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1GB (1x1GB) Toshiba Notebook Dynabook PC2700 DDR333 SODIMM (p/n PA3313U-1M1G)

1GB (1x1GB) Toshiba Notebook Dynabook PC2700 DDR333 SODIMM (p/n PA3313U-1M1G)

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  • Product Code:PA3313U-1M1G_ARD
  • Availability:In Stock

Price: $19.98

1GB (1x1GB) Toshiba Notebook Dynabook PC2700 DDR333 SODIMM
  • PA3313U-1M1G, KTT3311/1G.
  • This module may be manufactured by Swissbit, Kingston, Samsung, MemoryTen, KingMax, Infineon, Elpida, Micron or Nanya depending on availability. This part is in stock and can ship today. KTT3311/1G is Toshiba's and Kingston's part number.
  • 1GB 200pin PC2700 DDR333 2.5V SODIMM.
  • Both Toshiba and Kingston use part number KTT3311/1G. This is not Kingston memory.
  • The PA3313U-1M1G carries a MemoryTen lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with Toshiba S822 Tablet PC, Dynabook AX/2525CMS, AX/2528PDS, AX/3527CMS, AX/353APDS, CX1/212CDEW, CX1/212CMEW, CX1/214LDEW, CX/2213CDSW, CX/2213CMSW, CX/2215LMSW, CX/3214CDSW, CX/3214CMSW, CX/3216LDSW, CX/3216LDSW/B, ES, EX, EX/2513CDSTB, EX/2515LDSTW, EX/2515LDSTWB, PX/410DL, VX/570LS, DynaBook Satellite A11 220P/5, J40 170L/5, J40 170L/5X, J40 200L/5, J40 200L/5X, PAVX470LS, bT12 170L/5, SS1600 10L/2W, SSM10, SS M10 11L/2, SS M10 90C/2, SS M200 140L/2X, SS M200 160L/2X, SSMX, TX/2513CMSW, TX/2515LDSW, TX/2517LDSW, TX/3516LDSW, V9, V9/W14LDEW, VX/470LS, WX/3727CDS, Dynabook Qosmio, E10/1KCDE, E10/1KLDEW, E10/2KLDEW, F10/2WLDEW, SS 1600 80C/2W, SS 1610 11L/2, SS 1610 90C/2, SS 2110 DS10L/2, SS 2110 DS10L/2, SS 2120 DS11L/2, SS MX/190DR, SS SX/2211LNKW, SS SX/3211LNKW, VX/2W15LDSTW, VX/2W15LDSW, SS MX/190DK, SS MX/190DR, SSM200, SSSX, VX, Dynabook Satellite A50 01F00N/A50 01F00M, A50 02700M, AW2, AW3, J31 150L/5X, J32 130C/4, 130C/5, 130C/5X, 160L/4, 160L/5, 160L/5X, M30 7101T, 72STK, T10 150L/4, T10 150L/5, T11 160L/4, 160L/5, EQUIUM A60 (152, 155, 156, 157, 692), A60-173, A80-132, L10-200, M40X-103, M40X-149, M40X-189, Libretto U100, U100-105, U100-111, U100-S213, U100/190DSB, U100/190DSW, U100/190NLB, U100/190NLW, U105, Portege A100, A100 00EYD, A200, JPPA10Z-00EYD-H, M100, M100 01Q57, M100-101, M100-106, M100-112, M200, M200 0086E, M200 02QH1, M200-102, M200-106, M200-122, M200-152, M200-170, M200-171, M200-172, M200-173, M200-19T114, M200-19T294, M200-S218TD, M205-S209, M205-S809, M205-S810, M210, M300, M300 