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1GB Gateway DX210S PC2-5300 non-ECC DDR2-667 DIMM (p/n GW-1GB-DDR2-667-D)

1GB Gateway DX210S PC2-5300 non-ECC DDR2-667 DIMM (p/n GW-1GB-DDR2-667-D)

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  • Product Code:GW-1GB-DDR2-667-D_AFBBZR
  • Availability:In Stock

Price: $9.98

1GB Gateway DX210S PC2-5300 non-ECC DDR2-667 DIMM
  • GW-1GB-DDR2-667-D.
  • This module may be manufactured by Transcend, TwinMOS, Adata, or Supertalent depending on availability. This module is in stock and can ship today.
  • 1GB 240-pin PC2-5300 DDR2-667 non-ECC non-Registered DIMM.
  • This module can be run in Dual Channel mode.
  • The GW-1GB-DDR2-667-D carries a MemoryTen lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with Gateway 800GM Media Center (DDR2-667MHz), DU10 (DDR2-667MHz), DX110 (DDR2-667MHz), DX210S (DDR2-667MHz), DX210X (DDR2-667MHz), DX300-QS (DDR2-667MHz), DX310X (DDR2-667MHz), DX430B, DX430S, DX430X, DX440X Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), DX442B Desktop, DX442S, DX442X, DX442XP Desktop, DX2641, DX2710 (DDR2-667MHz), DX4200 Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), DX4200-06M (DDR2-667MHz), DX4200-07e (DDR2-667MHz), DX4200-UB001A, DX4200-UB101A (DDR2-667MHz), DX4640-UB101A (DDR2-667MHz), DX4640-UB201A, DX4640-UBC01A Desktop, DX4710-05 (DDR2-667MHz), DX4710-EB901A (DDR2-667MHz), DX4710-UB002A (DDR2-667MHz), DX4710-UB301A (DDR2-667MHz), DX4710-UB801A (DDR2-667MHz), DX4720-03 (DDR2-667MHz), E-2610 Desktop, E-2610D, E-2610D ENERGY PRO, E-2610N, E-2610S, E-4610D, E-4610D ENERGY PRO, E-4610D SB, E-4610S, E-4610S SB, E-4620D Energy Pro (DDR2-667MHz), E-4620N Energy Pro (DDR2-667MHz), E-4620S Energy Pro (DDR2-667MHz), E-6610 Desktop (non-ECC), E-6610D, E-6610D SB, E-6610Q (non-ECC), FX400 (DDR2-667MHz, FX510 Series, FX510XG, FX510XT, FX530B, FX530 Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), FX530QS, FX530XG, FX530XL, FX530XM, FX530XT, FX530XV, FX540B Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), FX541S Desktop, FX541X Desktop, FX4200-EBF01A, FX4710 Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), FX4710-EB102A, FX4710-UB003A, FX4710-UB802A, FX7020 Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), FX7024 Desktop, FX7026 Desktop, FX7029E Desktop, FX8010m Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), FX8040, GM5078b (DDR2-667MHz), GM5470E Desktop (DDR2-667MHZ), GM5472, GM5474, GM5478, GM5480E Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GM5483E Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GM5485E Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GM5485H Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GM5632E Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GM5640E Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GM5642E Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GM5661E Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GM5664, GM5664 Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GM5684E Desktop, GM5688E Desktop, GT3070M, GT3074m Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT3076m Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT3078m Desktop, GT3082m Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT3084m Desktop, GT3086m Desktop, GT3240m Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT3242m Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT3246m Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT3248m Desktop, GT4220m Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT4222m Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5012H Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5012 Media Center Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5014H Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5014 Media Center Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5016E Media Center Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5016H Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5018E Media Center Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5020J Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5022J Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5030J Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5040H Media Center Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5040 Media Center Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5042b Media Center Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5048j Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5052b Media Center Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5054b Media Center Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5056b Media Center Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5092j, GT5094j, GT5096j, GT5098j, GT5212j Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5214j Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5216j Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5218j Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5224j Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5226j Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5235H Media Center Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5236j Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5240j Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5405E Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5408H Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5453E (DDR2-667MHz), GT5464, GT5465E Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5472, GT5473E, GT5474, GT5475E, GT5476E Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5477E Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5478, GT5481E Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5482E Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5620 Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5622 Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5624E Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5625E Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5628 Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5630E Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5634H Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5636E Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5637E Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5644E Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5646E Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5648E Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5654 Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5656 Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5657E Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5658E Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5660E Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5662 Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5670 Desktop, GT5672E Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GT5674 Desktop, GT5676 Desktop, GT5678 Desktop, GT5680E Desktop, GT5685E Desktop, GT5692, GT5694, GX7010J Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), GX7022E Media Center Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), ML3108b Notebook (DDR2-667MHz), ML3108q Notebook (DDR2-667MHz) , ML3108v Notebook (DDR2-667MHz), ML3108z Notebook (DDR2-667MHz) , ML6219 Notebook (DDR2-667MHz), ML6231 Notebook, ML6232 Notebook (DDR2-667MHz), ML6701 Notebook (DDR2-667MHz), ML6704 Notebook (DDR2-667MHz), ML6704H Notebook (DDR2-667MHz), MT3419 Notebook (DDR2-667MHz), MT3713c Notebook (DDR2-667MHz), MT6702 Notebook (DDR2-667MHz), MT6728 Notebook (DDR2-667MHz), MT6729 Notebook (DDR2-667MHz), MT6730 Notebook (DDR2-667MHz), MT6820 Notebook (DDR2-667MHz), MT6840h Notebook (DDR2-667MHz), One ZX4800-02, S-5200 Desktop (DDR2-667MHz), S-5105D (DDR2-667MHz), S-5205D (DDR2-667MHz), S-5205S (DDR2-667MHz), S-5215D (DDR2-667MHz), S-5215N (DDR2-667MHz), S-5215S (DDR2-667MHz), S-5405D (DDR2-667MHz), S-5405S (DDR2-667MHz), S-5615D (DDR2-667MHz), SX2300-01u (DDR2-667MHz).
  • 021408, 011916
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