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1GB MSI PC3200 DDR400 184-pin SDRAM DIMM (p/n MSI-1GB-DDR-400D)

1GB MSI PC3200 DDR400 184-pin SDRAM DIMM (p/n MSI-1GB-DDR-400D)

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  • Product Code:MSI-1GB-PC3200_ACZ
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Price: $9.98, 10/$90.00, 100/$850.00, 1000/$8,000.00

1GB MSI PC3200 DDR400 184-pin SDRAM DIMM
  • MSI-1GB-DDR-400D.
  • This module may be manufactured by Micron, Hynix, Infineon, Adata, TwinMOS, Kingston or Gigaram depending on availability. This part is in stock.
  • 1GB PC3200 DDR400 2.5V low profile 184pin SDRAM DIMM.
  • This module is single stacked to allow lower power consumption.
  • The MSI-1GB-DDR-400D carries a MemoryTen Lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with MSI 648F Neo-L (MS-6585) (DDR-400MHz), 649 Neo-V, 651M-L (MS-7005), 661FM, 661FM3 Motherboard, 661FM-L, 661FM2-ILSR, 661FM2-LSR, 661FM3-IL, 661FM3-V, 746F Ultra, 761GM2-V Motherboard, 845E Neo-V Motherboard, 848P Neo-S (DDR-400MHz), 848P Neo-LS (DDR-400MHz), 848P Neo-V (MS-6788), 848P Neo2-V, 865G Neo2-S (800MHz Front Side Bus), 845PE Max3, 845PE Max3-SR, 848PM (MS-7067) Motherboard, 865G Neo2-PFS, 865G Neo2-PLS (MS-6728), 865GM (DDR-400MHz), 865GM-L (DDR-400MHz), 865GM2-LS (DDR-400MHz), 865GM2-S (800MHz Front Side Bus), 865GM3-FIS, 865GM3-IL (MS-7037), 865GM3-LS, 865GM3-V, 865GVM3-IL, 865GVM3-V, 865GVM-LS (DDR-400MHz), 865GVM-S (DDR-400MHz), 865P Neo (DDR-400MHz), 865PE NEO2-P (Platinum Edition) Motherboard, 865PE Neo2-PFS (Platinum Edition), 865PE Neo2-V, 865PE Neo3-F, 865PE Neo3-FS, 865PEM3-ILS, 865PEM4-L, 865PE Neo3, 910GLM2-V, 915G Combo Motherboard, 915G Combo (DDR-400MHz), 915G COMBO-F (DDR-400MHz) Motherboard, 915G Combo-FR (MS-7058-020) (DDR-400MHz), 915G Combo-FR (MS-7058G) Motherboard (DDR-400MHz), 915GLM-V, 915GLM2-V, 915GLM4 Motherboard, 915GLM4-F, 915GLM4-FH Motherboard, 915GLM4-L, 915GM4-F (MS-7133), 915GM4-FI (MS-7133), 915GM4-IL (MS-7133), 915GM4-L (MS-7133), 915GM-FR, 915GM Speedster-FA4 Motherboard (DDR-400MHz), 915G Neo3 Motherboard, 915 Neo-F Motherboard, , 915G Neo3-FR, 915G Neo3-FIR, 915GM2-FI, 915GM2-L, 915P Neo3, 915P Combo Motherboard, 915P Combo-F Motherboard (DDR-400MHz), 915P Combo-FR (MS-7058) Motherboard (DDR-400MHz), 915P Neo-F, 915P Neo3-F2R, 915P Neo3-FR, 915P Neo-L, 915PL Neo, 915PL Neo-V, 915PM-ILR Motherboard, Fuzzy LX800, LX800D Motherboard, Hetis 865G, 865G-Giga (DDR-400MHz), Hetis 865G-Lite (DDR-400MHz), Hetis 865GV, Hetis 865GV Black, Hetis 865GV Lite, Hetis 865GV-E, Hetis 865GV-E Lite, Hetis 865GV-E Lite Black, 865GV-Giga (DDR-400MHz), 865GV-Lite (DDR-400MHz), Hetis 