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1GB Hewlett Packard PC3-10666 DDR3-1333 240-pin SDRAM DIMM (p/n 576109-001)

1GB Hewlett Packard PC3-10666 DDR3-1333 240-pin SDRAM DIMM (p/n 576109-001)

  • Brand:
  • Product Code:576109-001_CJP
  • Availability:In Stock

Price: $8.98

1GB Hewlett Packard PC3-10666 DDR3-1333 240-pin SDRAM DIMM
  • Equivalent OEM part numbers: 497156-C01, 576109-001, AT023AA, AT023AT, KTH9600B/1G.
  • This module may be manufactured by Micron, Samsung, infineon, Hynix or Gigaram. This module is in stock and can ship today.
  • Specifications:
    Size - 1GB
    Pins - 240 pins
    ECC - no
    Registered - no
    Form Factor - DIMM
    3LC - CJP
  • The 576109-001 carries a Memory(x) lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with Hewlett Packard 6000 Pro Small Form Factor (DDR3-1333MHz), Business Pro 6300 MT/SFF (DDR3-1333MHz), Pavilion All-in-One 200-5112it (DDR3-1333MHz), 200-5112pl (DDR3-1333MHz), 200-5120cs (DDR3-1333MHz), 200-5120it (DDR3-1333MHz), 200-5120uk (DDR3-1333MHz), 200-5130ch, 200-5130nl, 200-5130pl, 200-5130sc, 200-5220la (DDR3-1333MHz), 200-5250 (DDR3-1333MHz), ENVY h8-1400z (CTO) (DDR3-1333MHz), h8-1401es (DDR3-1333MHz), h8-1414 (DDR3-1333MHz), h8-1420z (CTO) (DDR3-1333MHz), h8-1423 (DDR3-1333MHz), h8-1435 Desktop (DDR3-1333MHz), h8-1445 (DDR3-1333MHz), h8-1450 (DDR3-1333MHz), h8-1513c (DDR3-1333MHz), h8-1520t (DDR3-1333MHz), h8-1534 (DDR3-1333MHz), h8-1540t (DDR3-1333MHz), h8-1540t (CTO) (DDR3-1333MHz), Phoenix h9-1300t (CTO) (DDR3-1333MHz), h9-1310d (DDR3-1333MHz), h9-1315t (CTO) (DDR3-1333MHz), h9-1320t (CTO) (DDR3-1333MHz), h9-1330 (DDR3-1333MHz), h9-1335 (DDR3-1333MHz), h9-1340t (CTO) (DDR3-1333MHz), h9-1350 (DDR3-1333MHz), h9-1351 (DDR3-1333MHz), h9-1386 (DDR3-1333MHz), h9-1387 (DDR3-1333MHz), h9-1390d (DDR3-1333MHz), h9-1400t (DDR3-1333MHz), h9-1420t (DDR3-1333MHz), h9-1440t (DDR3-1333MHz), HPE Phoenix h9-1215t (DDR3-1333MHz), G1-2012la (DDR3-1333MHz), Business Desktop 6005 Pro (SFF), Elite 7000, Elite 8000 Ultra Slim DT (DDR3-1333MHz), Elite 8200 (CMT,SFF), 8300e SFF (DDR3-1333MHz), Elite E9220Y (DDR3-1333MHz), Elite HPE-030be, Elite HPE-110F, Elite HPE-115be (DDR3-1333MHz), Elite HPE-120f (DDR3-1333MHz), Elite HPE-130F, Elite HPE-135be (DDR3-1333MHz), HPE-140es, HPE-140f, HPE-140nl, HPE-140sc, HPE-141f, HPE-142c, Elite HPE-150F, HPE-150fr, HPE-150kr, HPE-150uk, HPE-155uk, HPE-168hk, HPE-170d, HPE-170kr, HPE-171kr, HPE-178d, HPE-180a, Elite HPE-180t (DDR3-1333MHz), HPE-180uk, Elite HPE-185a (DDR3-1333MHz), HPE-188d, HPE-188tw, HPE-190a, HPE-190t (CTO) (DDR3-1333MHz), HPE-192it (DDR3-1333MHz), HPE-198a (DDR3-1333MHz), HPE-235f, HPE-250f, HPE-270f (DDR3-1333MHz), HPE-300es (DDR3-1333MHz), HPE-300z, HPE-310be (DDR3-1333MHz), HPE-310nl, HPE-310pl, HPE-310pt, HPE-310sc, Elite HPE-310t, HPE-311fr, HPE-311sc, HPE-312fr, HPE-312sc, HPE-315be, HPE-315sc, HPE-316sc, HPE-320a, HPE-320be, HPE-320ch, HPE-320cs, HPE-320pl, HPE-321de, HPE-321it, HPE-325be, HPE-325ch, HPE-330be, HPE-330fr, HPE-330it, HPE-330ru, HPE-330sc, HPE-333fr, HPE-335cn, HPE-337c, HPE-338hk, HPE-340ch, HPE-340it, HPE-340kl, HPE-340uk, HPE-341f, HPE-342f, HPE-345be, HPE-345cn, HPE-345sc, HPE-350es, HPE-350fr, HPE-350kr, HPE-350nl, HPE-350sc, HPE-350t, HPE-350uk, HPE-355kr, HPE-355uk, HPE-358d, HPE-358hk, HPE-360kl, HPE-360uk, HPE-360z, HPE-361c, HPE-365fr, HPE-367c, HPE-370d, HPE-370kr, HPE-370n, HPE-371f, HPE-372f, HPE-375a, HPE-377a, HPE-378d, HPE-378hk (DDR3-1333MHz), Elite HPE-380jp, HPE-380t (DDR3-1333MHz), HPE-380uk, HPE-390kr, HPE-390t (CTO) (DDR3-1333MHz), HPE-395a (DDR3-1333MHz), HPE-398d, HPE-400f, HPE-400y, HPE-400z, HPE-410t, HPE-410y, HPE-417sc, HPE-430f, HPE-431f, HPE-440f, HPE-442f, HPE-447c, HPE-450f, HPE-450t, HPE-470f, HPE-477c, HPE-500z (CTO), HPE h8-1010, HPE h8-1010ch, HPE h8-1011 (DDR3-1333MHz), HPE h8-1012c, HPE h8-1017c, HPE h8-1020, HPE h8-1020uk, HPE h8-1021, HPE h8-1022, HPE h8-1027c, HPE h8-1030 (DDR3-1333MHz), HPE h8-1031, HPE h8-1032 (DDR3-1333MHz), HPE h8-1039 (DDR3-1333MHz), HPE h8-1040, HPE h8-1041, HPE h8-1050, HPE h8-1121, HPE h8-1141, HPE H8 1160T (DDR3-1333MHz), h8-1230 (DDR3-1333MHz), h8-1234 (DDR3-1333MHz), h8-1239 (DDR3-1333MHz), h8-1240 (DDR3-1333MHz), h8-1300z (DDR3-1333MHz), HPE h8xt, h9-1120t Phoenix (CTO) (DDR3-1333MHz), h9-1210t Phoenix (CTO) (DDR3-1333MHz), h9-1260ez Phoenix (CTO) (DDR3-1333MHz), h9se Series Phoenix (DDR3-1333MHz), G5000 Series G5102uk (DDR3-1333MHz), G5105ch (DDR3-1333MHz), G5105de (DDR3-1333MHz), G5105uk (DDR3-1333MHz), G5106de (DDR3-1333MHz), G5107de (DDR3-1333MHz), G5110fr (DDR3-1333MHz), G5110it (DDR3-1333MHz), G5110ru (DDR3-1333MHz), G5110it (DDR3-1333MHz), G5110sc (DDR3-1333MHz), G5110uk (DDR3-1333MHz), G5111it (DDR3-1333MHz), G5112at (DDR3-1333MHz), G5115ch (DDR3-1333MHz), G5117ru (DDR3-1333MHz), G5118ru (DDR3-1333MHz), G5119ru (DDR3-1333MHz), G5120sc (DDR3-1333MHz), G5120uk (DDR3-1333MHz), G5121de (DDR3-1333MHz), G5122uk (DDR3-1333MHz), G5124ch (DDR3-1333MHz), G5125es (DDR3-1333MHz), G5126de (DDR3-1333MHz), G5128uk (DDR3-1333MHz), G5129es (DDR3-1333MHz), G5130fr (DDR3-1333MHz), G5130nl (DDR3-1333MHz), G5130ru (DDR3-1333MHz), G5131fr (DDR3-1333MHz), G5133fr (DDR3-1333MHz), G5135fr (DDR3-1333MHz), G5135uk (DDR3-1333MHz), G5139fr (DDR3-1333MHz), G5139sc (DDR3-1333MHz), G5140sc (DDR3-1333MHz), G5142fr (DDR3-1333MHz), G5144fr (DDR3-1333MHz), G5145fr (DDR3-1333MHz), G5145sc (DDR3-1333MHz), G5147fr (DDR3-1333MHz), G5148fr (DDR3-1333MHz), G5149fr (DDR3-1333MHz), G5150be (DDR3-1333MHz), G5150es (DDR3-1333MHz), G5150fr (DDR3-1333MHz), G5150pt (DDR3-1333MHz), G5150sc (DDR3-1333MHz), G5151fr (DDR3-1333MHz), G5152es (DDR3-1333MHz), G5153es (DDR3-1333MHz), G5153fr (DDR3-1333MHz), G5154es (DDR3-1333MHz), G5154fr (DDR3-1333MHz), G5155es (DDR3-1333MHz), G5155fr (DDR3-1333MHz), G5155sc (DDR3-1333MHz), G5157es (DDR3-1333MHz), G5159fr (DDR3-1333MHz), G5160be (DDR3-1333MHz), G5160es (DDR3-1333MHz), G5160fr (DDR3-1333MHz), G5161sc (DDR3-1333MHz), G5165fr (DDR3-1333MHz), G5170fr (DDR3-1333MHz), G5170sc (DDR3-1333MHz), G5180be (DDR3-1333MHz), G5180sc (DDR3-1333MHz), G5185be (DDR3-1333MHz), G5190be (DDR3-1333MHz), Integrity rx2800 i2, p2-1310 (DDR3-1333MHz), Pavilion HPE h8-1360t (DDR3-1333MHz), p2-1102 (DDR3-1333MHz), p2-1105 (DDR3-1333MHz), p2-1106 (DDR3-1333MHz), p2-1107 (DDR3-1333MHz), p2-1117c (DDR3-1333MHz), p2-1123w (DDR3-1333MHz), p2-1127c (DDR3-1333MHz), p2-1145 (DDR3-1333MHz), p2-1150l (DDR3-1333MHz), p2-1300l (DDR3-1333MHz), p2-1308hk (DDR3-1333MHz), p2-1310l (DDR3-1333MHz), p2-1312l (DDR3-1333MHz), p2-1313l (DDR3-1333MHz), p2-1314l (DDR3-1333MHz), p2-1320a (DDR3-1333MHz), p2-1320jp (DDR3-1333MHz), p2-1321a (DDR3-1333MHz), p2-1321l (DDR3-1333MHz), p2-1322a (DDR3-1333MHz), p2-1323a (DDR3-1333MHz), p2-1331il (DDR3-1333MHz), p2-1332ix (DDR3-1333MHz), p2-1333in (DDR3-1333MHz), p2-1334in (DDR3-1333MHz), p2-1336il (DDR3-1333MHz), p2-1340jp (DDR3-1333MHz), p2-1350d (DDR3-1333MHz), p2-1350l (DDR3-1333MHz), p2-1394 (DDR3-1333MHz), p2-1411 (DDR3-1333MHz), p2-1421l (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2220t (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2300ec (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2300el (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2300se (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2300sj (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2301ec (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2301es (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2301se (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2301sh (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2301sx (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2302ea (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2302ea (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2302el (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2302ep (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2302es (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2302et (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2302la (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2302se (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2302sh (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2303ec (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2303ep (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2303es (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2303et (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2304el (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2304es (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2304et (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2304sh (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2305eb (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2305el (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2305es (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2305et (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2306ep (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2306es (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2307a (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2307eb (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2307es (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2308eb (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2308es (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2310ek (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2310er (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2310ew (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2310ez (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2310jp (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2312el (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2312en (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2312er (DR3-1333MHz), p6-2313en (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2314d (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2314er (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2314l (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2315eb (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2315ef (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2315el (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2315l (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2316en (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2316l (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2318eb (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2318el (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2320ed (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2320ef (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2320eg (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2320ez (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2321eg (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2322ef (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2322eg (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2322es (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2323ef (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2324el (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2325ef (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2325el (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2325eo (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2326el (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2326s (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2327c (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2330 (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2330 (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2330ed (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2330ef (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2330eg (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2330jp (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2331eg (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2333ef (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2335d (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2335ea (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2335ef (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2336eo (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2337ef (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2338d (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2340ea (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2340eg (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2340eo (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2340ez (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2340kr (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2346eg (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2347eg (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2350ed (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2350ef (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2350eg (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2350eo (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2350er (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2350jp (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2350kr (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2350la (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2352ef (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2353er (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2354er (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2355 (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2355il (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2356er (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2360eg (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2360eo (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2364ea (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2364eg (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2365eg (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2367eg (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2369eg (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2370ea (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2370ef (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2370eg (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2370jp (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2370kr (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2371ea (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2371ef (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2375eo (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2378ef (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2379ef (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2380ea (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2380ef (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2387ea (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2390 (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2390ef (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2392ef (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2393ef (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2394ef (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2394eg (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2397eg (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2400t (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2419 (DDR3-1333MHz), p6-2420l (DDR3-1333MHz), p7-1040chm, p7-1380t (DDR3-1333MHz), p7-1520t (DDR3-1333MHz), p6207fr, p6208es, p6209es, p6210be, p6210ch, p6210cs, p6210es, p6210kr, p6210nl, p6210pl, p6210pt, p6210sc, p6221sc, P6230Y (DDR3-1333MHz), p6230in, p6230it, p6230kr, p6230l, p6230nl, p6230sc, p6231cn, p6231fr, p6231it, p6232fr, p6232it, Pavilion p6101cn, p6105ch, p6109uk, P6240F (DDR3-1333MHz), p6300be, p6300cs, p6300es, p6300it, p6300uk, p6301cx, p6301it, p6301ru, p6301sc, p6302de, p6302f, p6302it, p6302ru, p6303at, p6304de, p6304it, p6305at, P6310F, p6319f, P6330F, p6340f, p6360a, p6360br, p6360es, p6360kr, p6360la, p6360nl, p6360sc, p6360uk, p6361cn, p6361fr, p6361sc, p6363cx, p6363de, p6363it, p6363sc, p6365es, p6365sc, p6366cn, p6366es, p6367c, p6367cx, p6367es, p6369cn, p6370a, p6370es, p6370in, p6370nl, p6370pt, p6370sc, p6371fr, p6371it, p6372es, p6372fr, p6372it, p6390a, p6390d, p6390de, p6390es, p6390jp, p6393es, p6394es, p6395a, p6395jp, p6500z (CTO), p6501c, p6510in, p6510t, p6514f, p6516f, p6518f, p6519f, p6520f, p6520in, p6521c, p6521l, p6522f, p6530de, p6530f, p6530in, p6530la, p6530ru, p6531c, p6531de, p6531p, p6532de, p6537c, p6540f, p6545d, p6547c, p6550jp, p6550nl, p6550pt (DDR3-1333MHz), p6570in, p6570jp, p6570t (CTO), p6580t (CTO), p6595jp, p6604f, p6606f, p6608f, p6610y, p6612p, p6616f, p6617c, p6620f , p6621c, p6622f, p6623w, p6624y, p6625f, p6630f, p6631p, p6632f, p6633w, p6636f, p6654y, p6730la, Pavilion Slimline s5-1414 (DDR3-1333MHz), s5-1450d (DDR3-1333MHz), s5-1540 (DDR3-1333MHz), s5-1554 (DDR3-1333MHz), s5307uk, s5310la, s5325uk, s5344fr, s5380d, s5388d, s5510f, s5510la, s5520it, s5520uk, Streaming Client st5742, Point of Sale (POS) System rp5800 (DDR3-1333MHz), TouchSmart 300-1003 (DDR3-1333MHz), 300-1007 (DDR3-1333MHz), 300-1017 (DDR3-1333MHz), 300-1020, 300-1025 (DDR3-1333MHz), 300-1025ch, 300-1025de, 300-1025sc, 300-1025uk, 300-1038tw (DDR3-1333MHz), 300-1115es (DDR3-1333MHz), 300-1115sc, 300-1122 (DDR3-1333MHz), 300-1124 (DDR3-1333MHz), 300-1125 (DDR3-1333MHz), 300-1125ch (DDR3-1333MHz), 300-1125de (DDR3-1333MHz), 300-1129 (DDR3-1333MHz), 300-1130jp (DDR3-1333MHz), 300-1150jp (DDR3-1333MHz), 300-1170d (DDR3-1333MHz), 300-1200la (DDR3-1333MHz), 300-1205 (DDR3-1333MHz), 300-1218hk (DDR3-1333MHz), 300-1220jp (DDR3-1333MHz), 300-1220la (DDR3-1333MHz), 300-1223 (DDR3-1333MHz), 300-1230jp (DDR3-1333MHz), 300-1238hk (DDR3-1333MHz), 300-1258hk (DDR3-1333MHz), 300-1300 (DDR3-1333MHz), 300-1330 (DDR3-1333MHz), 300-1340 (DDR3-1333MHz), 300-1360 (DDR3-1333MHz), 600-1040ch (DDR3-1333MHz), 600-1040de (DDR3-1333MHz), 600-1040ea (DDR3-1333MHz), 600-1040es (DDR3-1333MHz), 600-1040me (DDR3-1333MHz), 600-1040nl (DDR3-1333MHz), 600-1040ru (DDR3-1333MHz), 600-1040uk (DDR3-1333MHz), 600-1047 (DDR3-1333MHz), 600-1050 (DDR3-1333MHz), 600-1055, 600-1068hk (DDR3-1333MHz), 600-1070a (DDR3-1333MHz), 600-1070d (DDR3-1333MHz), 600-1070jp (DDR3-1333MHz), 600-1088cn (DDR3-1333MHz), 600-1088hk (DDR3-1333MHz), 600-1090jp (DDR3-1333MHz), 600-1120la (DDR3-1333MHz), 600-1160ch (DDR3-1333MHz), Pro 3125, Pro 3500 Microtower (DDR3-1333MHz), Elite 8200 Small Form Factor (DDR3-1333MHz), Elite 8200 Microtower (DDR3-1333MHz), Elite 8200 Convertible Minitower (DDR3-1333MHz)
  • 121009, 032017
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