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Samsung Phone Memory

Phone A Series
A501 PhoneA501 Phone 
A503 (SPH-A503)A503 (SPH-A503) 
A707 PhoneA707 Phone 
A701 PhoneA701 Phone 
A717 PhoneA717 Phone 
A720 PhoneA720 Phone 
A727 PhoneA727 Phone 
A737 PhoneA737 Phone 
A777 (SGH-A777)A777 (SGH-A777) 
A940 PhoneA940 Phone 
A950 PhoneA950 Phone 
Ace PhoneAce Phone 
Aqua Style PhoneAqua Style Phone 
Phone D Series
D510 PhoneD510 Phone 
D550 PhoneD550 Phone 
D600 PhoneD600 Phone 
D720 SmartphoneD720 Smartphone 
D730 SmartPhoneD730 SmartPhone 
D780 PhoneD780 Phone 
D820 PhoneD820 Phone 
D870 PhoneD870 Phone 
D880 Duos PhoneD880 Duos Phone 
D900 PhoneD900 Phone 
Delve (SCH-r800) PhoneDelve (SCH-r800) Phone 
Diva (GT-S7070) PhoneDiva (GT-S7070) Phone 
Phone E Series
E250 PhoneE250 Phone 
E251 PhoneE251 Phone 
E390 PhoneE390 Phone 
E480 PhoneE480 Phone 
E490 PhoneE490 Phone 
E570 PhoneE570 Phone 
E590 PhoneE590 Phone 
E690 PhoneE690 Phone 
E740 PhoneE740 Phone 
E770 PhoneE770 Phone 
E840 PhoneE840 Phone 
E870 PhoneE870 Phone 
E890 PhoneE890 Phone 
E898 PhoneE898 Phone 
E900 PhoneE900 Phone 
E950 PhoneE950 Phone 
Ego GT-S9402 PhoneEgo GT-S9402 Phone 
Epix (SGH-i907) PhoneEpix (SGH-i907) Phone 
Eternity A867 (SGH-A867) PhoneEternity A867 (SGH-A867) Phone 
Phone F Series
F200 PhoneF200 Phone 
F210 (SGH-F210) PhoneF210 (SGH-F210) Phone 
F250 PhoneF250 Phone 
F270 Beat PhoneF270 Beat Phone 
F300 PhoneF300 Phone 
F400 PhoneF400 Phone 
F480 PhoneF480 Phone 
F490 PhoneF490 Phone 
F500 PhoneF500 Phone 
F510 PhoneF510 Phone 
F520 PhoneF520 Phone 
F700 PhoneF700 Phone 
Finesse (SCH-r810) PhoneFinesse (SCH-r810) Phone 
Phone i Series
i200 Phonei200 Phone 
i300 Phonei300 Phone 
i300x Phonei300x Phone 
i310 Phonei310 Phone 
i320 Phonei320 Phone 
i400 Phonei400 Phone 
i500 Phonei500 Phone 
i505 Phonei505 Phone 
i520 Phonei520 Phone 
i530 Phonei530 Phone 
i550 Smartphonei550 Smartphone 
i600 Smartphonei600 Smartphone 
i607 Phonei607 Phone 
i607 (SGH-i607) BlackJack Phonei607 (SGH-i607) BlackJack Phone 
i617 (SGH-i617) BlackJack II Phonei617 (SGH-i617) BlackJack II Phone 
i620 SmartPhonei620 SmartPhone 
i640 Smartphonei640 Smartphone 
i645 Smartphonei645 Smartphone 
i710 Phonei710 Phone 
i718 Phonei718 Phone 
i730 Smartphonei730 Smartphone 
i760 (SCH-i760) Phonei760 (SCH-i760) Phone 
i900 Omnia Phonei900 Omnia Phone 
I6220 Star TV SmartphoneI6220 Star TV Smartphone 
