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512MB IBM Compatible Memory DDR2-800 PC2-6400 non-ECC non-Registered DIMM (p/n 41X1079-MT)

512MB IBM Compatible Memory DDR2-800 PC2-6400 non-ECC non-Registered DIMM (p/n 41X1079-MT)

  • Brand:
  • Product Code:41X1079-MT_BUQCLZ
  • Availability:In Stock

Price: $6.98, 10/$60.00, 100/$590.00

512MB IBM Compatible Memory DDR2-800 PC2-6400 non-ECC non-Registered DIMM
  • Compatible with 41X1079, 40T7321.
  • This module may be manufactured by Micron, Samsung, Infineon, Hynix or Gigaram.
  • Specifications:
    Size - 2GB
    Pins - 240 pins
    ECC - no
    Registered - no
    Form Factor - DIMM
  • This module can be run in Dual Channel mode.
  • The 41X1079-MT carries a MemoryTen lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with IBM 3000 H200 5357-xxx (DDR2-800MHz), 3000 H210 5355-xxx (DDR2-800MHz), IdeaCentre D400 (DDR2-800MHz), D400-30131AU, D400-30131BU, K200-53121AQ (DDR2-800MHz), K200-53122AQ (DDR2-800MHz), K200-53122BQ (DDR2-800MHz), K200-53122CQ (DDR2-800MHz), K200-53122EQ (DDR2-800MHz), K200-53123AQ (DDR2-800MHz), K200-53123BQ (DDR2-800MHz), K200-53123CQ (DDR2-800MHz), K200-53123DQ (DDR2-800MHz), K210-53132BU (DDR2-800MHz), K210-53132CU (DDR2-800MHz), K210-53133AU (DDR2-800MHz), K210-53133BU (DDR2-800MHz), K210-53134AU (DDR2-800MHz), K210-53134BU (DDR2-800MHz), K210-53134CU (DDR2-800MHz), K230 5359-3AU (DDR2-800MHz), Q200 5314-1AQ (DDR2-800MHz), Q200 5314-1CQ (DDR2-800MHz), Q200 5314-2AQ (DDR2-800MHz), Q200 5315-1AQ (DDR2-800MHz), Q200 5315-2AQ (DDR2-800MHz), ThinkCentre A57 9702D9U (DDR2-667MHz), A57 9702-xxx (DDR2-800MHz), A57 9703-xxx (DDR2-800MHz), A57 9704-xxx (DDR2-800MHz), A57 9708-xxx (DDR2-800MHz), A57 9788-xxx (DDR2-800MHz), A57 9789-xxx (DDR2-800MHz), A57 9794-xxx (DDR2-800MHz), A57 9851-xxx (DDR2-800MHz), A57 9853-xxx (DDR2-800MHz), A57 9859-xxx (DDR2-800MHz), ThinkCentre A57e (DDR2-800MHz), A58 5441 (DDR2-800MHz), A58 5473 (DDR2-800MHz), A58 5597 (DDR2-800MHz), A58 5894-xxx (DDR2-800MHz), A58 7015 (DDR2-800MHz), A58 7515-79G (DDR2-800MHz), A58 7515-A1P (DDR2-800MHz), A58 7515-B3A (DDR2-800MHz), A58 7515-H8S (DDR2-800MHz), A58 7522 (DDR2-800MHz), A58 7523 (DDR2-800MHz), A58 7611 (DDR2-800MHz), A58 7705 (DDR2-800MHz), A58 7706 (DDR2-800MHz), A58 7715 (DDR2-800MHz), A58e 0841-xxx (DDR2-800MHz), A61 9120 (DDR2-800MHz), A61 9120-A7U (DDR2-800MHz), A61 9120-A9U (DDR2-800MHz), A61 9120-ABU (DDR2-800MHz), A61 9120-ACU (DDR2-800MHz), A61 9120-ADU (DDR2-800MHz), A61 9120-AGU (DDR2-800MHz), A61 9120-AHU (DDR2-800MHz), A61 9120-AJU (DDR2-800MHz), A61 9126 (DDR2-800MHz), A61 9129 (DDR2-800MHz), A61 9134 (DDR2-800MHz), A61 9134-ARU (DDR2-800MHz), A61 9135 (DDR2-800MHz), A61 9136 (DDR2-800MHz), A61 9137 (DDR2-800MHz), A61 9141 (DDR2-800MHz), A61 9142 (DDR2-800MHz), A61 9143 (DDR2-800MHz), A61 9143-W7B (DDR2-800MHz), A61 9144 (DDR2-800MHz), A61 9156 (DDR2-800MHz), A61 9157 (DDR2-800MHz), A61 9158 (DDR2-800MHz), A61 9159 (DDR2-800MHz), A61 9169 (DDR2-800MHz), A61 9171 (DDR2-800MHz), A61 9189 (DDR2-800MHz), A61 9191 (DDR2-800MHz), A62 7057 (DDR2-800MHz), A62 7057-A1F (DDR2-800MHz), A62 7057-A4G (DDR2-800MHz), A62 7061 (DDR2-800MHz), A62 7062 (DDR2-800MHz), A62 7090-99G (DDR2-800MHz), A62 7092-99G (DDR2-800MHz), A62 9342 (DDR2-800MHz), A62 9342-D3V (DDR2-800MHz), A62 9344 (DDR2-800MHz), A62 9353 (DDR2-800MHz), A62 9354 (DDR2-800MHz), A62 9421 (DDR2-800MHz), A62 9421-A12 (DDR2-800MHz), A62 9426 (DDR2-800MHz), A62 9485 (DDR2-800MHz), A62 9485-A1U (DDR2-800MHz), A62 9486-A1U (DDR2-800MHz), A62 9486-A2U (DDR2-800MHz), A62 9486-xxx (DDR2-800MHz), A62 9623 (DDR2-800MHz), A62 9624 (DDR2-800MHz), A62 9625-xxx (DDR2-800MHz), A62 9705 (DDR2-800MHz), A62 9707 (DDR2-800MHz), A62 9786 (DDR2-800MHz), A62 9787 (DDR2-800MHz), A62 9795-xxx (DDR2-800MHz), A62 9804-xxx (DDR2-800MHz), A62 9935 (DDR2-800MHz), A62 9945 (DDR2-800MHz), A62 9946 (DDR2-800MHz), A62 9953-xxx (DDR2-800MHz), M55 6486 (DDR2-800MHz), M55 6487 (DDR2-800MHz), M55 6487 (8012-xxx) (DDR2-800MHz), M55 8011 (DDR2-800MHz), M55 