01M00Z, M300-100, M300-101, M300-102, M300-103, M300-P1301, M300-P1311, PPA10E-0002N-EN, PPA10L-000MC, PPA10Z-00EYD, PP415E-00J005EN, PP415L-007003, PP415L-00E003, PPM20A-00LG4, PPM20A-00LG43, PPM20A-0822V, PPM20C-0086E, PPM20C-0086EF, PPM20E-0053C-FR, PPM20U-004JD4, PPM20U-07UGR4, PPM20U-07UGR4S, PPM21U-02SXD4, PPM21C-027QF, PPM21E-0260Z-EN, PPM21E-0260Z-GR, PPM21E-02M4Z-FR, PPM21E-02M4Z-GR, PPM21E-02QFZ-FR, PPM21U-029CM4, PPM21U-07UEV8, KPPM20Z-0086E-K, PPM20Z-0086E, PPM20U-01ENPK, PPM20U-07UGSK, PPM21U-02SXD4, R100-132, R100 213N9, Portege M300-P1321, QOSMIO E10 Series, E10-102, E10-P440, E15 Series, E15-AV101, F10, F10-100, F10-101, F10-103, F10-105, F10-106, F10-120, F10-121, F10-122, F10-124, F10-125, F10-130, F10-132, F10-136, F10-GP1, F15-AV201, G10, G10-27LDER, G10-100, G10-104, G10-105, G10-106, G10-111, G10-120, G10-124, G10-125, G10-126, G10-133, G10-134, G10-136, G10-137, G10-GP2, G15-AV501, PQE10E-00E00DGR, PQE10E-00E00VFR, PQE10L-006007, PQE10U-00H00M, PQF10A-016008, PQF10C-GP102E, PQF10E-00V00KEN, PQF10E-00W00JGR, PQF10E-01E00MFR, PQF10E-01400MFR, PQF10E-02300JGR, PQF10U-00K00H, PQG10A-01T009, PQG10C-GP202E, PQG10E-01H00REN, PQG10E-01N00QFR, PQG10E-01400REN, PQG10E-02200PGR, PQG10E-02300QFR, PQG10U-00Y00L, Satellite 1130-Z31, A30, A30/4R4, A30-131, A30-222, A30-232, A30-901, A30-921, A30-931, A40/07R3W, A40-141, A40-522, A40-532, A40-892, A40-CXV, A40-S161, A40-S161 SB, A40-S270, A40-SP151, A40-SP270, A40-VH3, A45-03900N, A45-08K00N, A45-08L00N, A45-100, A45-101, A45-S120, A45-S130, A45-S150, A45-S161, A45-S250, A45-S270, A45-S1201, A45-S1301, A45-S1501, A45-S2501, A45-S2701, A45-SP151, A45-SP270, A50-03900N, A50-08K00N, A50-08L00N, A50-100, A50-101, A50-105, A50-108, A50-110, A50-112, A50-114, A50-122, A50-402, A50-432, A50-452, A50-492, A50-493, A50-502, A50-522, A50-532, A50-542, A50-543, A50-AG1, A50-S310B, A50-S310G, A50-S311B, A50-S311G, A50-S330B, A50-S330G, A50-S331B, A50-S331G, A50-S332B, A50-S332G, A50-S333B, A50-S336G, A50-S430B, A50-S430G, A50-S431B, A50-S431G, A50-S432B, A50-S432G, A50-S530B, A50-S530G, A50-S535B, A50-S535G, A50-S536B, A50-S536G, A50-S537B, A50-S537G, A50-SP306, A55-S306, A55-S3061, A55-S3062, A55-S3261, A55-S326, A55-SP326, A60 Series, A60-102, A60-105, A60-106, A60-110, A60-111, A60-116, A60-117, A60-120, A60-122, A60-123, A60-124, A60-127, A60-129, A60-142, A60-144, A60-145, A60-149, A60-150, A60-151, A60-154, A60-160, A60-170, A60-174, A60-180, A60-185, A60-186, A60-188, A60-197, A60-198, A60-201, A60-202, A60-212, A60-218, A60-219, A60-302, A60-310, A60-332, A60-352, A60-632, A60-652, A60-662, A60-672, A60-682, A60-692, A60-712, A60-723, A60-742, A60-743, A60-752, A60-762, A60-772, A60-793, A60-2001, A60-CJW, A60-JL1, A60-S110, A60-S130, A60-S135, A60-S156, A60-S159, A60-S166, A60-S169, A60-S310, A60-S330, A60-S331, A60-S430, A60-S535, A60-S536, A60-S537, A60-S1173, A60-S1561, A60-S1591, A60-S1591ST, A60-S1592ST, A60-S1661, A60-S1662, A60-S1691, A60-S1691ST, A60-SP126, A60-SP159, A60-SP176, A60-WM1, A65-S109, A65-S126, A65-S136, A65-S1062, A65-S1064, A65-S1066, A65-S1067, A65-S1072, A65-S1091, A65-S1261, A65-S1361, A65-S1662, A65-S1762, A65-SP126, A65-SP159, A65-SP176, A65-S1063, A65-S1065, A65-S1070, A65-SP1591, A70 