I7410 PhoneI7410 Phone 
i8000 Omnia II Phonei8000 Omnia II Phone 
i8510 INNOV8 Phonei8510 INNOV8 Phone 
Impression (SGH-a877) PhoneImpression (SGH-a877) Phone 
Instinct (SPH-m800) PhoneInstinct (SPH-m800) Phone 
Instinct s30 (SPH-M810) SmartphoneInstinct s30 (SPH-M810) Smartphone 
Phone P Series
P310 PhoneP310 Phone 
P520 PhoneP520 Phone 
P850 PhoneP850 Phone 
P860 PhoneP860 Phone 
P900 PhoneP900 Phone 
P910 PhoneP910 Phone 
P920 PhoneP920 Phone 
P930 PhoneP930 Phone 
P940 PhoneP940 Phone 
P960 PhoneP960 Phone 
Pixon12 (M8910) PhonePixon12 (M8910) Phone 
Propel Pro (SGH-i627) PhonePropel Pro (SGH-i627) Phone 
Phone SCH Series
SCH-A770 PhoneSCH-A770 Phone 
SCH-A920 PhoneSCH-A920 Phone 
SCH-A930 PhoneSCH-A930 Phone 
SCH-A940 PhoneSCH-A940 Phone 
SCH-A950 PhoneSCH-A950 Phone 
SCH-A970 PhoneSCH-A970 Phone 
SCH-A990 PhoneSCH-A990 Phone 
SCH-B200 PhoneSCH-B200 Phone 
SCH-G100 3D Game PhoneSCH-G100 3D Game Phone 
SCH-I400 Continuum SmartphoneSCH-I400 Continuum Smartphone 
SCH-I500 Mesmerize SmartphoneSCH-I500 Mesmerize Smartphone 
SCH-i519 PDA PhoneSCH-i519 PDA Phone 
SCH-i600 SmartphoneSCH-i600 Smartphone 
SCH-i730 PhoneSCH-i730 Phone 
SCH-I830 SmartphoneSCH-I830 Smartphone 
SCH-M309  PhoneSCH-M309 Phone 
SCH-M339  PhoneSCH-M339 Phone 
SCH-R561 (VICE) PhoneSCH-R561 (VICE) Phone 
SCH-R580 Profile PhoneSCH-R580 Profile Phone 
SCH-S250 PhoneSCH-S250 Phone 
SCH-U540 PhoneSCH-U540 Phone 
SCH-U620 PhoneSCH-U620 Phone 
SCH-U740 PhoneSCH-U740 Phone 
SCH-V730 PhoneSCH-V730 Phone 
Phone SGH Series
SGH-a657 PhoneSGH-a657 Phone 
SGH-D608 PhoneSGH-D608 Phone 
SGH-D700 PhoneSGH-D700 Phone 
SGH-D807 PhoneSGH-D807 Phone 
SGH-D820 PhoneSGH-D820 Phone 
SGH-D830 PhoneSGH-D830 Phone 
SGH-D900 PhoneSGH-D900 Phone 
SGH-E770 PhoneSGH-E770 Phone 
SGH-E900 PhoneSGH-E900 Phone 
SGH-i250 SmartphoneSGH-i250 Smartphone 
SGH-i300X PhoneSGH-i300X Phone 
SGH-i320N PhoneSGH-i320N Phone 
SGH-i550w PhoneSGH-i550w Phone 
SGH-i7110 PhoneSGH-i7110 Phone 
SGH-T629 PhoneSGH-T629 Phone 
SGH-i700 PhoneSGH-i700 Phone 
SGH-P730 PhoneSGH-P730 Phone 
SGH-P735 PhoneSGH-P735 Phone 
SGH-r600 HUE II PhoneSGH-r600 HUE II Phone 
SGH-t359 Smiley PhoneSGH-t359 Smiley Phone 
SGH-T609 PhoneSGH-T609 Phone 
SGH-t659 Scarlet PhoneSGH-t659 Scarlet Phone 
SGH-T809 PhoneSGH-T809 Phone 
SGH-X660 PhoneSGH-X660 Phone 
SGH-X699 PhoneSGH-X699 Phone 
SGH-X700 PhoneSGH-X700 Phone 
SGH-X808 PhoneSGH-X808 Phone 
SGH-Z500 PhoneSGH-Z500 Phone 
