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128MB Jetway Desktop 168p PC133 SDRAM DIMM (p/n JETWAY-128MB-PC133)

128MB Jetway Desktop 168p PC133 SDRAM DIMM (p/n JETWAY-128MB-PC133)

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  • Product Code:JETWAY-128MB-PC133_AHUAAEALT
  • Availability:In Stock

Price: $39.98, 10/$370.00, 100/$3,400.00

128MB Jetway Desktop 168p PC133 SDRAM DIMM
  • JETWAY-128MB-PC133
  • This module is manufactured by MemoryTen. This module is in stock and can ship today. We guaranty this module to work in your machine.
  • 128MB 168pin PC133 Gold-Lead 3.3v SDRAM DIMM.
  • The JETWAY-128MB-PC133 carries a MemoryTen lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with Jetway 601CF Motherboard, 601TCF Motherboard, 603TCF Motherboard, 603TCFL Motherboard, 611CF Motherboard, 611CN Motherboard, 613CF Motherboard, 613CN Motherboard, 613DF Motherboard, 615DF Motherboard, 615TCF Motherboard, 615TCS Motherboard, 616AF Motherboard, 618AF Motherboard, 618AF PRO Motherboard, 618AF PRO-R Motherboard, 618AF ULTRA Motherboard, 618AS Motherboard, 618AS PRO Motherboard, 618AS PRO-R Motherboard, 618AS ULTRA Motherboard, 618TAF Motherboard, 618TAS Motherboard, 620CF Motherboard, 630AF Motherboard, 630BF Motherboard, 630BN Motherboard, 630CF Motherboard, 630CN Motherboard, 630DF Motherboard, 630TCF Motherboard, 630TCN Motherboard, 635CN Motherboard (SDRAM), 635CS Motherboard (SDRAM), 645EM Motherboard, 645EML Motherboard, 650EM Motherboard, 650EML Motherboard, 663AS Motherboard, 663AS Pro Motherboard, 663AS Ultra Motherboard, 693AS Motherboard (non-ECC), 694AS Motherboard (non-ECC), 694CS Motherboard (non-ECC), 694CS/VM4 Motherboard, 694TAS Motherboard (non-ECC), 694TCS Motherboard (non-ECC), 695AS Motherboard (non-ECC), 720AF Motherboard, 720AFR2 Motherboard, 720BF Motherboard, 771AS Motherboard, 815EDA Motherboard, 815EPDA Motherboard, 830CF Motherboard, 830CH Motherboard, 830CN Motherboard, 830CN Ultra Motherboard, 835AS Motherboard (SDRAM), 845CA Motherboard, 845CAL Motherboard (non-ECC), 849BS Motherboard, 861CS Motherboard, 867AS Motherboard (SDRAM), 867AS-H Motherboard (SDRAM), 894BS Motherboard, 920BN Motherboard, 993AN Motherboard (non-ECC), 993AN-L Motherboard (non-ECC), 993AS Motherboard (non-ECC), 994AN-L Motherboard (non-ECC), 994AS Motherboard (non-ECC), 994AS-L Motherboard (non-ECC), B614DF Motherboard, B615DF Motherboard, BX2000 Motherboard, BX2100 Motherboard (non-ECC), IB3 Motherboard, J601CF Motherboard, J615TCF Motherboard, J618AF Motherboard, J618AS Motherboard, J630CF Motherboard, J630TCF Motherboard, J635CS Motherboard (SDRAM), J650EML Motherboard, J663AS Pro Motherboard, J663ASUltra Motherboard, J830CF Motherboard, J830CH Motherboard, J-830CNP Ultra Motherboard, J830CNUltra Motherboard, J867AS Motherboard (SDRAM), J867V266A Motherboard (SDRAM), J867V266B Motherboard (SDRAM), JP4MFM Motherboard (SDRAM), JP4MFP533 Motherboard (SDRAM), JP4XFA Motherboard (SDRAM), JP4XFB Motherboard (SDRAM), JP4XFCP Motherboard (SDRAM), JV6FP Motherboard (SDRAM), MiniQ 314, MiniQ 315, MiniQ 360, P4MFA Motherboard, P4MFM Motherboard, P4MFP533 Motherboard, P4MFP533T Motherboard, P4MFU533 Motherboard, P4MFU533T Motherboard, P4XFA Motherboard (SDRAM), P4XFB Motherboard, P4XFBU Motherboard, P4XFCP Motherboard, P4XFCU Motherboard, P4XFM Motherboard, ULTRA BX200 Motherboard, ULTRA BX2100 Motherboard, V6FP Motherboard, V6FU Motherboard, V266A (SIMM) Motherboard, V266B (SIMM) Motherboard, VA4 Motherboard (non-ECC), VB9 Motherboard, VB9N Motherboard, VM4 Motherboard (non-ECC).
  • 042307, 060514
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