SERIES, A70-00V, A70/0W700W, A70/0WF00W, A70/0WJ00W, A70/7001, A70/8001, A70-AB2, A70-DD1, A70-KL1, A70-KM2, A70-ML1, A70-RT1, A70-RW1, A70-RX1, A70-S249, A70-S256, A70-S259, A70-S2362, A70-S2491, A70-S2492ST, A70-S2561, A70-S2591, A70-SC1, A70-SP211, A70-SP249, A70-SP259, A70-SP286, A70-TS1, A75 SERIES, A75-S125, A75-S129, A75-S206, A75-S209, A75-S211, A75-S221, A75-S226, A75-S229, A75-S231, A75-S276, A75-S1251, A75-S1253, A75-S1254, A75-S1291, A75-S2061, A75-S2091, A75-S2111, A75-S2112, A75-S2211, A75-S2261, A75-S2291, A75-S2292, A75-S2311, A75-S2761, A75-S2762, A75-SP213, A75-SP229, A75-SP231, A75-SP286, A80/05Z009, A80-111, A80-116, A80-117, A80-121, A80-122, A80-125, A80-127, A80-129, A80-131, A80-135, A80-142, A80-144, A80-154, A80-157, A80-183, A80-C430, A80-C431, A80-P2301, A80-P430, A80-P431, A80-P432, A80-P435, A80-P440, A80-P441, A80-P442, A80-P445, A80-P446, A80-P4301, A80-S178TD, A80-SP107, A85-S107, A85-S1071, A85-S1072, A85-SP1072, J30 140L/4, J30 140L/5, J30 140L/5X, JPPM30Z-01M00Z-H, JPPM30Z-01M00Z-P, L10-117, L10-119, M30, M30 Small Business Series, M30 Special Edition, M30-00K, M30/D00F, M30/K00F, M30-001, M30-103, M30-104, M30-106, M30-107, M30-154, M30-204, M30-241, 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M40X/00M008, M40X/00N008, M45-S165, M45-S165, M45-S265, M45-S331, M45-S351, M45-S355, M45-S1651, M45-S2651, M45-S2652, M45-S2653, M45-S2691, M45-S3311, M45-S3511, M45-S3551,M45-S3552, M45-S3553, M45-SP351, M45-SP355, M45-SP459, M45X-S165, M45X-S1651, M50 Series, M50-04N01N, M50-0TG01D, M50-0TJ01E, M50-0YU01N, M50-101, M50-105, M50-106, M50-109, M50-115, M50-122, M50-126, M50-137, M50-142, M50-143, M50-148, M50-159, M50-170, M50-176, M50-181, M50-182, M50-183, M50-187, M50-196, M50-198, M50-203, M50-215, M50-216, M50-226, M50-231, M50-C330, M50-MX5, M50-P341, M50-P346, M50-P3541, M50-S418TD, M50-S4182TD, M50-S5181TD, M50-S5181TQ, M50-YK4, M50-YK5, M55-S135, M55-S1351, M55-S1352, M55-S2253, M55-S325, M55-S329, M55-S2252, M55-S3251, M55-S3262, M55-S3291, M55-S3292, M55-S3293, M55-S3294, M55-S3314, M55-S3314, M55-S3315, M55-S3512, M55-SP325, M55-SP329, M55-SP339, M55-SP341, M55-SP361, M55-SP3252, M60-S811TD, P10 Small Business Series, P10-133, P10-154, P10-204, P10-221, P10-231, P10-251, 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P35-SP609, P35-SP611, P160L-00KVX, PP160L-011Z5, PPM30C-NC201E, Pro M40X, Pro