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250GB MSI SATA 5400RPM 2.5in 15mm 15p 1.5Gb/s HDD (p/n MSI-250GB-SATA15025)

250GB MSI SATA 5400RPM 2.5in 15mm 15p 1.5Gb/s HDD (p/n MSI-250GB-SATA15025)

  • Brand:MSI
  • Product Code:MSI-250GB-SATA15025_HFL
  • Availability:In Stock

Price: $39.98, 10/$340.00, 100/$3,300.00

250GB MSI SATA 5400RPM 2.5in 15mm 15p 1.5Gb/s HDD
  • Equivalent OEM part numbers: MSI-250GB-SATA15025.
  • This hard disk drive is new and may be manufactured by Western Digital, Hitachi, Toshiba, Samsung, Seagate or Fujitsu. This HDD is in stock and can ship today.
  • 250GB SATA 5400RPM 2.5in x 15mm 15p 1.5Gb/s HDD.
  • This drive carries a manufacturer exchange or repair warranty against defects. Visit manufacturer's website for details.
  • The MSI-250GB-SATA15025 carries a Memory(x) lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for credit.
  • Compatible with MSI 740GM-P25 Mainboard (DDR3-1866MHz), 900X3A Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), 900X3A Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), A6000-443US Notebook, A6200-215CA Notebook, A6200-216CA Notebook, A6200-262CA Notebook, A6200-461US, A6200-462US, A6200-489US, A6200-491US, A6200-492US, A6200-689US, A6203 Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), A6203 Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), A6203-097US, A6300 Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), A6300 Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), A6300-234US, A6400 Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), A6400 Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), A6400-042US, A6500 Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), A6500 Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), A6500-010US, CR41 0M Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), CR41 0M Notebook (DDR3-1600MHz), CR41 0M Notebook (DDR3-1866MHz), CR61 0M Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), CR61 0M Notebook (DDR3-1600MHz), CR61 0M Notebook (DDR3-1866MHz), CR70 0M Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), CR70 0M Notebook (DDR3-1600MHz), CR410 (DDR3-1066MHz), CR410 (DDR3-1333MHz), CR620-690US, CR620-691US, CR620-692US Notebook, CR630, CR630-228US, CR640 Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), CR640 Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), CR650 Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), CR650 Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), CR650-016US, CR720-265US, CX61 0NC Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), CX61 0NC Notebook (DDR3-1600MHz), CX61 0NC Notebook (DDR3-1866MHz), CX61 0ND Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), CX61 0ND Notebook (DDR3-1600MHz), CX61 0ND Notebook (DDR3-1866MHz), CX61 0NF-257US Notebook (DDR3-1600MHz), CX61 0NF-258US Notebook (DDR3-1600MHz), CX61 0NF-621US Notebook (DDR3-1600MHz), CX70 0NC Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), CX70 0NC Notebook (DDR3-1600MHz), CX70 0ND Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), CX70 0ND Notebook (DDR3-1600MHz), CX410 (DDR3-1066MHz), CX410 (DDR3-1333MHz), CX413 Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), CX413 Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), CX420MX, CX500DX (DDR2-667MHz), CX500DX (DDR2-800MHz), CX605 (DDR2-800MHz), CX620MX, CX623, CX640 Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), CX640 Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), CR640-035US, CX640-013US Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), CX640-071US , CX700 (DDR2-533MHz), CX705 (DDR2-800MHz), CX705MX, CX720 (DDR3-1066MHz), CX720 (DDR3-1333MHz), EX465MX Notebook (DDR2-667MHz), EX465MX Notebook (DDR2-800MHz), FR600, FR600 3D Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), FR600 3D Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), FR700 Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), FR700 Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), FR720 Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), FR720 Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), FR720-001US, FR720-002US, Fuzzy RS690E Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), Fuzzy RS690E Mainboard (DDR2-800MHz), FX400, FX400-062US Notebook, FX400-063US Notebook, FX420 Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), FX420 Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), FX420-001US, FX420-002US, FX420-050US, FX600, FX600 Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), FX600MX Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), FX600MX Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), FX600-002US, FX600-003US, FX603 Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), FX603 Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), FX603-018US, FX603-019US Notebook, FX603-064US, FX610, FX610 Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), FX610-034US, FX610MX Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), FX610MX Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), FX620DX Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), FX620DX Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), FX620DX-256US, FX700 Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), FX700 Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), FX700-024US, FX700-056US, FX720 Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), FX720 Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), FX720-001US, GE60 0NC-006US, GE60 0NC Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), GE60 0NC Notebook (DDR3-1600MHz), GE60 0NC Notebook (DDR3-1866MHz), GE60 0ND Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), GE60 0ND Notebook (DDR3-1600MHz), GE60 0ND Notebook (DDR3-1866MHz), GE70 0NC-003US, GE70 0ND Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), GE70 0ND Notebook (DDR3-1600MHz), GE70 0ND-033US, GE620 Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), GE620 Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), GE620-021US, GE620DX-278US Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), GP70 Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), GP70 Notebook (DDR3-1600MHz), GR620 Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), GR620 Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), GT60 0NC Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), GT60 0NC