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64MB (2x32MB) Micron PC/ClientPro 72-pin EDO SIMM (p/n MPC-2x32-EDO-SIMM)

64MB (2x32MB) Micron PC/ClientPro 72-pin EDO SIMM (p/n MPC-2x32-EDO-SIMM)

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  • Product Code:MPC-2x32-EDO-SIMM_2KACG
  • Availability:In Stock

Price: $19.96

64MB (2x32MB) Micron PC/ClientPro 72-pin EDO SIMM
  • MPC-2x32-EDO-SIMM
  • This memory is manufactured by Gigaram. This memory is in stock and can ship today. We guaranty this module will work in your system.
  • 2pcs 32MB 72pin 60ns EDO, 2K refresh, tin-lead SIMM.
  • This kit is installed in pairs.
  • The MPC-2x32-EDO-SIMM carries a MemoryTen lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with Micron ClientPro2 180, 200, ClientPro MTA Series, XLU P233, XLU P266, ClientPro 233, ClientPro P100, P120, P133, P150, P166, P200, VXE (SIMM), XVI P180, XVI P200, Home MPC Series P75 w/AMI Bios, P75 w/M54Hi Bios, P75 w/M54Li Bios, P75 w/M54Si Bios, P90 w/AMI Bios, P90 w/M54Hi Bios, P90 w/M54Li Bios, P90 w/M54Si Bios, P100 w/AMI Bios, P100 w/M54Hi Bios, P100 w/M54Li Bios, P100 w/M54Si Bios, P120 w/AMI Bios, P120 w/M54Hi Bios, P120 w/M54Li Bios, P120 w/M54Si Bios, P133 w/AMI Bios, P133 w/M54Hi Bios, P133 w/M54Li Bios, P133 w/M54Si Bios, P133 w/M55Hi Plus Bios, P150 w/AMI Bios, P150 w/M54Hi Bios, P150 w/M54Li Bios, P150 w/M54Pi Bios, P150 w/M54Si Bios, P150 w/M55Hi Plus Bios, P166 w/AMI Bios, P166 w/M54Hi Bios, P166 w/M54Li Bios, P166 w/M54Pi Bios, P166 w/M54Si Bios, P166 w/M55Hi Plus Bios, P166 (A), P200 (B), P200 w/AMI Bios, P200 w/M54Hi Bios, P200 w/M54Li Bios, P200 w/M54Pi Bios, P200 w/M54Si Bios, P200 w/M55Hi Plus Bios, Millennia LXA P100, P120, P133, P150, P166, P200, LXE P133, P166, P166 Plus, P200, LXE P200MMX, P200 Plus, LXE P166 MMX, MXE, MXE (A),MXE (B), MXE (C), Millennia P90, P100, P100 Plus Series, P120, P120 Plus Series, P133, P133 Plus Series, P150, P150 Plus Series, P166, P166 Plus Series, P200, P200 Plus Series, Millennia Pro 200, 200 Plus, MXE P200 PLUS (A), MXE P200 PLUS (B), MXE P200 PLUS (C), Millennia SE 233, XRU /w Fusion 3D P233, XRU /w Fusion 3D P266, XRU 233, 233 Plus, 266 Plus, 300, Powerstation LX P75, P75 M54Hi Bios, P75 M54Li Bios, P75 M54Pi Bios, P75 M54Si Bios, P90 M54Hi Bios, P90 M54Li Bios, P90 M54Pi Bios, P90 M54Si Bios, P100 M54Hi Bios, P100 M54Li Bios, P100 M54Pi Bios, P100 M54Si Bios, P120 M54Hi Bios, P120 M54Li Bios, P120 M54Si Bios, P133 M54Hi Bios, P133 M54Li Bios, P133 M54Si Bios.
  • 103107, 090308, 051910
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