M40X-131, R10-101, R10-AN5, R10-P2301, R10-S613, R10-S802TD, R10-S804TD, R10-S820 , R15-S822, R15-S829, R15-S8222, SP10-554, SP20-103, Satellite Pro A40, Pro A40-101, Pro A40-111, Pro A40-131, Pro A40-181, Pro A40-251, Pro A40-742, Pro A40-813, Pro A40-852, Pro A40-882, Pro A60, Pro A60-107, Pro A60-138, PRO A60-140, PRO A60-532, Pro A60-683, Pro A60-832, Pro M30, PRO M30-114, Pro M30-221, Pro M30-231, Pro M30-701, Pro M30-721, Pro M30-813, Pro M30-821, Pro M30-862, PRO M30-873, PRO M30-884, PRO M30-892, PRO M30-894, PRO M30-911, Pro M30-951, PRO M30-961, Pro M40X-132, Pro M40X-134, Pro M40X-165, Pro M40X-167, Pro M40X-168, Pro M40X-169, Pro M40X-260, Pro M70-178, Pro PSL15E-00H018EN, Pro PSM35E-000KS, Pro PSM35E-000KS-GR, Pro PSM35E-000MN-EN, Pro PSM35E-000NU, Pro PSM35E-000NU-GR, Pro PSM35E-000UG-EN, Pro PSM35E-001HH, Pro PSM35E-001HH-GR, Pro PSM35E-001HR, Pro PSM35E-001RH-GR, Pro PSM35E-001RJ-FR, Pro PSM35E-002X0-EN, Pro PSM35E-002X0-GR, Pro PSM35E-003H0-GR, Pro PSM35E-003K0-FR, Pro PSM35E-0042X-EN, Pro PSM35E-006X0-FR, Pro PSM35E-006Z0-GR, Pro PSM35E-007D0-GR, Pro PSM35E-000PL-FR, Tecra A2 series, A2-115, A2-682, A2-703, A2-S20ST, A2-S119, A2-S139, A2-S316, A2-S336, A2-S4362, A2-S4372ST, A2-SP119, A2-SP219, A3 Series, A3-101, A3-103, A3-106, A3-114, A3-116, A3-117, A3-121, A3-122, A3-145, A3-152, A3-181, A3-183, A3-184, A3-188, A3-S611, A3-S631, A3-S711, A3-S731, A3-SP611, A4 Series, A4-108, A4-109, A4-111, A4-S111TD, A4-123, A4-127, A4-128, A4-131, A4-158, A4-165, A4-168, A4-170, A4-171, A4-187, A4-201, A4-203, A4-204, A4-205, A4-207, A4-212, A4-234, A4-S211, A4-S216, A4-S231, A4-S236, A4-SP211, A4-SP216, A5 Series, A5-101, A5-102, A5-105, A5-109, A5-122, A5-133, A5-134, A5-135, A5-S136, A5-138, A5-145, A5-148, A5-155, A5-159, A5-S116, A5-S237, A5-S416, A5-S436, A5-S516, A5-S6215TD, A5-SP416, A5-SP519, A5-SP559, M2-002TU, M2-03TGD, M2-0T3GD, M2-0T7SK, M2-0UMYV, M2-0VY13, M2-0X88F, M2-735, M2-745, M2-102, M2-109, M2-715, M2-725, M2-D1500B, M2-D1500G, M2-D1600B, M2-D1600G, M2-D1800B, M2-D1800G, M2P-1700B, M2P-1700G, M2-S319, M2-S339, M2-S510, M2-S519, M2-S530, M2-S539, M2-S593, M2-S630, M2-S710, M2-S730, M2-S3391, M2-S5391, M2-S7302ST, M2V BTO, M2V-P1600G, M2V-S310, M2V-S330, M2V-S3302ST, M2, M3-226, M3-336, MV2, S2 Series, S2-107, S2-110, S2-112, S2-119, S2-120, S2-126, S2-128, S2-131, S2-136, S2-137, S2-138, S2-155, S2-159, S2-163, S2-170, S2-175, S2-176, S2-192, S2-208, S2-223, S2-257, S2-286, S2-P4301, S2-P4351, S2-S511TD, SS 1600 80C/2, TE2100, TE2100 Notebook, TE2300 Series, VX1/W15LDET, VX1/W15LDEW.
  • 030909, 031809, 032709, 042709, 070609, 080709, 101209, 110209, 120909, 040910
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