MHz), M-6823a (DDR2-800MHz), M-6824, M-6825j (DDR2-667MHz), M-6825j (DDR2-800MHz), M-6826j (DDR2-667MHz), M-6826j (DDR2-800MHz), M-6827, M-6827j (DDR2-667MHz), M-6827j (DDR2-800MHz), M-6828b (DDR2-667MHz), M-6828b (DDR2-800MHz), M-6829b (DDR2-667MHz), M-6829b (DDR2-800MHz), M-6834 (DDR2-667MHz), M-6834 (DDR2-800MHz), M-6839j (DDR2-667MHz), M-6839j (DDR2-800MHz), M-6840j (DDR2-667MHz), M-6840j (DDR2-800MHz), M-6841, M-6842J, M-6843, M-6844, M-6846, M-6847 Notebook, M-6848, M-6849, M-6850FX, M-6854M Notebook, M-6864 FX (Black w/Orange Accent), M-6864h FX (Black w/ Orange Accent), M-6866, M-6867 (Garnet Red), M-6873h (Garnet Red), M-6874h, M-6878, M-6878h Notebook, M-6880, M-6881, M-6885u, M-6887u Notebook, M-6888u, M-6889u, M6815, M6816, M6817, MX1020j (DDR2-533MHz), MX1020j (DDR2-667MHz), MX1023, MX1023H, MX1025, MX1026, MX1027, MX1049c (DDR2-533MHz), MX1049c (DDR2-667MHz), MX3228, MX6002m, MX6961H, MX6961, MX6960, MX6959 (DDR2-667MHz), MX6959 (DDR2-533MHz), MX6958, MX6957, MX6956, MX6955, MX6953j Notebook, MX6952j, MX6951H, MX6951, MX6947m, MX6946m Notebook, MX6945m (DDR2-667MHz), MX6945m (DDR2-533MHz), MX6944m (DDR2-667MHz), MX6944m (DDR2-533MHz), MX6943m (DDR2-667MHz), MX6943m (DDR2-533MHz), MX6942m (DDR2-667MHz), MX6942m (DDR2-533MHz), MX6941m (DDR2-667MHz), MX6941m (DDR2-533MHz), MX6940M, MX6939m, MX6938m, MX6937m, MX6936m, MX6935m, MX6934m, MX6933b (DDR2-667MHz), MX6933b (DDR2-533MHz), MX6932b, MX6931, MX6930H, MX6930, MX6928, MX6927, MX6926b, MX6924j, MX6923b Notebook, MX6922b, MX6921B, MX6920H, MX6920, MX6919, MX6918b Notebook, MX6917j, MX6916, MX6915j, MX6912, MX6901m Notebook, MX6750h, MX6750 Platinum Edition, MX6750 (DDR2-667MHz), MX6750 (DDR2-533MHz), MX6710 (DDR2-667MHz), MX6710 (DDR2-533MHz), MX6708H, MX6708 (DDR2-667MHz), MX6708 (DDR2-533MHz), MX6650H, MX6650 Platinum, MX6650, MX6641H, MX6641, MX6640b, MX6639j (DDR2-667MHz), MX6639j (DDR2-533MHz), MX6639b, MX6638b, MX6637f, MX6635b Notebook, MX6633H, MX6633, MX6632j, MX6631, MX6630j, MX6629H, MX6629 (DDR2), MX6629, MX6628j, MX6627H, MX6627 (DDR2), MX6627, MX6625, MX6620m, MX6619m, MX6618m, MX6455, MX6454, MX6453, MX6452, MX6450, MX6448, MX6447, MX6446, MX6445, MX6444h, MX6444, MX6442, MX6441, MX6440H, MX6440, MX6439, MX6438, MX6437, MX6436, MX6433, MX6431, MX6430, MX6429, MX6428, MX6427, MX6426, MX6425, MX6424H, MX6424, MX6423, MX6422, MX6421, MX6420, MX6410m (DDR2-667MHz), MX6410m (DDR2-533MHz), MX6243m (DDR2-667MHz), MX6243m (DDR2-533MHz), MX6217j, MX6216, MX6215b, MX6214, MX6213j, MX6212j, MX6211b, MX6210, MX6136j Notebook, MX6135, MX6134j, MX6132j, MX6131, MX6130j (DDR2-667MHz), MX6130j (DDR2-533MHz), MX6128, MX6128 (DDR2-400MHz), MX6124H, MX6124, MX6123, MX6121, MX6113m, MX6112m, MX6111m, MX6110m, MX6030, MX6028, MX6027H, MX6027, MX6025H, MX6025, MX6005m (DDR2-800MHz), MX6005m (DDR2-667MHz), MX6004m (DDR2-800MHz), MX6004m (DDR2-667MHz), MX6003m, MX8520, MX8741, MX8739, MX8738, MX8736J, MX8734 (DDR2-667MHz), MX8734 (DDR2-533MHz), MX8721M, MX8720M, MX8716b, MX8715, MX8714 (DDR2-667MHz), MX8714 (DDR2-533MHz), MX8712 (DDR2-667MHz), MX8712 (DDR2-533MHz), MX8711 (DDR2-667MHz), MX8711 (DDR2-533MHz), MX8710, MX8707J, MX8703J, MX8556F, MX8554B, MX8530, MX8528, MX8525, MX8523, M210E, M210S, M210X, M210XL, M250 (DDR2-400MHz), M250 (DDR2-533MHz), M250A, M250B, M250E (DDR2-400MHz), M250E (DDR2-533MHz), M250EB (DDR2-400MHz), M250EB (DDR2-533MHz), M250ES (DDR2-400MHz), M250ES (DDR2-533MHz), M250ESB (DDR2-400MHz), M250ESB (DDR2-533MHz), M250G, M250GS, M250S, M255G, M250X, M250XL, M255E, M255-E SB, M255-E SBb, M275, M275E, M275Eb, M275G, M275R, M275X, M275XL, M280E, M280E-QS, M280Eb, M280G, M285-E, M285-E SB, M285G, MP6925j, MP6954, MP6954H, MP6954 Platinum Edition (DDR2-533MHz), MP6954 Platinum Edition (DDR2-667MHz), MP8701J, MP8708, MP8709, MT6016j, MT6017, MT6019C, MT6220b, MT6221j (DDR2-533MHz), MT6221j (DDR2-667MHz), MT6223b, MT6224j, MT6225j, MT6228j, MT6229j, MT6451 (DDR2-533MHz), MT6451 (DDR2-667MHz), MT6452 (DDR2-533MHz), MT6452 (DDR2-667MHz), MT6456, MT6457, MT6458 (DDR2-533MHz), MT6458 (DDR2-667MHz), MT6459, MT6460, MT6702 (DDR2-533MHz), MT6702 (DDR2-667MHz), MT6704 (DDR2-533MHz), MT6704 (DDR2-667MHz), MT6704H, MT6705, MT6706, MT6707, MT6708 (DDR2-533MHz), MT6708 (DDR2-667MHz), MT6709, MT6709H, MT6710, MT6711, MT6722b, MT6723, MT6724b, MT6728 (DDR2-667MHz), MT6728 (DDR2-800MHz), MT6729 (DDR2-667MHz), MT6729 (DDR2-800MHz), MT6730 (DDR2-667MHz), MT6730 (DDR2-800MHz), MT6733 Notebook, MT6820 (DDR2-533MHz), MT6820 (DDR2-667MHz), MT6821 (DDR2-533MHz), MT6821 (DDR2-667MHz), MT6823b (DDR2-533MHz), MT6823b (DDR2-667MHz), MT6824b (DDR2-533MHz), MT6824b (DDR2-667MHz), MT6825b (DDR2-533MHz), MT6825b (DDR2-667MHz), MT6826j (DDR2-533MHz), MT6826j (DDR2-667MHz), MT6827j (DDR2-533MHz), MT6827j (DDR2-667MHz), MT6828 (DDR2-533MHz), MT6828 (DDR2-667MHz), MT6828H, MT6830, MT6831, MT6832b (DDR2-533MHz), MT6832b (DDR2-667MHz), MT6833b (DDR2-533MHz), MT6833b (DDR2-667MHz), MT6834b (DDR2-533MHz), MT6834b (DDR2-667MHz), MT6835j (DDR2-533MHz), MT6835j (DDR2-667MHz), MT6836j (DDR2-533MHz), MT6836j (DDR2-667MHz), MT6838j (DDR2-533MHz), MT6838j (DDR2-667MHz), MT6839b (DDR2-533MHz), MT6839b (DDR2-667MHz), MT6840, MT6840h (DDR2-667MHz), MT6840h (DDR2-800MHz), MT6841, MT6842b, MT6915b, MT6916, MT6917b Notebook, MT6919 (DDR2-667MHz), MT6919 (DDR2-800MHz), MT6920 (DDR2-667MHz), MT6920 (DDR2-800MHz), MT6728 Notebook, NE56R10u, NE56R11u, NE56R12u, NE56R13u, NE56R15u, NE56R16u (DDR3-1066MHz), NE56R16u (DDR3-1333MHz), NE71B03u (DDR3-1066MHz), NE71B03u (DDR3-1333MHz), NV44, NV47H02n, NV49C, NV49C10E, NV49C11E Notebook, NV49C12E, NV49C15n, NV49C17g, NV49C18g, NV49C23E Notebook, NV49C32n, NV49C45n, NV49C47n, NV49C49n Notebook, NV49C51n, NV49C63n, NV49C64n, NV49C67n Notebook, NV49C69n, NV50A02u, NV50A16u, NV51M02m, NV51B05u, NV51B08u, NV51B15u, NV53A05u, NV53A08E, NV53A10E, NV53A11u, NV53A12e (DDR3-1066MHz), NV53A12e (DDR3-1333MHz), NV53A22E, NV53A21E, NV53A24u, NV53A32u, NV53A33u, NV53A36u, NV53A52u, NV53A74u, NV53A82u, NV53A88u, NV55C, NV55C01E, NV55C02E, NV55C03u, NV55C05E Notebook, NV55C06E, NV55C09E, NV55C11E, NV55C11u, NV55C12E, NV55C14E, NV55C14u, NV55C15E, NV55C15u, NV55C17u, NV55C19u, NV55C22u, NV55C24u, NV55C25u, NV55C26u, NV55C28u, NV55C29u, NV55C30u, NV55C31u, NV55C32u, NV55C33u, NV55C34u, NV55C35u, NV55C38u, NV55C39u, NV55C44u, NV55C48u, NV55C49u, NV55C53u (DDR3-1066MHz), NV55C53u (DDR3-1333MHz), NV55C54u, NV55S03u, NV55S04u, NV55S13u, NV55S15u, NV55S19u, NV57H13u, NV57H22u, NV57H26u, NV57H43u, NV57H45u, NV57H48u, NV57H50u, NV59C01g, NV59C02m (DDR3-1066MHz), NV59C02m (DDR3-1333MHz), NV59C04g, NV59C05E, NV59C05u, NV59C08E, NV59C09u, NV59C26u, NV59C27u, NV59C28u, NV59C31u, NV59C32u, NV59C34u, NV59C40u, NV59C41u, NV59C42u, NV59C43u, NV59C44u, NV59C46u, NV59C57u, NV59C63u, NV59C65u, NV59C69u, NV59C70u, NV59C72u, NV59C73u Notebook, P-170L (DDR2-667MHz), P-170L (DDR2-800MHz), P-170X (DDR2-667MHz), P-170X (DDR2-800MHz), P-171S (DDR2-667MHz), P-171S (DDR2-800MHz), P-171S FX Edition (DDR2-667MHz), P-171S FX Edition (DDR2-800MHz), P-171X (DDR2-667MHz), P-171X (DDR2-800MHz), P-171X FX Edition (DDR2-667MHz), P-171X FX Edition (DDR2-800MHz), P-171XL FX Edition (DDR2-667MHz), P-171XL FX Edition (DDR2-800MHz), P-172S FX Edition, P-172X, P-172X FX Edition, P-172XL FX, P-173X FX Edition, P-173XL FX Edition, P-6301, P-6302, P-6311 Notebook, P-6312, P-6313, P-6313h, P-6825 (DDR2-667MHz), P-6825 (DDR2-800MHz), P-6828h, P-6829h, P-6831FX (DDR2-667MHz), P-6831FX (DDR2-800MHz), P-6832, P-6836, P-6860FX, P-7805G Notebook, P-7805U FX Edition, P-7807u FX Edition, P-7808U FX Edition, P-7809u FX Edition, P-7811 FX Edition, P-7812J FX Notebook, P-7815u FX Edition, P-7908U FX Edition, P-7915U FX Edition, P-7917U FX Edition, P-7920U FX Edition.
  • 081910, 081214
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