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128MB Jetway PC2100 Memory DDR 266 184 Pin DIMM (p/n JETWAY-XDA128)

128MB Jetway PC2100 Memory DDR 266 184 Pin DIMM (p/n JETWAY-XDA128)

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  • Product Code:JETWAY-XDA128_ACUATI
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Price: $4.98

128MB Jetway PC2100 Memory DDR 266 184 Pin DIMM
  • This module may be manufactured by Micron, Infineon, Adata, TwinMOS or MemoryTen depending on availability. This module is in stock and can ship today.
  • 128MB pc2100 CL2.5 4c 16x16 DDR 184-pin Dimm.
  • The JETWAY-XDA128 carries a MemoryTen lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with Jetway 623DMW Motherboard, 625EMP Motherboard, 627CWE Motherboard, 627FWE Motherboard, 635CN Motherboard (DDR), 635CS Motherboard (DDR), 740DMP Motherboard, 740DMU Motherboard, 740DMZ Motherboard, 835AS Motherboard (DDR), 845DBA Motherboard, 845DBA Motherboard, 845DDA Motherboard, 845DDA Motherboard, 845DPRO Motherboard, 845E4 Motherboard, 845EDA Motherboard, 845EDAK Motherboard, 845EPRO Motherboard, 845GDM Motherboard, 845GDML Motherboard, 845GLM Motherboard, 845GLMP Motherboard, 845GPRO Motherboard, 845GVF Motherboard, 845GVFC Motherboard, 845LDA Motherboard, 845LDAL Motherboard, 845LDM Motherboard, 845LDML Motherboard, 866ASE Motherboard (non-ECC), 867AS Motherboard (DDR), 867AS-H Motherboard (DDR), 886AS Motherboard (non-ECC), 886AS Ultra Motherboard (non-ECC), I402 (NON-ECC) Motherboard, I402R Motherboard,IE4ML Motherboard, J635CS Motherboard (DDR), J740DMP Motherboard, J845EPRO Motherboard, J866AS Motherboard (non-ECC), J866AS-R Motherboard (non-ECC), J866ASUltra Motherboard (non-ECC), J867AS Motherboard (DDR), J867V266A Motherboard (DDR), J867V266B Motherboard (DDR), JI402 Motherboard, JP4MDMP Motherboard, JP4MFM Motherboard (DDR), JP4MFP533 Motherboard (DDR), JP4XFA Motherboard (DDR), JP4XFB Motherboard (DDR), JP4XFCP Motherboard (DDR), JS450L Motherboard, JV6FP Motherboard (DDR), MiniQ 430AV, MINIQ 435Twin, MiniQ 460V, MiniQ 740, P4845GLM Motherboard, P4MDF Motherboard, P4MDFT Motherboard, P4MDM Motherboard, P4MDMP Motherboard, P4MDMP533 Motherboard, P4MDPT Motherboard, P4MDUT Motherboard, P4MFA Mother (DDR), P4MFM Motherboard (DDR), P4MFP533 Motherboard, P4MFP533T Motherboard (DDR), P4MFU533 Motherboard, P4MFU533T Motherboard (DDR), P4MVM Motherboard, P4MVMP Motherboard, P4XDMP Motherboard, P4XDMP533 Motherboard, P4XFA (DDR) Motherboard, P4XFB Motherboard, P4XFBU DDR Motherboard, P4XFCP Motherboard (DDR), P4XFCU Motherboard (DDR), P4XFM Motherboard (DDR), P4XFP Motherboard, PM2M Motherboard, PM2MP Motherboard, S450 Motherboard, S450L Motherboard, V6DP Motherboard, V6DU Motherboard, V6FP Motherboard, V6FU Motherboard, V266A (DIMM) Motherboard, V266B (DIMM) Motherboard, V266DM Motherboard, V266DMU Motherboard, V623DMP Motherboard, V623DMW Motherboard.
  • 080207, 092508, 071111
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