915, Hetis 915 Lite, Hetis 915 Lite Black, Hetis 915 STD Black, K7N2 Delta-ILSR, K7N2 Delta2 LS Platinum, K7N2 Delta2-FSR, K7N2 Delta2-LSR, K7N2 Delta-L, K7N2G (MS-6570), K7N2GM-L Motherboard, K7N2GM-V, K7N2GM2-LSR, K7N2-V Motherboard, K8D Neo3-F, K8MM3-V, K8H Gem ABIL Motherboard, K8M Neo-V V2.0, K8MM-ILSR Motherboard, K8M890M2-V, K8N Diamond Plus, K8NGM2-NBP, K8NMB Motherboard, K8N Neo-LSR, K8N Neo Platinum Motherboard, K8N Neo V2.0-FSR Motherboard, K8N Neo V2.0-V Motherboard, K8T Neo-FSR Motherboard, K8N NEO-V2 Motherboard, K8N NEO2-F Motherboard, K8N NEO2-FX Motherboard, K8N Neo3-F Motherboard (DDR-400MHz), K8N NEO4-FI Motherboard, K8N Neo4-FX Motherboard, K8N Neo4 Platinum Motherboard (DDR-400MHz), K8N SLI Motherboard, K8N SLI-F, K8N SLI-FI, K8N SLI PLATINUM Motherboard, K8N Neo-V, K8NGM-V Motherboard, K8NGM2-FID, K8NGM2-IL Motherboard, K8NGM2-L, K8NM-FISR, K8NM-ILSR, K8T Neo-V V2.0, K8T NEO2-FIR Motherboard , KM4M-L, KM4AM-L Motherboard, KT3V (MS-6712), KT4A-V, KT4AV-L, KT4M, KT4 Ultra MS-6590, KT4 Ultra-SR, KT4A Ultra, KT4A Ultra-SR, KT4AV, KT4M (MS-6596), KT4V-L (v1.1), KT4V (MS-6712), KT6 Delta-LSR, KT6-V, KT6V-LSR, KT6V-SR, KT880 Delta Motherboard, MBOX K8MM-V, MBOX PM8M2-V, MEGA PC 865, Mega PC 865 Pro, Midas 482 Barebone, Midas 915 Barebone, Midas 800 Barebone, MPC 865, MPC 915, MS-6417 (845GEM), MS-6570 (K7N2G), MS-6570-010 (K7N2-L) Motherboard, MS-6570G-010 (K7N2G-L), MS-6585 (648 Max HT Ready), MS-6585 Ver 5.0 (648F Neo), MS-6590 (KT4 Ultra-FISR), MS-6590 (KT4A Ultra-FISR), MS-6590 ver2.0 (KT6 Delta), MS-6590 ver2.0 (KT6 Delta-FIS2R), MS-6590 ver2.0 (KT6 Delta-FISR), MS-6590 ver2.0 (KT6 Delta-SR), MS-6585 (648 Max-L), MS-6702 (K8T Neo-FIS2R), MS-6704 v2.1 (845PE Max3-FISR), MS-6712 (KT4V), MS-6712 (KT4VL), MS-6717 (746F Ultra-L), MS-6728 (865PE Neo2-FIS2R) (800MHz Front Side Bus), MS-6728 (865PE Neo2-LS) (800MHz Front Side Bus), MS-6728 (865PE Neo2-S) (800MHz Front Side Bus), MS-6728 (865PE Neo2-PFISR), MS-6728 (865PE Neo2-PFS), MS-6728 (865PE Neo2-PLS), MS-6728 (865PE Neo3-F), MS-6728 (865PE Neo3-V), MS-6728 Ver 2.0 (865PE Neo2-P Platinum Edition) Motherboard, MS-6728G (865G Neo2-LS) Motherboard, MS-6728G (865G Neo2-PLS), MS-6728G (865G Neo2-S), MS-6729 Motherboard, MS-6729 (K7N2-V), MS-6734 (KM4AM-L) Motherboard, MS-6734 (KM4M-L) Motherboard, MS-6738 (KM2M COMBO-L) (DDR), MS-6741 (K8MM-ILSR) Motherboard, MS-6741 (K8TM-ILS) Motherboard, MS-6741 (K8TM-ILSM) Motherboard, MS-6741 (K8TM-ILSR) Motherboard, MS-6741 (K8TM), MS-6742 (655PE Neo), MS-6742 (655PE Neo-L), MS-6742 (865PE Neo) (800MHz Front Side Bus), MS-6742 (865P Neo-L) (800MHz Front Side Bus), MS-6743 (865PEM2-ILS) (800MHz Front Side