8012 (DDR2-800MHz), M55 8793 (DDR2-800MHz), M55 8794 (DDR2-800MHz), M55 8797 (DDR2-800MHz), M55 8798 (DDR2-800MHz), M55 8801 (DDR2-800MHz), M55 8802 (DDR2-800MHz), M55 8805 (DDR2-800MHz), M55 8806 (DDR2-800MHz), M55 8810 (DDR2-800MHz), M55 8810-D54 (DDR2-800MHz), M55 8810-W3X (DDR2-800MHz), M55 8810-WFH (DDR2-800MHz), M55 8810-WL3 (DDR2-800MHz), M55 8811 (DDR2-800MHz), M55 8811-WBT (DDR2-800MHz), M55 8811-WG2 (DDR2-800MHz), M55 8811-Y23 (DDR2-800MHz), M55 8813 (DDR2-800MHz), M55 8814 (DDR2-800MHz), M55 8816 (DDR2-800MHz), M55 9166 (DDR2-800MHz), M55 9167 (DDR2-800MHz), M55 9168 (DDR2-800MHz), M55p 8792 (DDR2-800MHz), M55p 8794 (DDR2-800MHz), M55p 8796 (DDR2-800MHz), M55p 8798 (DDR2-800MHz), M55p 8800 (DDR2-800MHz), M55p 8802 (DDR2-800MHz), M55p 8804 (DDR2-800MHz), M55p 8806 (DDR2-800MHz), M55p 8811 (DDR2-800MHz), M55p 8811-DLF (DDR2-800MHz), M55p 8811-DMF (DDR2-800MHz), M55p 8811-VAJ (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6008, 6010, 6019-xxx (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6062, 6065, 6071, M57 6071-A16 (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6071-B8F (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6071-BQF (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6071-DHF (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6071-W5T (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6071-W6T (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6072BNU (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6072BS2 (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6072BU3 (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6072C3U (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6072DNF (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6072ENU (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6072FLF (DDR2-800MHz), 6076, 6089 (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6064, 6066, 6067, 6068, 6069 (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6072, M57 6072W8K (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6072W9M (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6072W91 (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6072WAU (DDR2-800MHz), 6073, 6074, 6075 (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6075A89 (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6075AF7 (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6075B59 (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6075BGU (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6075BQ8 (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6075BSU (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6075DLU (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6075DNU (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6075DPU (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6075E8U (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6075E9U (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6075W23 (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6075W5P (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6075W93 (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6075WCJ (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6075WEH (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6075WMK (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6077, 6078, 6079 (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6081, 6082, 6086 (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6086A3U (DDR2-800MHz), 6087, M57 6087-WAA (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6087-WJJ (DDR2-800MHz), 6088 (DDR2-800MHz), M57 6089A2U (DDR2-800MHz), M57 9172, 9174, 9181 (DDR2-800MHz), M57 9970-A2U (DDR2-800MHz), M57 9978-A2U (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 6305-B5U (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 6305-B6U (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 7066-AAU (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9356-AEU (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9356-AFU (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9356-B1U (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9438-B1U (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9439-A12 (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9439-A17 (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9439-A28 (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9439-A32 (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9439-A36 (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9439-A56 (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9439-A57 (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9439-A75 (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9439-A86 (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9439-AD7 (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9439-AG3 (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9439-AG6 (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9439-AHA (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9439-AJ4 (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9439-AJA (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9439-AKC (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9439-B1U (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9439-B8U (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9439-B9U (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9439-BAU (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9439-D6U (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9439-DHU (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9439-DJU (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9439-W2P (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9481-A88 (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9481-D5U (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9481-D6U (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9482-DBU (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9482-E9U (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9482-FAU (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9482-H1U (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9487-AEU (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9487-AFU (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9622-xxx (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9949 (DDR2-800MHz), M57e 9952-xxx (DDR2-800MHz), M57p 6064, 6066, 6067, 6068, 6069 (DDR2-800MHz), M57p 6072, 6073, M57p 6073B2U (DDR2-800MHz), M57p 6073BLU (DDR2-800MHz), M57p 6073WBT (DDR2-800MHz), M57p 6073WBY (DDR2-800MHz), 6074, 6075 (DDR2-800MHz), M57p 6077, 6078, 6079 (DDR2-800MHz), M57p 6081, 6082, 6087, 6088 (DDR2-800MHz), M57p 6088-A34 (DDR2-800MHz), M57p 6088-W3R (DDR2-800MHz), M57p 9011, 9014, 9071, 9089 (DDR2-800MHz), M57p 9012, 9013, 9018, 9019 (DDR2-800MHz), M57p 9087, 9088, M57p 9088-AWU (DDR2-800MHz), M57p 9088-BGU (DDR2-800MHz), M57p 9088-BWU (DDR2-800MHz), M57p 9088-W1W (DDR2-800MHz), M57p 9088-W5N (DDR2-800MHz), M57p 9088-W8B (DDR2-800MHz), 9096 (DDR2-800MHz), M57p 9160, 9163, 9164 (DDR2-800MHz), M57p 9164-W24 (DDR2-800MHz), M57p 9162, 9182 (DDR2-800MHz), M57p 9193, 9194, 9196 (DDR2-800MHz), M57p 9330-A1U (DDR2-800MHz), M57p 9967 (DDR2-800MHz), M57p 9979-xxx (DDR2-800MHz), M58e 7303 (DDR2-800MHz), M58e 7307-xxx (DDR2-800MHz), M58e 7408 (DDR2-800MHz), M58e 7413 (DDR2-800MHz), M58e 7487 (DDR2-800MHz), M58e 7491-xxx (DDR2-800MHz), M58e 7506 (DDR2-800MHz), M58e 7508 (DDR2-800MHz), M58e 7514-xxx (DDR2-800MHz), M58e 9964-xxx (DDR2-800MHz), 7258 (DDR2-800MHz), 7259-xxx (DDR2-800MHz), 7260 (DDR2-800MHz), 7267 (DDR2-800MHz), 7268 (DDR2-800MHz), 7269-xxx (DDR2-800MHz), 7270 (DDR2-800MHz), 7279 (DDR2-800MHz), 7280-xxx (DDR2-800MHz), 7290 (DDR2-800MHz), 7296 (DDR2-800MHz), 7297 (DDR2-800MHz), 7298-xxx (DDR2-800MHz).
  • 022809, 030909, 031309, 031909, 032609, 040209, 040909, 041609, 042309, 043009, 051109, 061909, 073109, 090409, 091109, 120409, 040910, 051410, 072310, 011011, 042511, 051112
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