Notebook (DDR3-1600MHz), GT60 0NC Notebook (DDR3-1866MHz), GT60 0NC-004US, GT60 0ND Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), GT60 0ND Notebook (DDR3-1600MHz), GT60 0NE Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), GT60 0NE Notebook (DDR3-1600MHz), GT60-0NF Workstation (DDR3-1333MHz), GT60-0NF Workstation (DDR3-1600MHz), GT60-0NG Workstation (DDR3-1333MHz), GT60-0NG Workstation (DDR3-1600MHz), GT70 0NC Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), GT60-0NF Workstation (DDR3-1600MHz), GT60 0NF-419US Notebook (DDR3-1600MHz), GT60 0NG-294US Notebook (DDR3-1600MHz), GT60-0NG Workstation (DDR3-1600MHz), GT70 0NC Notebook (DDR3-1600MHz), GT70 0NC-008US, GT70 0NC-011US, GT70 0NC-012US, GT70 0NC-013US, GT70 0ND Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), GT70 0ND Notebook (DDR3-1600MHz), GT70 0ND-202US, GT70 0ND-204US, GT70 0ND-219US, GT70 0NE Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), GT70 0NE Notebook (DDR3-1600MHz), GT70 0NE Notebook (DDR3-1866MHz), GT70-0NG Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), GT70-0NG Notebook (DDR3-1600MHz), GT70-0NH Workstation (DDR3-1600MHz), GT70 Dragon Edition Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), GT70 Dragon Edition Notebook (DDR3-1600MHz), GT660 Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), GT660 Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), GT660R-494US, GT663 Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), GT663 Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), GT680 Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), GT680 Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), GT680R-008US, GT683 Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), GT683 Notebook (DDR3-1600MHz), GT683-841US Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), GT683-841US Notebook (DDR3-1600MHz), GT683DX-840US, GT683DX(GT683DXR) Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), GT683DXR-423US, GT683DXR-427US Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), GT683DXR-603US Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), GT683DXR-603US Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), GT683DXR-633US, GT683DXR-634US, GT683R-242US, GT683R-242US V1, GT683R-289US, GT685(GT685R) Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), GT685(GT685R) Notebook (DDR3-600MHz), GT780, GT780-221US, GT780DX-215US Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), GT780DX-406US, GT780DXR-095US, GT780DXR-099US, GT780DXR-447US, GT780DXR-446US, GT780R-012US, GT780R-057US, GT783-625US, GT783R-658US, GX640-260US, GX660 Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), GX660 Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), GX660 Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), GX660-053US, GX660-260US, GX660R-060US, GX680 Notebook, GX740, GX740 Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), GX740-434US, GX780 Notebook, GX780-011US, IM-945GSE-C Mainboard (DDR2-400MHz), IM-945GSE-C Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), IM-US15W Mainboard (DDR2-400MHz), IM-US15W Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), IM-945GSE-A Mainboard (DDR2-400MHz), IM-945GSE-A Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), IM-GM45 Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), IM-GM45 Mainboard (DDR2-800MHz), IM-GM45-D Mainboard (DDR2-667MHz), IM-GM45-D Mainboard (DDR2-800MHz), IM-GME965, L1600-011US, IM-GME965, IM-QM67 (MS-9887) Mainboard (DDR3-1333MHz), IM-QM67 (MS-9887) Mainboard (DDR3-1600MHz), L1350D-1672US, T640-287US, MS-1361 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), MS-1361 Notebook (DDR2-677MHz), MS-1361 Notebook (DDR2-800MHz), MS-1681-ID1 Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), MS-1681-ID1 Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), MS-6676 Nettop (DDR2-667MHz), MS-6676 Nettop (DDR2-800MHz), msignage WS25, P600 Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), P600 Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), P600-030US, Q430-JS03, Q430-JU01, U230-086US, S6000 Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), S6000 Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), S6000-025US Notebook, S6000-026US Notebook, S6000-027US, U270 Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), U270 Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), Whitebook MS-16F2 (DDR3-1066MHz), MS-16F2 (DDR3-1333MHz), MS-163K Notebook (DDR2-667MHz), MS-163K Notebook (DDR2-800MHz), MS-1242 Notebook (DDR2-667MHz), MS-1242 Notebook (DDR2-800MHz), MS-1454 Notebook, MS-1644 Notebook (DDR2-667MHz), MS-1644 Notebook (DDR2-800MHz), MS-1656 Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), MS-1656 Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), MS-1675 Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), MS-1675 Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), MS-1682 Notebook (DDR2-667MHz), MS-1682 Notebook (DDR2-800MHz), MS-1688 Notebook, MS-1733 Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), MS-1733 Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), MS-1734 Notebook (DDR2-667MHz), MS-1734 Notebook (DDR2-800MHz), MS-1736 Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), MS-1736 Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), MS-N014 Notebook, S20 0M-048US Notebook (DDR3-1600MHz), U160-412US, U160DX-472US, X370-062US Notebook, WindBox III Plus Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), WindBox III Plus Notebook (DDR3-1600MHz), Wind L1300, Wind Nettop D130, Wind PC 120 (XP), Wind PC (Linux), Wind Nettop 100, Wind Top AE1920, Wind Top AE2220, AE2240 (DDR3-1066MHz), AE2240 (DDR3-1333MHz), X360, Wind Box DE500 (DDR2-667MHz), Wind Box DE500 (DDR2-800MHz), Wind Box DE520 (DDR3-1066MHz), Wind Box DE520 (DDR3-1066MHz), WindPad 100W (DDR2-667MHz), WindPad 100W (DDR2-800MHz), WindPad 110W-014US, X370 Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), X370 Notebook (DDR3-1333MHz), X370-001US, X370-205US Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), X370-206US Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), X460-004US Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), X460-218US, , X460DX-006US Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), X460DX-008US Notebook (DDR3-1066MHz), X460DX-216US, X460DX-291US.
  • 041910, 080814
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