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1GB MSI PC2-4200 DDR2-533 200-pin SDRAM SODIMM (p/n MSI-1GB-DDR2-533S)

1GB MSI PC2-4200 DDR2-533 200-pin SDRAM SODIMM (p/n MSI-1GB-DDR2-533S)

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  • Product Code:MSI-1GB-DDR2-533-S_BZOAGCACCAYL
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Price: $9.98

1GB MSI PC2-4200 DDR2-533 200-pin SDRAM SODIMM
  • KVR533D2S4/1G, MSI-1GB-DDR2-533S.
  • These modules may be manufactured by Infineon, Micron, TwinMOS, Adata, Kingston, Transcend, or Swissbit depending on availability. This item is in stock and can ship today. We guaranty this modle will work in your notebook.
  • 1GB PC2-4200 DDR2-533 200pin SDRAM SODIMM.
  • The MSI-1GB-DDR2-533S carries a MemoryTen lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. It may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item.
  • Compatible with MSI AP1900, CR610 (DDR2-533MHz), CX700 (DDR2-533MHz), ER710 Notebook (DDR-667MHz), EX400 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), EX401 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), EX600 Notebook (DDR-667MHz), EX610 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), EX700 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), EX705 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), EX710 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), GX600 Extreme Edition Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), GX600 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), GX600-400 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), GX600 Performance Edition Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), GX610 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), GX620-039US Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), GX700 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), GX701 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), GX705 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), GX710 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), GX710-220 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), GX720-032US Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), GX720-033US Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), GX720-1W1US Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), IM-945GSE-A Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), IM-945GSE-C Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), IM-US15W Mainboard (DDR2-533MHz), L2100-036US, M660 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), M670 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), M675 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), M677 (Crystal Collection) Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), MEGABOOK L730, MEGABOOK L730-S3218DL Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), MEGABOOK L730-S3411DL Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), MEGABOOK L730-TL5011DL Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), MEGABOOK L730-TL5211DL Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), MEGABOOK L735, MEGABOOK L735-B2 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), MEGABOOK L735-B4 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), MEGABOOK L735-TL5011DL Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), MEGABOOK L740 (DDR2-533MHz), MEGABOOK L740-C1611DL Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), MEGABOOK L740-C1618DL Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), MEGABOOK L745 (DDR2-533MHz), MEGABOOK L745-B4 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), MEGABOOK L745-B6 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), MEGABOOK L745-T2311DL Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), MEGABOOK L745-T5611DL Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), MEGABOOK L745-T7222DL Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), MEGABOOK M522, MEGABOOK M660 (DDR2-533MHz), MEGABOOK M660-T2358DL Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), M662 (DDR2-533MHz), MEGABOOK M662-C1618DL Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), MEGABOOK M662-C1658DLX Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), MEGABOOK M662-S4 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), MEGABOOK M662-T5511DL Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), MEGABOOK M670 (DDR2-533MHz), MEGABOOK M673, MEGABOOK M673-S3411DL Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), MEGABOOK M673-TL5212DL Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), MEGABOOK M675 (DDR2-533MHz), M675-300 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), MEGABOOK S420 (DDR2-533MHz), MEGABOOK S420-T2318DL (DDR2-533MHz), MEGABOOK S260, MEGABOOK S262 (DDR2-533MHz), MEGABOOK S271 (DDR2-533MHz), MEGABOOK S430, MS-9A06 (DDR2-533MHz), MS-9A07 (DDR2-533MHz), MS-1022, MS-1034 notebook, MS-1058 (DDR2 533) Notebook, MS-1361 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), MS-141214 (DDR2-533MHz), MS-16323 (DDR2-533MHz), MS-16332 (DDR2-533MHz), MS-171544 (DDR2-533MHz), MS-171614 (DDR2-533MHz), MS-171772 (DDR2-533MHz), PR200 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), PR200 (Crystal Collection) Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), PR200 (YA Edition) Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), PR200-100 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), PR201-013US Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), PR210 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), PR210 (YA Edition) Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), PR210-300 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), PR300 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), PR310 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), PR320 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), PR400 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), PR400-100 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), PR600 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), PR620 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), PR620-100 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), PR621 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), S262 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), S262 YA Edition Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), S271 YA Edition Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), S300 Crystal Collection Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), S300 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), S310 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), S310-004US, VR220-017US Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), VR320 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), VR321 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), VR330 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), VR340 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), VR420 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), VR440 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), VR600 Notebook, VR601, VR610 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), VR630-091ES Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), VR700 Notebook, VX600 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), Whitebook MS-163A (DDR2-533MHz), MS-171A (DDR2-533MHz), MS-1034B-036 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), MS-1034B-039 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), MS-1221 (DDR2-533MHz), MS-1222 (DDR2-533MHz), MS-1633 (DDR2-533MHz), MS-1634 (DDR2-533MHz), MS-1636 (DDR2-533MHz), MS-1637 (DDR2-533MHz), MS-1719 (DDR2-533MHz), MS-141214-010 Notebook, MS-171544-012 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), MS-171544-019 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), MS-171614-004 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), MS-171881 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), U90, U100-013US, U100-018US, U100-427US, U100-631US, U100-641US, U100-869US, U100-876US, U110-031US, U120-001US, U120-024US, U123-001US, U123-002US, U123-003US (DDR2-533MHz), U123-019US (DDR2-533MHz), U123-020US, U123-025US, U123-033US, U210-006US, U210-008US, VR201 Notebook (DDR2-533MHz), WindBOX (DDR2-533MHz), WindBOX II (DDR2-533MHz), Wind Nettop 100, Wind Nettop 110 (Linux), Wind Nettop 120 (XP), Wind Nettop CS 100, Wind Nettop CS 110 (Linux), Wind Nettop CS 120 (XP), Wind Nettop D130, Wind PC (Linux), Wind PC 100, Wind PC 120 (XP), Wind U110, Wind U110 (Eco), Wind U115 (Hybrid), Wind U120, Wind U120H.
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