Phone SPH Series
SPH-A800 PhoneSPH-A800 Phone 
SPH-A920 PhoneSPH-A920 Phone 
SPH-A940 PhoneSPH-A940 Phone 
SPH-D700 Epic 4G SmartphoneSPH-D700 Epic 4G Smartphone 
SPH-G1000 Game PhoneSPH-G1000 Game Phone 
SPH-i550 PDA PhoneSPH-i550 PDA Phone 
SPH-i700 PhoneSPH-i700 Phone 
SPH-M339 PhoneSPH-M339 Phone 
SPH-S2300 PhoneSPH-S2300 Phone 
SPH-V4400 PhoneSPH-V4400 Phone 
Phone Ultra Edition Series
Ultra Edition 8.4 PhoneUltra Edition 8.4 Phone 
Ultra Edition 9.9 PhoneUltra Edition 9.9 Phone 
Ultra Edition 10.9 PhoneUltra Edition 10.9 Phone 
Ultra Edition 11.8 PhoneUltra Edition 11.8 Phone 
Ultra Edition 12.1 PhoneUltra Edition 12.1 Phone 
Ultra Edition 12.9 PhoneUltra Edition 12.9 Phone 
Ultra Edition 13.5 PhoneUltra Edition 13.5 Phone 
Phone X Series
X520 PhoneX520 Phone 
X800 PhoneX800 Phone 
X810 PhoneX810 Phone 
X910 PhoneX910 Phone 
Phone Z Series
Z110 PhoneZ110 Phone 
Z230 PhoneZ230 Phone 
Z240 PhoneZ240 Phone 
Z310 PhoneZ310 Phone 
Z350 PhoneZ350 Phone 
Z370 PhoneZ370 Phone 
Z400 PhoneZ400 Phone 
Z520 PhoneZ520 Phone 
Z550 PhoneZ550 Phone 
Z560 PhoneZ560 Phone 
Z600 PhoneZ600 Phone 
Z620 PhoneZ620 Phone 
Z650i PhoneZ650i Phone 
Z710 PhoneZ710 Phone 
Z720 PhoneZ720 Phone 
ZV30 PhoneZV30 Phone 
ZV40 PhoneZV40 Phone 
ZV50 PhoneZV50 Phone 
Phone Other Series
B100 PhoneB100 Phone 
B130 PhoneB130 Phone 
B520 (SGH-B520) Impact PhoneB520 (SGH-B520) Impact Phone 
B2100 Xplorer SmartphoneB2100 Xplorer Smartphone 
B3210 CorbyTXT PhoneB3210 CorbyTXT Phone 
B3410 PhoneB3410 Phone 
B5310 CorbyPRO SmartphoneB5310 CorbyPRO Smartphone 
B5702 SmartphoneB5702 Smartphone 
B7300 OmniaLITE SmartphoneB7300 OmniaLITE Smartphone 
B7320 OmniaPRO SmartphoneB7320 OmniaPRO Smartphone 
B7330 OmniaPRO PhoneB7330 OmniaPRO Phone 
B7610 OmniaPRO SmartphoneB7610 OmniaPRO Smartphone 
Beat DJ M7600 PhoneBeat DJ M7600 Phone 
Beat T539 (SGH-T539) PhoneBeat T539 (SGH-T539) Phone 
Behold (SGH-t919) PhoneBehold (SGH-t919) Phone 
Blade GT-S5600v PhoneBlade GT-S5600v Phone 
Blast T729 PhoneBlast T729 Phone 
C3050 PhoneC3050 Phone 
C3110 PhoneC3110 Phone 
C3110 SmartphoneC3110 Smartphone 
C3212 PhoneC3212 Phone 
C5212 PhoneC5212 Phone 
C5510 SmartphoneC5510 Smartphone 
Captivate SmartphoneCaptivate Smartphone 
Classico (GT-S7350) PhoneClassico (GT-S7350) Phone 
Comeback (SGH-t559) SmartphoneComeback (SGH-t559) Smartphone 
Focus i917 SmartphoneFocus i917 Smartphone 
G400 Soul PhoneG400 Soul Phone 