Bus), MS-6743G (865GM2-ILS) (800MHz Front Side Bus), MS-6747(645 COMBO-L), MS-6540GBB (MBOX 661FM), MS-6752 (865GM), MS-6758 (875P Neo-FISR) (NON ECC), MS-6758 V2.0 (875P Neo-FISR PCB 2.0) (NON ECC), MS-6763 (PALOMAR SPRINGDALE G), MS-6765, MS-6775 (KT6M-ILS) Motherboard, MS-6775 Motherboard, MS-6777 (K7N2GM-L), MS-6777 (K7N2GM-IL), MS-6782G (865G Neo2-LS) (800MHz Front Side Bus), MS-6785 Motherboard, MS-6788 (848P Neo-V), MS-6791 Motherboard, MS-6797 Motherboard, MS-6799 (PT8 NEO), MS-7003, MS-7005 (651M), MS-7008 (PT880 Neo-FSIR) Motherboard, MS-7008 (PT880 Neo-SR) Motherboard, MS-7010, MS-7012, MS-7015, MS-7021 (KT4A-V), MS-7021 (KT6V-LSR), MS-7021 (KT6V-SR), MS-7027, MS-7030(K8N NEO-FSR), MS-7030 (K8N Neo Platinum) Motherboard, MS-7032 (K8M Neo-V) Motherboard, MS-7032 (K8T NEO-V), MS-7033, MS-7033G (915GM-FR), MS-7033P (915PM-ILR), MS-7034 (K8NM Series) Motherboard, MS-7036 (915GVM2), MS-7036 (915GVM2-L), MS-7037 (865PEM3-ILS) Motherboard, MS-7037GV (865GVM2-LS) Motherboard, MS-7037GV (865GVM2-ILS) Motherboard, MS-7041, MS-7042, MS-7043 (PX8 Neo-V), MS-7046, MS-7047 (KT880 DELTA-FSR) Motherboard, MS-7048, MS-7058-020 Motherboard, MS-7058-020 Motherboard, MS-7060 (661FM2-ILSR), MS-7060 (661FM2-LSR), MS-7061-030 (KM4AM-V), MS-7065 Motherboard, MS-7069 REV 1.0 (CALLISTO G), MS-7069 REV 0.C (CALLISTO GV), MS-7071 (PM8M2-V), MS-7073 (865GVM2-LS), MS-7082 (661FM3-L), MS-7091, MS-7093 (RX480M2), MS-7093_RS482 (RS482M2-IL/L), MS-7093 (AHI), MS-7093 (AHI2), MS-7093 (RS480M2), MS-7093 (RS480M2-IL), MS-7094 (K8T NEO2-F V2.0), MS-7097 (865PE NEO3-V), MS-7100 (K8N DIAMOND), MS-7100 (K8N Neo4 Platinum-SLI), MS-7101 (865GVM3-V), MS-7103 (661FM3-V), MS-7113 (649 NEO-V), MS-7113 (649 Neo-V H), MS-7119 (K7N2GM-V), MS-7125 (K8N NEO4 Platinum), MS-7131 (915GLM-V), MS-7131 (915GVM-V), MS-7133 (915GM4), MS-7135 (K8N NEO3), MS-7135 (K8N NEO3-F), MS-7135 (K8N NEO3-FSR), MS-7139 (K8M890M2-VH) Motherboard, MS-7140 VER 2.0 (915P COMBO 2), MS-7142 (K8MM-V), MS-7143 (915PL NEO-V), MS-7144 (K8M NEO-V V2.0), MS-7145 (RS480M), MS-7145 (RS480M-IL), MS-7154 (845PE-V2), MS-7166 (915P NEO3-F2R), MS-7166 (915P NEO3-FR), MS-7168, MS-7181 (K8MM3-VH) Motherboard, MS-7184, P4MAM2-V, PM8M-V, PM8M3-V, PM9M-V Motherboard (DDR-400MHz), PT8 Neo-SR Motherboard, PT880 Neo-FSR, PT8 Neo-LSR, PT880 Neo-LSR (MS-7008), RD480 Neo2 Motherboard, RD480 Neo2-FI, RS480M-IL, RS480M, RS480M2, RS482M, RS482M-F Motherboard, RS482M-FI Motherboard, RS482M-IL, RS482M-L Motherboard, RS482M2, RS482M2-IL, RS482M4-CSIP, RS482M4-FD, RS482M4-IL, RS482M4-ILD, RS482M4-L, RX480 Neo2-F, RX480M2 Motherboard.
  • 020108, 120414
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