G800 SmartphoneG800 Smartphone 
G810 SmartphoneG810 Smartphone 
Galaxy Portal (GT-I5700) PhoneGalaxy Portal (GT-I5700) Phone 
Gravity (SGH-t459) PhoneGravity (SGH-t459) Phone 
Gravity 2 (SGH-t469) SmartphoneGravity 2 (SGH-t469) Smartphone 
Gravity T669 SmartphoneGravity T669 Smartphone 
GT-C6620 PhoneGT-C6620 Phone 
GT-I9000 Galaxy S SmartphoneGT-I9000 Galaxy S Smartphone 
Helio Fin PhoneHelio Fin Phone 
Highlight (SGH-t749) SmartphoneHighlight (SGH-t749) Smartphone 
Highnote (SPH-m630) PhoneHighnote (SPH-m630) Phone 
J150 PhoneJ150 Phone 
J210 PhoneJ210 Phone 
J600 PhoneJ600 Phone 
J630 PhoneJ630 Phone 
J700 PhoneJ700 Phone 
Jack (SGH-i637) SmartphoneJack (SGH-i637) Smartphone 
Jet (GT-S8000) PhoneJet (GT-S8000) Phone 
JetSet (SCH-r550) SmartphoneJetSet (SCH-r550) Smartphone 
L170 PhoneL170 Phone 
L310 PhoneL310 Phone 
L320 PhoneL320 Phone 
L600 PhoneL600 Phone 
L760 PhoneL760 Phone 
L770 PhoneL770 Phone 
M55 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz)M55 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz) 
M55 Notebook (DDR2-667MHz)M55 Notebook (DDR2-667MHz) 
Monte (GT-S5620) PhoneMonte (GT-S5620) Phone 
MITS M400 Pocket PC PhoneMITS M400 Pocket PC Phone 
MITS M500 PhoneMITS M500 Phone 
ML-3050 Laser PrinterML-3050 Laser Printer 
Mythic (SGH-a897) PhoneMythic (SGH-a897) Phone 
Omnia HD i8910 PhoneOmnia HD i8910 Phone 
Omnia (SCH-i910) PhoneOmnia (SCH-i910) Phone 
Preston (GT-S5600 / GT-S5603) SmartphonePreston (GT-S5600 / GT-S5603) Smartphone 
Rant (SPH-m540) PhoneRant (SPH-m540) Phone 
S500i PhoneS500i Phone 
S501i PhoneS501i Phone 
S5560 PhoneS5560 Phone 
S720i PhoneS720i Phone 
S730i PhoneS730i Phone 
S3310 PhoneS3310 Phone 
S3350 PhoneS3350 Phone 
S3370 PhoneS3370 Phone 
S3500 SmartphoneS3500 Smartphone 
S3550 SmartphoneS3550 Smartphone 
S3600 PhoneS3600 Phone 
S3650 Corby PhoneS3650 Corby Phone 
S5050 PhoneS5050 Phone 
S5200 PhoneS5200 Phone 
S5230W Star SmartphoneS5230W Star Smartphone 
S6700 SmartphoneS6700 Smartphone 
Saga i770 SmartphoneSaga i770 Smartphone 
Star S5230 PhoneStar S5230 Phone 
Touch Truth PhoneTouch Truth Phone 
Trace T519 (SGH-T519) PhoneTrace T519 (SGH-T519) Phone 
Ultra Smart F520 PhoneUltra Smart F520 Phone 
V960 (SCH-V960) PhoneV960 (SCH-V960) Phone 
Vibrant (SGH-T959) SmartphoneVibrant (SGH-T959) Smartphone 
Wave (GT-S8500) PhoneWave (GT-S8500) Phone 
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